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What is favicon. ICO and how to create A favicon icon for your website? [Zz]

By Christopher Heng, Some time back, I had an email from a visitor asking me how I managed to have's icon displayed next to my URL in his browser's location bar. in fact, had he checked carefully, He wocould also

ICO online production, website small icons favicion. ICO online production tool software

Several related websites and downloads are provided: Generate favicon. ICO address online: Http:// There are 6 online tools: Http:// Favicon from PICs // This is the online

10 sets of gorgeous Windows 8 Metro icons [2000 + free icons]

Windows 8 is the latest version of Microsoft's Windows operating system with revolutionary changes. The system aims to make people's daily computer operations easier and faster, and provide people with an efficient and easy-to-use work

Tools for making ICO files-aveiconifier_ common tool

Aveiconifier is a very practical and convenient gadget for making ICO format files ~ Perhaps some of the knowledge of the Web page is not very understanding of what ICO files, then I give you introduce. ICO is the abbreviation of icon file, is the

Easy to use Chinese version of the ICO icon production software IconWorkshop

The best use of Chinese version of the ICO icon production software--axialis iconworkshop! so evaluation, the reason is sufficient. New Chinese interface, features at a glance. ICO icon production software is mostly in English, most

[Released] Photoshop plug-in for reading and writing ICO Icon files

This is a file format plug-in I wrote for Photoshop. icoformat is used to read and write windows Icon files (the extension is ICO, cur ). PS plug-ins in the icon file format have been written by a foreigner many years ago. However, the plug-ins I

Personalize your Win8 desktop icons

Windows Desktop is every day we start the computer to face the screen, computers, networks, recycling stations, folders, these icons are familiar with the familiar, the number of years unchanged, I am afraid already aesthetic fatigue, can there be

How to convert a picture into an ICO format

Method 1 directly change the suffix name First look at the format of your picture: If it is BMP format, straight between see the ④ step operation; If you do not convert the picture format to BMP format first. Right-click on the picture First,

How to customize desktop icons and win10 desktop icons in win10

How to customize desktop icons and win10 desktop icons in win10 Looking at the computer icons in the Windows system, we can manually create personalized icons. How can we create distinctive icons in the win10 system to make our computer desktop

Download 50 exclusive free Icon Sets

A sweet and beautiful collection of icons can perfectly present the best of designers. A powerful tool can save you a lot of time. As the saying goes: The best things are often free of charge. Therefore, it is used as an icon set. There are a lot of

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