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A record, MX record, CNAME record, URL forwarding, NS record, dynamic record (RPM)

A record, MX record, CNAME record, URL forwarding, NS record, dynamic record (RPM) A record, MX record, CNAME record, URL forwarding, NS record, dynamic record (RPM) Table of Contents Dns A Aaaa

Linux VMware uses DHCP to assign fixed IP to virtual machines and to enable NAT network Port forwarding

First introduce the environment:1. The host computer's operating system is scientific Linux, kernel version 2.6.18, hostname spvm02,ip address, and VMware Workstation 8 deployed.2. Guest (virtual machine) This side of the installed

Principles of the email system

Article Title: Principles of the mail system. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. What is an email

Hub, switch, router, working principle

Hub, switch, router, working principle 1. A switch is also called a switch hub. It regenerates information and forwards it to a specified port after internal processing. It has the ability to automatically address and exchange information, the

Configure the email server with EXIM On Debian

0 statement This article was modified on the basis of the article "setting up a home network email system through Exim", by JanW. stumpel, Oegstgeest, The Netherlands. The address of this chapter is: http: // /~

Summary of advantages and disadvantages of LVS, Nginx and Haproxy forwarding modes

Vaguely mind now only upstream, Dr, Ip_hash these words. Now on the three forwarding way to do the summary.One, the LVS forwarding mode LVS is a highly probable software written by Dr. Zhangwensong on the four floor. Unlike the latter two support

Why can't you receive a reply to your email consultation?

When a user asks a question through email or other means, but does not receive a satisfactory response, there is a certain relationship with the user's questions in the use of email consultation in addition to the questions on his

What is the SIP protocol? What is the working mechanism?

With the development of the network, VoIP services and unified communication platforms become more and more important. The SIP protocol is an exciting focus. Some may ask, what is the SIP protocol? What's better about it? Here we will go into more

Switch cam table port forwarding attack-Research and Implementation

  It may be a bit strange to see this question. No one in the cybersecurity circle has defined such a term. At first, I am not sure what kind of term to define, I just defined such a term according to the original term of the attack. If

Secure Email system setup based on FreeBSD operating system

Qmail is the sendmail server software installed in the world, which is second only to Linux/Unix by default. Qmail configuration is simpler than Sendmail, and the speed is faster. Therefore, during the setup of this mail system, I chose Qmail as the

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