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How to download an older version of the iOS app

How to download older versions of IOS appsCharles Proxy is a tool for OS X so can be used to facilitate the download of older versions of IOS apps from ITunes. It's a bit of a drawn-out exercise, but if you've ever been in need of an older

How to download an older version of the JDK JRE from the Oracle official website

When Java is developed or used, it sometimes requires a specific version of the JDK or JRE, how to download it from the official website? Today search without fruit, I think of a method: Search the official website of Java Archive, you can find the historical version of the download portal. Hint: You need to log in to

How to download older versions of MySQL

Tags: png ack Arch images stage logs version image packageThere may be scenarios such as some older systems that need to use MySQL version 5.5 to run and the rest. 1. Login to download site The latest version at this time is 5.7.18. 2,

Brew installs the older version of node

Brew Detailed: Http:// I used the command:1. View the current node version$ Ls-l ' which node 'Lrwxr-xr-x 1 cyper admin, 12:09/usr/local/bin/node. /cellar/node/0.12.7/bin/node 2. View all versions that have been installed $ ls/usr/local/cellar/node*/usr/local/cellar/node:0.12.7 /USR/LOCAL/CELLAR/NODE010:0.10.40 3. View de

Apache version UPUPW PHP53 series Kit A30 release php5 manual chinese download php5 chinese manual Download Php5isapi.dll

. Support website MySQL data is upgraded from an older version to a new version. Support for Apache module settings Support for PHP functional component Turn off Supports host performance adaptation capabilities Support for production development environment options Support for backup and restore of integrated package profiles Apache

System backup Prerequisite software key Ghost v8.3 build 070101 full version download _ Common Tools

synchronously. * Fixed a bug in which some NTFS users could not use a single key since the 07XX version. * Shielding UMBPCI to avoid individual computer startup failure. * Fixed to display "not yet uninstalled" and unable to install the new version of the bug. * Fixed bug with 0711 beta to generate excess ~ folder. * Floppy version used in the old way: one-butto

How to download the historical version of JDK on Oracle website

Label: Open Oracle website, ready to download Java JDK ( need to use registered user login, can register for free )Website address: 2Mouse hover downloads, will appear relevant content, such as: 3Click on "Java for developers" to go to the JDK download page: 4You can see the download page as follows, but the latest: 5This it

Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 Official Simplified Chinese tornado correction Version v1.1 download _ Common Tools

Based on Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 official Simplified Chinese version, free activation, no serial number, CD size of 90M. Installation instructions: First uninstall your original version, and then the new installation of this version can be. Update Note: Fix the CPU of individual machine consumes 100% bug. Checksum information File: Dreamweaver_cs3_sc_v1.1.iso md5:

Do not escape from the App store download the old version of compatible application tutorials

I believe you all know that the software downloaded from the App Store can only be the latest version, can not download the old version, now with the software version of the update, it needs a higher firmware version. But if your device is an

IOS----The use of blue and white porcelain-Download the historical version app

.png2.17 ClickExcuteThe Execute button may come to a breakpoint 2 times, except for the first time, followed by a direct clickExcuteExecute buttonhistoryapp22.png2.18!!!historyapp23.png2.19 View the version number of the downloaded appHistoryapp24.pngHistoryapp25.pngHistoryapp26.png3. Installing an older version of the appThe old

XAMPP (Linux version-x86 compatible) official website download

Welcome to the Linux version of XAMPP (x86 compatible processor edition)By the way: The software was formerly known as LAMPP, but to avoid misunderstanding, we name it the "Linux version of XAMPP ". So, if you're looking for lampp, you're in the right place. ;)If you encounter any questions about XAMPP, please contact us. This will help us improve the XAMPP and make it easier to use.The installation process

Open source text editor VIM launches 7.1 stable version download _ Common Tools

Vim is an excellent open source text editor, is Linux/unix user very commonly used text Editing tool, after 1 years 5 days of waiting, we ushered in Vim 7.1 stable version. The revised version fixes a security issue and some causes crash errors, no new features. User upgrades are strongly recommended. Announcing:vim (Vi improved) version 7.1 This are a stable

Old Version Download Site

Applications on computersProgramThe system will be upgraded along with the updates of the operating system. In addition, many software background monitoring programs will be automatically upgraded, reminding users to upgrade, such as flash and Adobe PDF reader. Many Google products are more violent, update the SDK directly in the background; However, sometimes the old version of software is required, such as bug reproduction, and reproduction require

Remote control software UltraVNC 1.0.4 RC4 Simplified Chinese version provides download _ Common tools

UltraVNC is both a client and a server that can use TCP/IP connectivity to control another computer. It can be used in w9x/nt/2k/xp, with features including automatic setting, friendly user interface, global hotkey, and internal file transfer. In addition, it is free and very good speed. UltraVNC is probably the fastest remote control software I've ever seen. You can visit your home computer while you are traveling, dealing with a fault that is found or a general network connection. -resizab

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