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Linux-HA practice (2)-virtual IP address of TFS Nameserver HA

The machine-level HA for the Nameserver of TFS can be done through the virtual IP mechanism. You only need a 'heartbeat' to solve the problem. The following is a simple example of the next step. ** Operating system **: 'centos 6.4 x86_64 '**

CentOS Build TFS Nameserver HA

backgroundTFSRequirements forGCC 4.1.2compile, two scenarios1is to useCentos5 (comes withgcc 4.1.2), 2UseCENTOS6putGCCreduced to4.1.2. I'm using the first method to successfully run TFS as aHAwhen the question came, the official request was to

Ubuntu 12.04 Reset Empty/etc/resolv.conf nameserver settings how to solve

The company's new server is using the latest Ubuntu 12.04, colleagues and I reflect a problem, after each reboot,/etc/resolv.conf inside the set nameserver was emptied, very strange root@ttpod:~# cat/etc/resolv.conf # Dynamic resolv.conf (5)

Netstat command introduction

Netstat Command Overview:Netstat is a very useful tool for monitoring TCP/IP networks, which can display routing tables, actual TCP network connections, TCP and UDP snooping, process memory management, and status information for each network

BINDDNS internal training course 3

Start of Authority authorization Start of SOA marking area data, define the parameter Name Server that affects the entire area NS indicates the Domain Name Server Address A. Convert the host name to the address Pointer PTR to convert the

Set up a DNS server in Linux (III)

Article Title: Set up a DNS server in Linux (3 ). Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. 4. standard

CentOS installation software Error:cannot Find a valid baseurl for repo:base

Today, using Yum to install the software, the following prompts appear: Loaded Plugins:fastestmirror, Refresh-packagekit, securityLoading mirror speeds from cached hostfileCould not retrieve Mirrorlist Http://

A brief analysis of/etc/resolv.conf files in Linux

/etc/resolv.conf is a DNS client configuration file that sets the IP address and DNS domain name of the DNS server, and also contains the domain name search order for the host.The file is a configuration file that is used by the Domain name Resolver

Linux Configuration Network Connection __linux

/etc/sysconfig/network Network Settings This file is used to specify the network configuration information on the server and contains parameters for controlling the behavior of the files and daemons associated with the network. Here is an example

Yum Error Error:cannot find a valid baseurl for repo:base

Environment:VMware Os:centos Release 6.5Dual network card Eth0 (connected to the public network, Eth1 (connected intranet Yum to update software times errorError:cannot find a valid baseurl for repo:baseThere

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