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Why does Facebook use the PHP programming language?

When Japanese computer scientist as decided to create a programming language called Ruby, which supported Twitter, Hulu and many other modern web sites, he was inspired by a 1966 sci-fi film called BABEL-17. The book is mainly about a newly invented

PHP future: Facebook's Hack_PHP tutorial

The future of PHP: Facebook's Hack. The future of PHP: Facebook's HackFacebook released a new programming language, Hack, which is similar to the popular PHP language from any perspective. Its large number of features are better than PHP's future:

What is Facebook's new Hack language?

Hack static type, with some advanced features (in comparison) such as anonymous functions. There are also asynchronous and so on. What we cannot bear is whether the variable name must be added with $. & Gt; Facebook is a family that is keen on using

Is the hack of Facebook a future development for PHP?

Why does Facebook want to build a hack? First, Facebook's internal code is written in PHP, and Facebook allows many new developers to use PHP because language is easy to learn and use. Of course, Facebook's PHP code may be converted to C derivatives

Uncover Facebook's system architecture

Facebook is a social networking service website, and Facebook is the number one photo sharing site in the United States, uploading 8.5 million photos a day. So what is the Facebook system architecture like? This article will reveal to you. Source:

An explanation of the Facebook architecture

from all the information I've seen, and from conversations with people of all kinds, it can be concluded that the current architecture of Facebook is this: The Web front-end is written in PHP language and then converted to C + + using hiphop

Facebook's system Architecture "reprinted"

Recently happened to pay attention to some of these topics, the circle discussion, always mentioned that Facebook reduced the use of Cassandra, bitter no empirical, online search, find a and I understand the basic consistent article, reprinted to

Facebook tab & app development portal and FAQs

Recently, we are developing Facebook tab & App. I would like to share some basic documents and concepts with you; We hope to help you understand some basic concepts, resources, and preliminary development of Facebook. Facebook has become an

Scaling Memcache at Facebook

The recent group is writing Memcache's operation and maintenance manual, around memcache operations in the study of the collation of data found a non-jumping, that is, Facebook a few years ago on the operation of Memcache summary.The relevant

Using the Facebook SDK to determine whether the author has already followed and become a member of this site.

Use the Facebook SDK to determine whether the author has already pressed the button and become a member of this site. Today, the company is going to do the activity. one of the active content is to ask the reporter to press facebook fans and then

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