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My Delphi course (I)

I have been using Delphi for more than a year. Since the beginning, my understanding of Delphi has greatly improved. A software project for video editing has just come to an end. I suddenly want to write my own learning history of Delphi over the past year, I don't know if I can provide some inspiration for new programmers who are still confused about which

Delphi legend-Delphi/PASCAL programming tutorials and learning resource download Summary

Development tools: Official website and registration of Embarcadero rad studio xe (Delphi Xe/C ++ builder Xe) Embarcadero rad studio 2010 (Delphi 2010, C ++ builder 2010) Download Turbo Pascal 7.0 A good helper for learning and developing Pascal: Ezy Pascal 5.20 (cracked version) download Reference books: Delphi Basics

Finally understand: Delphi message result is completely sporogenous out, not the Windows message comes with (Delphi on the Windows programming system, the larger the transformation, the greater the learning harvest)

defined, but generally not used: PMSG = ^tmsg; packed Record Hwnd:hwnd; message : UINT; Wparam:wparam; Lparam:lparam; Time:dword; Pt:tpoint; End ; = tagmsg; = Tagmsg;After testing, its size is of course 28:procedure Tform1.button3click (sender:tobject); begin showmessage (inttostr (sizeof (TAGMSG))); End;Then look at the message structure that Delphi really uses, and note tha

Preface to the Delphi course produced by Psycho

VCL is based on the system, the fundamental is that the system API,FMX is based on the drawing, is basically the development of the rendering engine VCL is subject to the system, (you can see in the VCL code Borland to m$ Compromise), and the development of FMX is only constrained by the performance of the hardware VCL higher, But the effect is relatively low; FMX performance is lower, but the effect is relatively better

Delphi programming OOP thought "turn"

existence of an abstract method, however, is equivalent to leaving an interface for the parent class, and when the program assigns the object of a subclass to a variable of the parent class, the variable of the parent class can invoke the method, which, of course, runs the code that overloads the method in the corresponding subclass. Without this abstract method, a variable of the parent class cannot invoke it because it cannot invoke a method that e

In-depth delphi programming

Reproduced to: If you are new to Delphi, you may be most interested in its rich and powerful VCL (visual component library ). It's exciting to simply throw several components into the form and easily create a program with practical value without having to write code. However, VCL is only a small part of Delphi, and

Web Course homepage of C language and preliminary programming, and C Language Course Design

Web Course homepage of C language and preliminary programming, and C Language Course DesignQuestion CSDN wants to open an online education channel and send me an invitation to see if some courses can be offered.I have been paying attention to flipped classrooms recently and try to introduce new elements in traditional classrooms. This requires the accumulation of

Netease cloud classroom computer programming language course is a course, also learn?

The Computer Course of Netease cloud class has three programming language entry-level courses: Python, C language, and Java. Do you choose one course or both? Will it be confusing to learn three types at the same time? The Computer Course of Netease cloud class has three programmin

Delphi Perfect Classic-16th Chapter Delphi Database Programming----using BDE components

: commonly known as master/detail. If the order system is a one-to-many relationship, a customer will have a few data, but an order will only correspond to a customer profile.Two Tdatasource, two ttable, two Tdbgrid. Set the DataSource1 dataset to Table1. DBGrid1 's DataSource is set to DataSource1. Now that the Master data table has been set, set the detail data table: Table2 mastersource set the corresponding attribute to Datasource1,masterfields. Then the DataSource2 dataset is set to Table2,

Introduction to Delphi COM programming

cannot directly access other interfaces through one interface. However, COM allows customers to call QueryInterface () in the com library to query other interfaces supported by component objects. In this sense, the component object is a bit like the broker of the interface object.After QueryInterface () is called, if the component object supports the interface to be queried, QueryInterface () returns a pointer to this interface. If the component object does not support this interface, QueryInte

In-depth DLL programming under Delphi

environment, it is to compile and build the application directly and run the application;If PB, must be the path of the DLL relative to the PB development tool application to set, such as put to Pb9.0.exe in the same directory, of course you canSet [Hkey_local_machine/software/microsoft/windows/currentversion/app paths/] below for your openSet the path of the DLL under the application name directory of the Hair tool (semicolon-separated to add both,

Delphi's ninth lesson Windows programming

Delphi uses the Object Pascal and Visual Control Library (VCL) to encapsulate the underlying Windows APIs perfectly, so there is little need to use the underlying Pascal language to build Windows applications or call Windows API functions directly. However, if there is a special situation, VCL does not support, Delphi programmers have to directly face the Windows progra

The SQL Programming in Delphi

SQL language, as a general structure query language in relational database management system, has been adopted by many database management systems, such as Oracle, Sybase, Informix and other database management systems, which support SQL language. Delphi is compatible with the SQL Language database management system, when using Delphi to develop database applications, we can use SQL language

084 _ Windows Network Programming-Delphi

, sending and receiving emails, ping, FIP client, web server and browser, telnet server and client, rib s dial-up Internet access, and TAPI programming. This book is suitable for medium and senior programmers who use Delphi for Windows Network Programming. Of course, beginners can also benefit from this. Directory Inst

075_breakthroughs in Delphi graphics and game programming

Document directory Breakthroughs in Delphi graphics and game programming Breakthroughs in Delphi graphics and game programming DelphiTutorial Series of books(075)《DelphiBreakthroughs in graphics and game programming Organize netizens (state) : PDF

2017-2018-2 1723 "Java Programming" course pair programming exercises-arithmetic-final stage

2017-2018-2 1723 "Java Programming" course Pairing programming Exercises-arithmetic-the final stage The last week, the time is getting more and more tense, because the previous procrastination and some things delay, caused the tension today, this week should be the most efficient week for our group, because put down a lot of things be

2017-2018-2 1723 "Java Programming" course pair programming exercises-arithmetic-prep phase

2017-2018-2 1723 "Java Programming" course Pairing programming exercises-arithmetic-preparation phase After a person struggles for nearly half a semester, finally ushered in our first team collaboration coding, that is, our first pair of programming exercises-arithmetic. Obviously, he is th

20172325 "Java Programming" course pair programming Exercises _ Arithmetic third-week phase summary

20172325 "Java Programming" course pair programming exercises _ Arithmetic second-week phase summary pair Partners Study No.: 20172306 Name: Chen Liu Knot-to-partner blog links Chen Liu students on the high degree of programming, and in the programming a

2017-2018-2 20172310 "Java Programming" course pair programming Exercises _ arithmetic _ second week

2017-2018-2 20172310 "Java Programming" course pair programming Exercises _ arithmetic _ Second week blog requirementsStudents in the group need to publish their own blogThe blog should contain the following content:Related processesKey code ExplanationDifficulties encountered and their solutionsWrite the part of the project that you are responsible forDivision o

2017-2018-2 1723 "Java Programming" course pair programming Exercises _ arithmetic

2017-2018-2 1723 "Java Programming" course pair programming Exercises _ Arithmetic Group members 20172327 Marian 20172320 Li Shu 20172317 Shing Demand analysis Automatically generate problems can be used independently (able to write the function of the test class to create a separate problem) can generate different

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