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Linux System Network Setup issues summary

1. How to determine the corresponding IP and port ports when multiple NICs are in the network?can see up (the UP network card is enabled, down is the network card is not enabled), RUNNING is to indicate that the network cable is inserted, the

Simple setup of Jabber Local Area Network Instant Messaging Server

Article Title: Simple setup of the Jabber LAN Instant Messaging Server. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and

DNS Server Setup (master, slave, Slow)

Primary DNS Server Setupbuild a domain name server that manages the domain name on this machine1. Ensure that the following bind domain name servers are installed[[email protected] Master ~]# rpm-qa |grep ^bindbind-chroot-9.8.2-0.17.rc1.el6.

Hadoop2.X/YARN environment setup-CentOS7.0 system configuration, centos7.0

Hadoop2.X/YARN environment setup-CentOS7.0 system configuration, centos7.0 I. Why should I choose CentOS7.0? The official CentOS 7.0.1406 version was released at 17:39:42 on January 26, July 7. I used many Linux versions. For the environment

Zimbra Mailbox Server Setup and error

Zimbra Hardware requirements, 25G hard Drive (best 10G ), 8G Memory ( 4G also available), ubuntu14.04 System, / partition hard disk is large enough, it is best to do logical volume expansion. 1.vim/etc/hostnameMail.o8mm.com2.vim/etc/hosts192.168.0.35

Detailed configuration of dns server setup under redhatas5 (requires refined configuration)

Detailed configuration of dns server setup under redhatas5 (requires refined configuration)-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. The following is a detailed description. Dns server setup. This configuration is

Linux system setup and basic operation

Linux system setup and basic Operation ? Use the Preferences settings and system management tools in the GNOME desktop suite to perform the following tasks A. set a static IP address for the first NIC and be able to communicate with other hosts in

Linux Setup DNS server (ii)

2. Install Server Software 2.1 Get the Bind package (now the new version is 8.2.2 P5) Get the latest stable version of three files from Bind's home page Bind-contrib.tar.gz Bind-doc.tar.gz Bind-src.tar.gz Or get three files

ubuntu12.04 Static IP Setup Issues

Since Linux knowledge is not very deep, it is only a summary of my own settings.The first step is to set the/etc/network/interfacesAdd static IP SettingsAuto Eth0Iface eth0 inet Static #配置为静态IPAddress #静态IP为192.168.1.70netmask 255.255.25

Linux DHCP service Setup

the construction of Linux DHCP View IP address information:ifconfig eth0 ifconfig-a(view all)View host name:hostnameView tcp/udp port:netstat-anptu-a(All) - n(digital) - P(process) - t(tcp) - u(UDP)Tracking network nodes:tracerouteTo view DNS

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