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Zhang Dio: A preliminary study on Web Interactive design of web-based educational institutions

Zhang Dio (CEO of net) This is an article, online network in the implementation of product design, the study of the domestic network of educational institutions of many models, at the same time with the end user exchanges a lot, accumulated some

Practice 7: Read and Write disk sectors in Windows 9x

In Windows NT/2 k/XP, use createfile to open a name similar "\\. \ A: "file", you can deal with the device driver, and access the disk through readfile/writefile in absolute address mode. Windows 9x does not support this simple method. This article

Linux Process Management Essays (1)

Process command pstreeCentOS7 show process tree[[email protected] tmp]# pstreesystemd─┬─NetworkManager─┬─dhclient │ └─2*[{NetworkManager}] ├─abrt-watch-log ├─abrtd ├─atd ├─auditd───{auditd}

Digital Display of stm32f103 (1)

Tm1629 digital tube driver first. I have read a lot on the internet, mostly common cathode. The common cathode is easy to operate, there are few digital tubes under control, and there are many digital tubes under control of common anode, but the

Single chip microcomputer & 4x4 Matrix keyboard & 4-bit serial 595 Digital tube display

1#include? 2 #defineUchar unsigned char3 #defineUINT unsigned int4 //number of LED digital tubes5Sbit DIO = p2^0;//Serial Data Input6Sbit LRCLK = p2^1;//clock pulse signal--rising edge effective7Sbit LSCLK = p2^2;//Incoming signal ———— rising

Use orastress! To test your database

Original link: Http://www.eygle.com/special/Use.Orastress.2.Test.Oracle.db.htm Orastress! 's author is Geoff Ingram, the author of the ORABM we described earlier, who worked for Oracle for several years and was the author of high Performance

Summary of disk Io

From: http://simpleframework.net/blog/v/8486.html 1. Completely Random write or skip, 5 times the performance gap! Full random write is undoubtedly the slowest write method. In the logic dump test, we were surprised to find that MB of memory data

Linux Pen Test __linux

Linux application: One or two questions, test time: 1.5 hours Linux driver Programmer: do one or two (optional), three questions, test time: 2 hours A. C + + language 1. What is the Ifndef/define/endif in the header file? A: Prevent the header file

Stm32--spi interface

Stm32--spi InterfaceTenet: The learning of technology is limited and the spirit of sharing is limitless.First, SPI Agreement " serialperipheral Interface "Serial Peripheral interface, is a high-speed full-duplex communication bus. Communication

Simple communication process

Simple communication process https://www.cnblogs.com/SteveLee/p/9860507.html In the previous article, we have fully introduced the grpc-based service discovery and service governance solution. let's first review the RPC call process (I will

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