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C #. Net encryption and decryption: AEs/DES/base64/RSA/MD5/sha256

Using system; using system. globalization; using system. io; using system. security. cryptography; using system. text; namespace pub. class {public static class encryptextensions {Private Static readonly byte [] aeskeys = {0x41, 0x72, 0x65, 0x79, 0x6

[C # network programming series] Topic 3: custom web servers

Preface: After a brief introduction to the network layer protocol and HTTP protocol in the previous topic, I believe that you have a general understanding of the protocols in the network. This topic will define a Web server for the HTTP protocol,

C #. NET encryption and decryption: AES/DES/Base64/RSA/MD5/SHA256.

Using System; using System. collections. generic; using System. linq; using System. text; using System. reflection; using System. data; using System. data. common; using System. web. script. serialization; using System. IO; using System. security.

C # encryption and decryption

Using system. Security. cryptography; # Region RC2/// /// Perform RC2 encryption./// /// string to be encrypted. /// initialization vector /// The key must be 8 bits. /// the encrypted string returned in base64 format. Public static string

Implementation of symmetric encryption DES and asymmetric encryption RSA

Shared strkey as string = "12345678" Shared striv as string = "12345678" Private shared key () as byte = encoding. utf8.getbytes (strkey. substring (0, 8 ))Private shared IV () as byte = encoding. utf8.getbytes (striv. substring (0, 8 ))'Key =

One-to-multiple communication in the Network

One-to-many network communication is first added to favorites. // ClientUsing system;Using system. Collections. Generic;Using system. componentmodel;Using system. Data;Using system. drawing;Using system. LINQ;Using system. text;Using system. Windows.

. NET Common encryption algorithms

The. NET Framework supports a wide range of databases provided by CLR. Only a small amount of code is required to implement encryption algorithms that are hard to implement in old languages such as C. This class implements some common secret

DES (Data Encryption Standard) Encryption and decryption

This class is summarized by referring to several documents on the Internet. It can be used directly after tests. There is a section of MD5 which should be independent of one class. I am lazy, so I wrote it into a file during the test. It still feels

C # Use des to encrypt and decrypt strings

/// /// Use des to encrypt the string/// /// string to be encrypted /// 8-character encryption key /// Public static string encryptstringbydes (string stringtoencrypt, string key){If (string. isnullorempty (key) | encoding. utf8.getbytes (key).

[C #] MD5 & des

Using system;Using system. IO;Using system. text;Using system. Security. cryptography;Using system. Web;Namespace test. com{/// /// Desencryptor abstract description./// Public class desencryptor{# Region private member/// /// Input string///

Use des and MD5 to encrypt. decrypt. String. File

// Encrypted string. Note that the strencrkey length is 8 bits. (to increase or decrease the key length, adjust the IV length)Public String desencrypt (string strtext, string strencrkey)  // Decrypt the string. Note that the strencrkey length is 8

A simple solution to protect the connection string Encryption By Using the winform deployed in clickonce can effectively prevent database addresses from being exposed by decompilation.

A simple solution to protect the connection string Encryption By Using the winform deployed in clickonce can effectively prevent database addresses from being exposed by decompilation. A self-used multi-user invoicing project encountered the

Write Redis client by yourself (C # implementation) 2,

Write Redis client by yourself (C # implementation) 2, The general form of the Redis request protocol: * cr lf $ cr lf cr lf... $ cr lf CR LF Note: CR indicates \ r; LF indicates \ n The following is an example: *3$3SET$5mykey$7myvalueRedis

[Erlang 0019] redis protocol interpretation and implementation (. NET & Erlang)

Redis has adopted the new unified protocol since version 1.2 and has become the standard mode for interaction with redis server since version 2.0. The redis protocol is a compromise that balances the following requirements: Simple

Enterprise Library encryption application block Quick Start

ArticleDirectory Roaming: encryption secrets Roaming: decrypts secrets Roaming: Get hash from data Roaming: Verify that the hash value matches certain text This article maintains in:

Analysis on the Chinese path supported by the C # version of gdal Library (continued)

In the previous blog, I mainly talked about the problems in the C # version of The gdal library. The main manifestations are:"The number of Chinese characters in the file name is an even number, which has no effect at all. Reading and creation are

Bind data to the Grid of SourceGrid, and bind sourcegridgrid

Bind data to the Grid of SourceGrid, and bind sourcegridgrid Private void BindData (){ // Add a click event for the bound button Line Selection SourceGrid. Cells. Controllers. CustomEvents clickEvent = new SourceGrid. Cells. Controllers.

Java. net3des differences and interoperability

The main differences are as follows: 1. The fill modes of data to be encrypted and decrypted are different. C # has the following modes: ansix923, iso10126, none, pkcs7, and zero, while Java has the following: nopadding, pkcs5padding, and

Base64, MD5, and DES encryption

Using system;Using system. Data;Using system. configuration;Using system. Web;Using system. Web. Security;Using system. Web. UI;Using system. Web. UI. webcontrols;Using system. Web. UI. webcontrols. webparts;Using system. Web. UI. htmlcontrols;Using

Implementation of DES encryption and decryption

Public class encryptdesstring{// Default key vectorPrivate Static byte [] keys = {0x12, 0x34, 0x56, 0x78, 0x90, 0xab, 0xcd, 0xef }; /// /// DES encrypted string/// /// string to be encrypted /// encryption key, which must be 8-bit /// the

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