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Oracle 10 Gb database migration experience in Windows

HD anime big picture 10th set 380 sheets size 3000*2000 or above 115 download Oracle 10g database migration experience Windows Environment 13:58:11 | category:Development | label: Oracle programming Import and Export| Large font size, medium/small subscriptionMigrate from the old server to the new server. The old server is Windows2003 and the new server is windows2008 R2. All databases are Oracle

Oracle Database migration from Windows XP to Windows 7

Recently, all the company's operating systems have been upgraded to Windows 7. Our company has an ORACLE product software for Engineering Planning called Primavera Six (P6). So I need to migrate the P6 database from XP to the Win7 system. This is because the P6 database has been successfully migrated from XP to XP, and it is a success, so there is no problem. This time, no tests were conducted before migration

WIN2012R2 Hyper-V Beginner Tutorial 10-Non-shared storage live migration with remote administration tools

=" 0 "alt=" wps3D04.tmp "src=" Http:// "width=" 574 "height=" 454 "/>18, the front we talked about is the operation of the graphical interface, in fact, for Windows I prefer the GUI operation, but in order to improve operational efficiency, PowerShell CLI is a good thing, let's use the command line migration to try:MOVE-VM testserver01.testad.l

Windows file server upgrade and cross-forest migration

server operating system to Windows Server Environment preparation a single Windows Server server and join to the old domain, install the DFS role and confirm that the replication group was checked, as a new file server, on the old file server ( Windows Server 2003 Install the Distributed File System component and confirm that the File Replica

Windows Client migration (Windows Easy Transfer)

/ Wkiom1n4llegrpwlac_iutb4-10659_small.jpg "border=" 0 "/>10. Select "Done"650) this.width=650; "alt=" wkiol1n4li-qwya3adlyqsghhta300_small.jpg "src=" Wkiol1n4li-qwya3adlyqsghhta300_small.jpg "border=" 0 "/>11, copy the files to the new computer, as to the method there are many kinds. Open the transferred file (the file is the 5th step to save the file), enter the password (5th step) to create the password;650) th

Windows File Server Upgrade & cross-forest migration (i)

to Windows Server Environment preparation a single Windows Server server and join to the old domain, install the DFS role and confirm that the replication group was checked, as a new file server, on the old file server ( Windows Server 2003 Install the Distributed File System component and confirm that the File Replication group service is ch

Windows 7, WINDOWS10 System directory Migration, modifying the default path for installation: Users,program Files,programdata

Tips: This article has been tested only for Win7, Windows 10 systems, and other systems have not yet been tested, but you may want to try. This experiment was a new thing I did.WIN7_32-bit system to test, WINDOWS10 of course 64-bit system is also available. At least for now, my system is. "Modify the default path for Windows Software Installation"㈠ Opening the Re to 11GR2 migration upgrade in the Windows environment

;restorecontrolfile from ' C:\backup\C-2175164748-20150416-00 ';Need to change the extension from . Ora to. ctlboot to Mount state, recover data fileALTER DATABASE Mount;Resetting the data file path and recovering the databaserun{Set newname for datafile 1 to ' C:\app\Administrator\oradata\test\SYSTEM01. DBF ';Set newname for datafile 2 to ' C:\app\Administrator\oradata\test\UNDOTBS01. DBF ';Set newname for DataFile 3 to ' C:\app\Administrator\oradata\test\SYSAUX01. DBF ';Set newname for datafil

Windows 10 Client Hyper-V Update rollup

by using CREDSSP, Kerberos, or NTLM authentication. When you use CREDSSP to connect to a remote Hyper-V host, it allows you to perform a live migration without configuring Active Directory delegation permissions. Simplifies the configuration required for remote host management by using the Ws-man protocol. (Note: Ws-man uses 80 ports and is turned on by default)5. Connected Standby WorksWhen Hyper-V is enabled in

10 tips that Windows users should know

In the past few years, the Windows system has not changed significantly (at least on the desktop), but each new version of the update has brought some minor tweaks and upgrades. Of course, Windows is a large and complex desktop system, so if you want to better use the Windows system, you may wish to take a look at the 10

Port Oracle 10 Gb database to Linux in Windows

(Direct file copy)I recently learned how to start Oracle databases, so I created a database for testing in Windows.After porting to Linux, we successfully transplanted Linux to Windows a few days ago. However, many problems may occur when porting Windows to Linux,Windows users are not case sensitive, but Linux users are case sensitive. Please pay attention to thi

Windows Oracle 10 Gb manual database creation

There are two methods to create a database in Oracle. The first is to use ORACLE database builder and dbca, which is a graphical interface and easy to understand because of its friendly and beautiful interface and complete prompts. In Windows, this tool can be opened in the Oracle program group ("START"-"program"-"Oracle oradb10g_home1"-"configuration and migration tools"-"database configurationassistant ")

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