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Graduation thesis-The challenge and countermeasure of intellectual property protection of computer software _ graduation Thesis

Copyright law protects the limitations of computer software (i) Copyright law protects the mainstream of computer software in the late 80, many countries, led by the United States, began to amend copyright law to incorporate computer software into

Windows Server AD Domain management creation

ObjectiveAn introduction to AD domain management and its partitioning of permissions:1. The ad domain originates from Microsoft, and is suitable for Windows, which provides strong protection for centralized management and information security for

Enterprise brand calls for the protection of domain name assets to be the focus object

Enterprise brand calls for the protection of domain name assets to be the focus object China light industry Enterprises Investment and Development Association Legal Affairs Department, China Light Industry Enterprise Investment Development

The path to growth of cissp (14th): Protection Mechanism of system architecture and design

The security model is just a concept. to apply it to practice, you need to use the protection mechanism described in this article. It is more specific than the security model and closer to the actual application concept, the foundation of many

Protection of domain name security starts from prevention

1. Most of the user IDs are stolen due to email addresses. According to our statistics, most of the user IDs are stolen due to accidental email address theft, which gives hackers the opportunity to take advantage of this vulnerability. Email theft

Enterprises should pay attention to the protection of brand domain name in the new economic growth point

Enterprises should pay attention to the protection of brand domain name in the new economic growth pointAccording to the "2009-2010 China Network Economic Industry Development Report" published by the iresearch, China's Internet economic market

[Original] Shut down the polar domain electronic classroom and crack the Lenovo hard disk protection system password when Vc is under control (on)

[Original] Methods for Improving the closure of polar domain electronic classrooms during VC operation This article will talk about the materials and methods, specifically implementing and cracking the Lenovo hard disk protection system password in (

The principle of DDoS attack and its protection methodology

From the 07 of the Estonian DDoS information war, to this year Guangxi Nanning 30 internet cafes suffered from DDoS ransomware, and then to the Sina network suffered a DDoS attack can not provide external services for more than 500 minutes. DDoS

Protection interval and cyclic prefix in OFDM against ISI and ICI

References: Principles and Applications of OFDM mobile communication I. Concepts of inter-symbol interference (ISI) and inter-channel interference (ICI) Ii. reduced protection interval (ISI) 3. reduce ICI by the cyclic prefix Iv. Block Diagram of

CPU protection mode in-depth quest

The original link is: of protection methodsProblems:Register model of Protection modeDescription of Protection mode and page table entryStorage management and address translation of

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