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Three ways to define Oracle variables (define,variable,declare) Learning notes

1. Define (that is, host variable)The main role of the host variable is to act as an alternative variable, a medium in which the host environment can interact with Oracle . When you define a host variable by define, you must specify the variable

The difference between #define, const, typedef

The difference between #define, const, typedef#define is not defining variables, it's just for text substitution.For example:#define PI 3.1415926float Angel;angel=30*pi/180;Then, when the program is compiled, the compiler will first "#define PI 3.141

Macro on the tall define # define

Macro definition in many languages can see its shadow, C #, C++,c, and so on, especially the system API inside a lot of macro definition, looking very bluffing people. Reasonable use of macro definition, you can make your code look more standardized,

You may not know # define usage: concatenate a string through # define

I recently read the com-related documents. When I saw that csf-target implemented the COM interface, I read some macro definitions in the afxdisp. h header file. # Define begin_interface_part (localclass, baseclass )\Class X # localclass: Public

# Define usage

1.SimpleDefineDefinition # Define maxtime1000 2. DefineOf"Function Definition" Define can accept some parameters as the function does, as follows: # Define max (x, y) (x)> (y )? (X) :( y ); Because this "function" does not have a type check, it is

Detailed definition of macro (#define)

There are many places in the C language where macro definitions are used, such as in header files to prevent header files from being repeatedly included: #ifndef ctest_header_h #define CTEST_HEADER_H /header file content #endif Many macro

Reprint--#define Usage

Jency LeeLinks: Simple define Definition #define MaxTime + A simple maxtime is defined, which represents 1000 if you write in the program if (i Compiler replaces maxtime with 1000


The #define (macro definition) is simply a string substitution (in-place extension), which itself is not performed during compilation, but before (the pre-processing process) is completed.A typedef is a new name that is added to the identifier for

# Define usage

1. Simple define Definition # Define maxtime1000 A simple maxtime is defined. It represents 1000. Assume that you write If (I The compiler replaces maxtime with 1000 before processing this code. This definition looks similar to a normal constant

typedef and DEFINE,CONST,STRUCT and typedef structs

Let's look at a few examples (1) struct{int x; int y;} Test1; Well, define the structure test1, test1.x and test1.y can be used in the statement. (2) struct test {int x; int y;} Test1; Well, define the structure test1, test1.x and test1.y can be

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