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The Origin and advantages of Drupal

1. Drupal origin: What Should Drupal be translated? I think it is better to translate it into water drops.Drupal is actually the English pronunciation of druppel in Dutch, and druppel is drop in Dutch, which is the meaning of water drops. It was an

Drupal 7 module. info file Introduction

Drupal uses the. info file to save the basic data about theme and modules (metadata ). Encoding: UTF-8 is recommended, that is, BOM (byte order mark) is not included ). The following is an example of. info. name = Really Neat Widgetdescription =

10 reasons why colleges should use Drupal

Using Drupal has become a trend in the world's top universities, and it has been chosen and applied by hundreds of universities around the world, whether it's Harvard, Stanford, Duke, Brown, Rutgers, Cambridge, Yale or many other prestigious

Drupal 7 modulo. info File description

Drupal uses the. info file to save topic (theme) and module (modules) basic data (metadata).Coding: We recommend using UTF-8. This is a no BOM (Byte Order Mark).Here is an example of a. InfoName = really Neat Widgetdescription = provides a really

Create multiple Drupal sites from a single code base and multiple databases

There are many reasons for a system administrator or developer to choose to host multiple sites on the same server with a multisite configuration. For example, the following configuration: Enables you to build an efficient development environment

How to solve the other 404 errors on the home page after the Drupal site is changed to server

Problem description:"Page not found" Errors on every page should T homepage ."That is to say, the drupal website you created can be accessed on the homepage, and all other sections are accessed and displayed as the 404 error page.Problem

The sequence of Drupal Hooks Alter

The essence of the Drupal system is the Hooks (hook) design. When there are multiple modules in the system, what is the order of the module alter hooks? With this question, we found the correct answer: Drupal module weight directly affects the

How to use remote images to reduce workload when Drupal is developing

If you have met a large-scale Drupal project, you may have found that the files directory is too large to be a huge challenge to development. How to keep the development server (or your personal computer) synchronized with these files is a very

The solution of implementing the mail subscription push system by Drupal

e-mail marketing, known as an EDM, is an acronym for Email Direct Marketing, a network marketing tool that delivers value information to target users in the form of e-mail, with the prior permission of the user. Mail push is one of the most

Migrate a blog from wordpress to Drupal real-time recording

I have always wanted to migrate my blog from wordpress to Drpual, but I am too lazy to start it. Until recently, my blog posted on bluehost failed to be clicked several times. I don't have to think about the contribution made by our Great Wall

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