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ExtJS learning ------- Ext operations on Dom: Ext. get Ext. fly Ext. getDom, extjs ------- ext

ExtJS learning ------- Ext operations on Dom: Ext. get Ext. fly Ext. getDom, extjs ------- ext Specific instance: (1) create a JSP file, introduce CSS and js files, and add three divs "> My JSP '004 _ base05_dom1.jsp 'starting page

EXT core API (III)-Ext. Element

Ext. Element class Element (string/htmlelement element, [Boolean forcenew])Element Object created by ID or DOM Node Element. Fly (string/htmlelement El, [String named]): ElementA global shared activity element is created by the ID or DOM node

Are you ready for Ext JS 5?

Original article: Are You Ready for Ext JS 5? Ext JS 5: Prepare for upgrade We are very happy to have Ext JS 5 joining the Sencha family! As a major version, a bunch of new features are introduced in Ext JS 5, including: Tablet support

Ext JS Learning 12th Day EXT Base operation Dom; Get and Fly method

This article is used to record learning notesWell First, what is the DOM (Document Object model) –W3C definition of the DOM: the documentation objects models are a platform, a language-neutral application programming Interface (API) that allows

Differences between get, getdom, getcmp, getbody, and getdoc in ext

Differences between get, getdom, getcmp, getbody, and getdoc in extEXT contains several methods starting with get. These methods can be used to obtain the DOM in the document, obtain the components in the current document, and obtain the ext element.

EXT Introduction)

Whether you are new to the ext library or want to know Ext, this articleArticleContent is suitable for you. This article will briefly introduce several basic concepts of Ext, and how to quickly create and run a dynamic page, assuming that the reader

Ext. Get () and Ext. Fly ()

Ext. Get () and Ext. Fly () We can see ext from the very beginning. the fly function, I thought it was similar to Ext. there is no difference in get. In addition, I had a superficial understanding of JS performance-related issues at the time, and I

Use ext js to build Ajax applications

From IBM developerworks Http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/cn/web/wa-aj-extjs? S_tact = 105agx52 & s_cmp = tec-csdn   A JavaScript Framework for Internet-rich Application Development

Let's talk about Ext JS components-Component base class: Ext. Component

Let's talk about Ext JS components-Component base class: Ext. ComponentOverview Ext. Component is the base class of all Ext components, which is mentioned in the first sentence of Ext. Component API. The second section describes the basic functions

EXT learning and application experience

1. understand HTML Dom, ext element, and componentTo learn and apply the ext framework, you need to understand the differences among HTML Dom, ext element, and component.EXT is a Web-based rich client framework built entirely based on the standard W3

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