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Local Area Network security threats and cloud security technology in cloud computing

Currently, the private cloud Technology in cloud computing has been used in the enterprise's LAN, and security risks also occur from time to time, in this way, cloud security has become a major technical issue for enterprises to study. Many anti-virus software manufacturers have now launched cloud anti-virus software. In the concept of "cloud anti-virus, some cloud secu

Measure the test taker's knowledge about the security threats and requirements of Softswitch networks.

As we all know, Softswitch networks are composed of service layer, core switch layer, control layer, and access layer, but they are facing threats, PSTN is gradually migrating to the next-generation NGN, which is represented by the softswitch network. The softswitch network has the features of open service interfaces, rich access means, single load and transmission, and centralized equipment capacity, these features are the advantages of the softswitc

Ease enterprise network threats mid-range Enterprise Web security device shopping guide

This is no longer a secret-network threats have become more common and complex than ever before-it is difficult to rely solely on a single anti-virus solution. Many malicious Trojans and worms, such as Koobface and Conficker, are used to snoop key records and plagiarize sensitive information, causing serious damage to the enterprise network. At the same time, many network security solutions are also widely

Identifies network security threats and vulnerabilities and Network Security Vulnerabilities

Identifies network security threats and vulnerabilities and Network Security Vulnerabilities 1. Social engineering attacks are an attack type that uses deception and tricks to persuade uninformed users to provide sensitive information or conduct behaviors against security rules. It is usually expressed by people, emai

Wireless Network security threats you need to do so

The development of wireless networks is quite mature, but for our wireless network users, we will give a detailed introduction to how to set various wireless network security problems. As the prices of low-end wireless network devices continue to decline and the operation becomes easier, low-end wireless LAN networks have become increasingly popular in recent years. To facilitate resource sharing, wireless printing, and mobile office operations, we on

How should we deal with web Application Security Threats?

, and executing policies. More seriously, traditional anti-virus solutions only for terminal devices cannot cope with the changing web application security threats. As individual users, they should deepen their understanding of Network Security Prevention, constantly improve their computer and network application techn

How to protect against the security threats caused by VoIP

It runs as follows: Gullible users receive an e-mail (or a phone call), are told that his credit card information is being stolen, and then let him quickly dial a phone number. This phone will have computer-made voice prompts, let him enter credit card number and other authentication information and so on. Security Policy for VoIP Have you ever heard of the latest VoIP fishing trick-vishing's notoriety?

Spark security threats and modeling methods

Reprinted please indicate the source: http://blog.csdn.net/hsluoyc/article/details/43977779 Please reply when requesting the word version in this article. I will send it via a private message This article mainly discusses spark security threats and modeling methods through official documents, related papers, industry companies and products. The details are as follows.Chapter 2 Official documentation [1] Cu

What can we do to save the security threats of web applications?

With the birth of a series of new Internet products such as Web2.0, social networks, and Weibo, the web-based Internet applications are becoming more and more extensive. In the process of enterprise informatization, various applications are deployed on the Web platform, the rapid development of Web Services has also aroused the strong attention of hackers, highlighting web security threats, hackers exploit

Cisco's latest Security Report: urgent risk assessment of internal threats

pointed out that, for example, the postman city of Montana recently asked job seekers to provide all their account names and passwords on various social networking websites. "They did notice the real threats, but the policies they execute may be illegal and certainly unnecessary, "he said. Peterson said enterprises must be able to identify risks and apply different policies to specific job functions and bu

Security threats and prevention policies of the network system of the electronic file Center

This article introduces the security threats and defense policies of the network system of the electronic file center, hoping to help you. 1. security threats that affect the network system of the electronic file center. Networks, computers, servers, storage devices, system software, and file management information sys

The source code of the core components of the iPhone operating system has been leaked recently. Hundreds of millions of iOS devices may face security threats !, IPhone IOS

The source code of the core components of the iPhone operating system has been leaked recently. Hundreds of millions of iOS devices may face security threats !, IPhone IOS Recently, the source code of the core components of the iPhone operating system has been leaked. This message is from the discovery that the iBoot source code of iOS is shared on GitHub. IBoot source code is an important component of th

Top 10 types of network security threats

Types of Network Security ThreatsNetwork threat is a potential use of network security defects. These defects may cause unauthorized access, information leakage, resource depletion, and theft or destruction. The threats to network security come from many aspects and change with time. There are several types of network

Summary of security threats on the xen Platform

This article classifies software and hardware attacks on the xen platform, and provides simple attack methods for each type of attacks. In fact, hackers, viruses, and other attack methods are far more than that, this section only summarizes some common attack methods. The first is to summarize the hardware security threats on the xen platform. L CPU threats:

Conquer the security threats of Ajax applications

Ajax, that is, Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, is a key technology in Web 2.0. It allows separating the interaction between users and web pages from the communication between Web browsers and servers. In particular, AJAX can drive mashup. mashup integrates Multiple content or services into a single user experience. However, due to its dynamic and multi-domain nature, Ajax and mashup technologies have introduced some new types of threats. Understand t

2.3 Security threats at the network level

2.3.1 Network Layer Introduction The next layer of the TCP/IP stack is the network layer, or the IP layer. The network layer is primarily used for addressing and routing, and it does not provide any method of error correction and flow control. The network layer uses higher services to transmit data packets, and all upper-level communications, such as TCP, UDP, ICMP, and IGMP, are encapsulated in an IP datagram. ICMP and IGMP exist only at the network layer and are therefore treated as a separate

Conquer the security threats of Ajax applications

defines a small set of format rules for creating Portable representations of structural data.Note that some common formats in Ajax applications can replace JSON, such as XML and plain text without format. Here we will discuss JSON because it has some hidden security issues. I will study it in this article. It is recommended that readers who are not familiar with Ajax read the references first. Understanding the same-origin policy When content from mu

Gartner Survey: viruses and worms are the biggest security threats to IT managers

Source: CCID Author: youya [CCID news] Beijing Time on June 19 News, according to Gartner's latest survey results show that viruses and worms are the biggest security threats facing IT managers. Among the various security threats, viruses and worms pose a headache for IT managers. External attacks ranked second, iden

New trends in Intranet security: Coping with mobile device threats

I have previously shared with you some personal views on the two cutting-edge technologies that may be used in the Intranet security field (sandbox that has not been widely used, and access control that has become more mature, today, I will discuss with you a topic that may be more cutting-edge for domestic enterprises: the threat that mobile device applications pose to Intranet security. Over the past two

IE9 has been cracked and IE10 faces severe security threats

Recently, in the PWN20WN hacker competition, the VUPEN team that previously cracked Chrome has used two different 0-day vulnerabilities to break one of them.Windows7 SP1 system computer, which means that IE9 browser was also cracked in this hacking competition. Chaouki Bekrar, the team leader, said that the 0-day vulnerability they used in IE9 is actually applicable to IE6 to IE10 browsers, this means that

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