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ROCKETMQ Source Code Analysis

ROCKETMQ Source Code AnalysisROCKETMQ design Ideas from the Kafka, in the specific design to reflect their own choice and needs, the specific differences can be seen ROCKETMQ and Kafka contrast (18 differences). Next, note some of the exploration of

Powerdns installation and deployment memo

PowerDNS A DNS server that supports PHP Web Page Management and allows you to add DNS address records directly to the database, which is flexible and convenient.   See Information Host Name Host Name recorded in PDNS Local ip Address

The summary of network configuration under Linux

For Linux master seemingly simple network configuration problem, perhaps to say why it is not easy, so there are still too many beginners wandering outside the door is not strange, Here, the old boy teacher spent some time summarizing this document

TFS Source Resolution Eight

The Layout_manager.cpp in the nameserver #include // #include // #include // #include // #include // #include // #include // #include "ns_define.h" #include "Nameserver.h" #include "Layout_manager.h" #include "global_factory.h"// #include

"Issue 1161th" from Chrome Source view DNS parsing process

Objective The Product Manager Circle has started talking about AI, AI, and what the AI's product managers should be able to learn. Today morning reading articles are licensed for sharing by @ Li Bancheng. The text starts from here ~ The role of DNS

Small white Diary passive information collection of 6:kali penetration test (Fri)-recon-ng

Tag: Data is specified with version debug Sha double-click PenetrationRecon-ng Recon-ng is an open-source web reconnaissance (information gathering) framework written by Python. The Recon-ng framework is a full-feature tool that can

Win7 + Ubuntu 14.04 +tomcat + MySQL build test environment manual

One, Win7 under do install Ubuntu Download ununtu14.04 and EASYBCD software Win7 to free up a disk to install Ubuntu. I formatted the F-disk and then went back to the desktop, right-click on computer--------------------------- Open

Ubuntu experience: (install the software package)

Linux and Unix2012-12-06 17: 40 19 people read comments (0) collect reports 1. First, you must configure the network.There are a lot of interesting introductions on the Internet. Most of them need to remove the NetworkManager.This is mainly because

Managing Mysql:phpmyadmin usage on the web

1. Hardware environment:    Hard disk: 9.2 G; Memory: 128 M; Network card: EEpor100    2. Software    Operating system: RedHat 6.2    3. Optimize Redhat 6.2    Select when installing FTP and DNS    Edit File/etc/hosts    To 202.104.131.

How to manage MySQL on the web: phpMyAdmin _ MySQL

Manage MySQL on the web: phpMyAdmin usage instructions phpmyadmin 1. hardware environment:    Hard disk: 9.2 GB; memory: 128 M; Nic: EEpor100    2. Software    OS: RedHat 6.2    3. optimize RedHat 6.2    Select during installation Ftp and

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