dslr with wireless transfer

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Real-time testing of wireless ATM Cell Transfer Performance

information received by the transmission device, and establish frame synchronization with the sending end based on the Anti-fading frame synchronization scheme, decode the received information. Discard empty cells, discard unrecoverable error cells or send them to the switching unit as needed, and send the cells with correct error decoding to the switching unit for processing.3 wireless ATM cell transfer r

Implement Hypertext Transfer Protocol on wireless j2s Devices

Address: http://www.javaresearch.org/article/54666.htm As more mobile phones and personal digital assistants are integrated into the information highway, it is increasingly important to access websites from mobile devices. Java has created a precedent for Small and Medium-sized storage capacity of consumer devices. It is used to develop mobile phone, pager, and other micro-device applications. Program Ideal language.In this article, we will learn how to send an http get request and an http p

[Original] simple wireless file transfer within the LAN (1)

problems on PPC to avoid forgetting. The file synchronization process between PPC and PC is quite painful. After all, it is a wired connection. I am wondering if I can directly send the information collected on PPC to PC, when I was downstairs, I could get files from the information shared by my PC to PPC, so I didn't have to go upstairs (the customer had several layers ). As a result, this wireless file transfer

Data transfer in wireless networks is very slow

The wireless card display is working, but the data transfer is very slow, what is the reason? The reason for the slow wireless data transfer is that the wireless signal is too weak. Some homes or offices use steel frame structures, and the steel bars in such building

Exploration and implementation of wireless data transfer between Android phones

Years ago, I studied how Android can implement the Wireless Data Transfer Function and wrote a demo. I have nothing to do with it recently. I want to sort it out and share it with you. Early research found that Android has the following technologies to achieve wireless data transfer: 1. Bluetooth has been used for a lo

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