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Maximizing Java performance on AIX, part 1th: Basics maximizing Java performance on AIX, part 1th: BasicsThis five-part series provides several techniques and techniques that are often used to optimize Java™ applications

Passing an array from Java to PL/SQL

A6l 06,200 4 Venkat -- thanks for the question regarding "passing an array from Java to PL/SQL", version 8.1.7 You asked Hi Tom, I need to pass String Array from Java to PL/SQL and also returnarray from PL/SQL. I refered your book and

An Introduction to java stack traces

Stack tracesBy Calvin AustinJuly 1998 It's the night before your product release. you run your final tests and then it happens -- you get a java stack trace. you look through your Java programming books, but this seems to be an area that's

Thinking in Java,fourth Edition (Java programming Idea, Fourth edition) Learning notes (11) Holding Your Objects

To solve the programming problem, you need to create any number of objects, anytime, anywhere. So you can ' t rely on creating a named reference to hold each one of the your objects.Java have several ways to hold objects:1. The compiler-supported

Java Exception Handling

Java Error handling with ExceptionsThe basic philosophy of Java is that "badly formed code would not be run."The ideal time to catch a error is at compile time, before you even try-to-run the program. However, not all errors can is detected at

NET-ELK Monitoring scheme

NET ELK Monitoring Solution background is not much to say, who does not have a few ten systems running AH. How to monitor the health of these dozens of systems, for non-operators, too much TM.The background

Java File compression and decompression (1)

Package; import java. io. file; import java. io. fileInputStream; import java. io. fileOutputStream; import java. io. inputStream; import java. util. enumeration; import zipEntry; import zipFile; import java.util.

Full-text search engine ElasticSearch or SOLR?

Recently the project team has scheduled a task, the project used full-text search, based on the full-text search SOLR, but the SOLR search cloud project is not stable, often query data, need manual full-volume synchronization, and other teams in the

JavaScript: The most misunderstood language in the world

Javascript JavaScript, aka Mocha, aka LiveScript, aka JScript, aka ECMAScript, is one of the world ' s most popular programming Languag Es. Virtually every personal computer in the world has at least one JavaScript interpreter to it and in active

Why most game server is written in C + +

The early development of the game must use C + +, it is not to say, 2000-2004, Java has no NIO, other dynamic language is not heavy, only C + + can develop a fully available game server. Until 2005, many Korean games are still pure C + + write

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