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The prime algorithm to find the minimum spanning tree (adjacency matrix)

/*Name:prime algorithm to find the minimum spanning tree (adjacency matrix)Copyright:Author: A clever clumsyDATE:25/11/14 13:38Description:The general algorithm and the minimum heap optimization algorithm for the minimum spanning tree (adjacency

Array-Based Queue implementation (c)-column ahljjun-blog channel-CSDN. NET

Array-Based Queue implementation (c)-column ahljjun-blog channel-CSDN. NET Array-Based Queue implementation (C Language) classification: algorithms and data structures 371 people reading comments (0) Collection Reporting Language cstructnull Test

How to use C language to write: Generic Queue

Model Bytes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A queue is also a table that limits the insert and delete locations. The main operations are enqueue and

Bzoj 3052 [wc2013] Candy Park tree on the MO team

Test Instructions:LinkMethod:Mo Team on the treeparsing:First of all, consider a team of algorithms, tree block and then how to do it? You can set two pointers, and then move the pointer in a certain sort of way so that the complexity can be over.

Codeoforces 271 D (suffix automatic machine SAM)

Question: Give You A string "S" and define whether each character is "good" or "bad". Calculate the number of different strings in "S" that contain no more than k bad characters.   Idea: hash and SET can be used for this question, but it is too slow.

HDU 2717 & pku3278 catch that cow

The farmer finds the lost ox, X-> X-1, X-> x + 1, x-> 2 * X three steps, the ox does not move, seeking the shortest time to find the ox, use BFs. # Include # Include Using namespace STD;# Define size 100005Int tag [size];Void BFS (int n, int K){If

Codeforces Round #131 (Div. 2) complete question

The first time I entered DIV1, I was decisively abused and couldn't help. Solve DIV2 first after the competitionA. System of EquationsAsk a * a + B = m a + B * B = n, the solution a, B, and how many groups are there, because a and B are not negative,

CF 45C Dancing Lessons (priority queue)

Maintain a priority queue. The key value is the difference value. If the difference value is the same, the queue is sorted by binary groups.Then maintain a chain-like object, record the next element and the previous element.[Cpp] # include # Include

HDU 1434 Happy Train

Application of Priority queue#include #include #include #include using namespaceStd;#define MAXN 10010structNode{String name;intRp;friendBOOLoperatorNode A,Node b) {if(A.Rp !=B.Rp)returnA.Rp>B.Rp;Else returnA.NameB.Name;

Nyoj 213 cups of water (BFS)

Three cups of watertime limit:  ms | Memory limit:65535 KB Difficulty: 4DescribeGive three cups, different sizes, and only the largest cup of water is filled, the remaining two are empty cups. Three cups of water are poured between each other,

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