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Implementation and start verification of the Nova-extend service in the secondary development of openstack nova

Openstack Nova secondary development-Nova-extended service   This article mainly describes how to start openstack Nova-extend services. This service is used for secondary extension and development of some requirements of openstack, such as node

Get to know java-7.5 from the beginning how to extend the interface through inheritance?

Our chapter discusses how to extend the interface through inheritance.An interface, like a class, has inherited attributes, but he simply inherits the interface and does not inherit the class.Package Com.ray.ch07;interface Whatpersoncando {void run (

Extend BindingList to prevent adding, deleting items automatically update the interface without the "cross-threading interface control CORSS thread operation" exception

In the interface program, often need some data classes, interface elements through the binding and other ways to display the data, however, because the UI thread is not thread-safe, it is generally necessary to invoke the interface control via

Further extend the testing capabilities of the robot framework using the Remote interface library

Introduction:The four-layer structure of the ROBOT framework has greatly improved its extensibility. We can use its extensive library of extensions to do most of the testing work. But in the following two cases, only four layers of structure is not

Extend attribute of jQuery (very good for encapsulating plug-ins and providing interfaces)

In some html, we often see the use of plug-ins: For example: $ ('# Slides'). slides ({ Preload: true, Container: 'slides _ iner ', SlidesLoaded: function (){ JQuery ('. caption'). fadeIn (800 ); } });   This is the api interface provided by a slides

Extend Spring's JMX support (1)

The Spring framework minimizes architectural dependencies and materializes the components in the application, but the application is still managed. Fortunately, Spring 1.2 includes advanced JMX integration support, and JMX provides a practical

General (generalization), extended (extend), and included (include) Relationships of UML use case diagram-a series of UML stream series explanations

It is important to clarify the relationship between use cases when drawing a use case diagram. The relationships of use cases include generalization, extended, and include ). Include and extend are the most confusing. Next we will thoroughly clarify

Jquery-extend Source Code Analysis

PS: This analysis is based on more than 2.0 versions;jquery extend everyone is not unfamiliar, is also an important interface of jquery, wrote jquery components have been used extend it!First of all, two $.extend () and $.fn.extend ();When writing

A simple introductory guide to using C to extend a Python program _python

First, Introduction Python is a powerful, advanced scripting language, it is strong not only in its own function, but also in its good scalability, because of this, Python has begun to be more and more people's favor, and has been successfully

Ip_conntrack extend mechanism and extension

Ip_conntrack adds a stream record mechanism for stateless IP addresses. Where can you store anything related to a stream? In principle, ip_conntrack should be something that can be infinitely expanded, but in fact, the kernel designer or the

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