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Linux feature file archiving and compression (tar, file, Zip)

This paper mainly from the following several convenient to explain file archiving and compression, while comparing the compression ratios and characteristics of several different compression methods. File Archive command tar,tar.gz source

Tar application in Linux

Original English meaning: tape archive Chinese meaning: tape ArchivingNoteSolution: A file packaging tool in Unix/Linux is used to pack many files together to form an archive file for archiving. It was originally designed for tape backup and can now

Linux tar.gz, tar, bz2, zip, and other formats to decompress, compact command summary __linux

Linux under the tar gz bz2 tgz z and so many compressed files compression and decompression methods, the need for friends can refer to the following: The most common packaging program under Linux is tar, and the packages we use in the TAR program

Summary of decompressing and compressing commands such as tar.gz, tar, bz2, and zip in Linux

The most common packaging in LinuxProgramThe package we use the tarprogram is often called a tarpackage, and the command of the tarpackage file is always ended with .tar. After the tar package is generated, you can use other programsLine compression,

Compression and decompression __linux for compressed packages under Linux tar BZ gz

Java EE Development of various types of resources download list, the history of the most complete IT resources, personal collection summary. Linux users often need to back up the computer system data, in order to save storage space, often the

Compression and decompression of tar bz gz and other compressed packages in Linux

In Linux, users often need to back up data in computer systems. To save storage space, backup files are often compressed. This article provides a general summary of the compression and decompression commands. .Tar.gzDecompress: Tar zxvf

Analysis of compressed files under Linux (the difference between tar/gzip)

Analysis of compressed files under LinuxFor those who have just come into contact with Linux, it will definitely give Linux a bunch of different filenames to stun. Don't say it. For example, for compressed files, we know that there are only two

Linux decompression. Tar. tgz. tar.gz. Tar. Files such as Z

. tarUnpacking: Tar xvf Filename.tarPackage: Tar cvf filename.tar DirName(Note: Tar is packaged, not compressed!) )---------------------------------------------. gzDecompression 1:gunzip filename.gzDecompression 2:gzip-d filename.gzCompression: gzip

How to decompress tar GZ bz2 tgz Z and many other compressed files in Linux

For those who are new to Linux, they will surely get dizzy with a bunch of various file names in Linux. OtherFor example, we know that there are only two common types of compressed files in windows.. Zip, and the other is. rar. It can be the same as

Decompress tar GZ bz2 tgz zip and other Linux Files.

Http://     For those who are new to Linux, they will surely get dizzy with a bunch of various file names in Linux. OtherFor example, we know that there are only two common types of

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