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Build a new theme for Drupal 7

The topic explains the user interface (UI) of the Drupal Web site. Although the theme structure has not changed significantly, Drupal version 7 comes with a new approach to implementing the theme. This article demonstrates how to create a new Drupal

The Origin and advantages of Drupal

1. Drupal origin: What Should Drupal be translated? I think it is better to translate it into water drops.Drupal is actually the English pronunciation of druppel in Dutch, and druppel is drop in Dutch, which is the meaning of water drops. It was an

Experience of Learning Drupal on a web front-end

Talk about front-end learningAfter I graduated from college, my first job mainly focused on the maintenance of the company's website, including content update and website revision.When I graduated, I basically only knew simple html. At that time,

Develop tutorial 1.2 using Drupal/PHP internally

In the internal development standard of DrupalPHP 1.2, the preface is often said: "There are no rules, not a square ". Good programming styles and specifications are important to developers and project management personnel. When a software project

What skills are needed in Drupal development?

What skills are needed in Drupal development? Here, let's take a look at the big screen (see below)According to the diagram above, a table is probably listed: Technical Direction Detailed Description Community personnel

Drupal Study Notes-1. Getting started with modules

Document directory Module description file-x.info Module implementation file-×. Module Module Installation File-X. Install Drupal module installation path The module in Drupal can be installed in three paths The modules under the root

Using Drupal 6 views module series (2)

Original article: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_48a770da0100gam5.html Rare and rare Chinese Drupal view detailed tutorial, transferred from http://www.cc.ntu.edu.tw/chinese/epaper/0009/20090620_9009.htm Author: programming organization for

The sequence of Drupal Hooks Alter

The essence of the Drupal system is the Hooks (hook) design. When there are multiple modules in the system, what is the order of the module alter hooks? With this question, we found the correct answer: Drupal module weight directly affects the

Drupal API-T ()

Document directory Parameters Return Value File ID des/common. inc   The main function of this function is to translate the English language to be translated in the code, and provide the Formatting Function to facilitate display on the page.

How to solve the problem of Drupal website being maliciously registered by machine users

Many junk registrations @ sina.com are found on my Drupal site. Although the honeypot module has been enabled, this type of registration is not blocked.Analysis:Attackers may be familiar with the honeypot mechanism and can write scripts to achieve

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