errno 23

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errno meaning table

errno.00 is:success errno.01 is:operation not permitted errno.02 is:no such file or directory errno.03 is:no such proc ESS errno.04 is:interrupted system call errno.05 is:input/output error errno.06 is:no such device or address errno.07 I S:argument

Linux errno viewing and meaning __linux

/usr/include/asm-generic/errno-base.h /usr/include/asm-generic/errno.h You can obtain an error description using the following procedure: Strerror (errno): Get errno corresponding error /**************************** Get error code description ****

Ace errno. h

Errno. H --  Query Checking the error code errno is an important way to debug the program. When the linuc c api function is abnormal, The errno variable (including Errno. h) assign an integer. Different values indicate different meanings. You can

errno and Error tables in Linux systems

1, using a small program output all the errno corresponding error string, the code is as follows#include void ShowError (int err){printf ("errno:%5d, Error:%s\n", err, strerror (err));}void Showallerr (){int i = 0;for (; i {ShowError (i);}}int main (

The meaning of errno

strerror (int error): For printing error errno.00 is:success errno.01 is:operation not permittederrno.02 is:no such file or directoryerrno.03 Is:no Such processerrno.04 is:interrupted System callerrno.05 is:input/output Errorerrno.06 Is:no such

The meaning of each errno under Linux __linux

#include #include #include int main (int argc, char * * argv) { int i = 0; for (i = 0; i { printf ("errno.%0 2d is:%s\n ", I, strerror (i)); } return 0; } errno.00 is:successerrno.01 Is:operation not permittederrno.02 is:no such file or

Definition of errno in Linux

The errno definition in Linux. In the header file # include 124 emediumtype wrong medium type 123 enomedium no medium found 122 edquot Disk Quota exceeded 121 eremoteio remote I/O Error 120 eisnam is a named type file 119 enavail no XENIX

Redis source code analysis 23-VM (on)

VM is a new feature of Redis2.0. Before there is no VM, redis will put all the data in the db in the memory. As redis continues to run, the memory used will increase. At the same time, the client accesses some data more frequently than other data.

Linux system programming (23)-signal blocking, linux23

Linux system programming (23)-signal blocking, linux23 The processing action of the actually executed signal is called the Delivery, the State between the signal generation and the Delivery, and the Pending ). A process can Block a signal. When a

"Go" ORACLE SQL Foundation-ddl language of rites eight mesh 2017-12-23 21:26:21

Original address: SQL language is divided into: DDL data Definition Language, DML data manipulation language, DCL is database control language, TC transaction Control Language*DDL data definition

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