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adding DLLs to the GAC (Global Assembly Cache) In fact, the. NET comes with a tool that can register DLLs in the GAC, Gacutil.exe. Start Menu-microsoft Visual studio-visual Studio tools-visual Studio 2008 Command Prompt, enter Gacutil.exe carriage return in the console to see some parameters. Generally to install the DLL into the GAC, select the-i parameter, fo

Understanding and functions of GAC

I. Role of GAC Global Assembly Cache is used to store public assemblies that are used by many programs, such as system. Data and system. Windows. forms. In this way, many programs can obtain the Assembly from the GAC without copying all the assembly to the execution directory of the application. For example, if there is no GAC, it is inevitable that the directory

How to deploy a program to the global application cache (GAC) in. NET Framework 4.0)

In. NET Framework 4.0, how to deploy a program to the global application cache (GAC) has undergone considerable changes. The MSDN that comes with VS2010 is incorrectly described in some places. Below are some of my knowledge about how to deploy. NET Framework 4.0 GAC: I used to deploy a program to GAC in the past. There are four methods. Here we will take these f

GAC of the [go] assembly---Global Assembly Cache

This article transferred from: What is the GAC? What issues does the GAC solve?The GAC is all called: Global Assembly Cache (Universal assembly caching), you can see the GAC installed on your computer's system disk such as: C:\Windows\assembly\.The GAC's role is to st

Reprint using the GAC in. Net

Reprint Source is the GAC? What do you do for a while? The GAC's full name is called the global assembly cache, and popular understanding is the place to store the DLLs that are needed under various. NET platforms. The specific catalog of the GAC is in windows/assembly.Friends who like to use cracked software may often u

modifying GAC permissions

modifying GAC permissions To does this on the assembly folder you have to unregister Shfusion.dll. Here are the steps A. Unregister Shfusion.dll to allow access to the Security tab i) Select Start II) Select Run III) Type Regsvr32-u C:\WINNT\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322\shfusion.dll (or Regsvr32-u C:\WINNT\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.0.3705\shfusion.dll) B. In a Windows Explorer, right click c:\winnt\assembly i) Select Properties II) Select th

Indicate the meaning of GAC

Global Assembly Cache (GAC)Computer-wide code caching, which stores specially installed assemblies that are shared by many applications on the computer. Applications deployed in the Global Assembly Cache must have a strong nameYes, all the assemblies in GAC will be stored in the system directory "% winroot %/assembly. One of the advantages of putting it in the system directory is that the system administrat

Add the Assembly to GAC and enable it to be referenced in the. NET tab for adding references to.

GAC is a code cache and can be used as a central knowledge base to place an assembly. Place the Assembly in GAC so that they can be referenced by multiple applications on the server. If developers are given full version control, it is easier to manage the assembly of each application in their working directory. If you reference an assembly from GAC, every applica

Solve GAC problems during software upgrade.

Install the purchased third-party control to GAC through the MSI (installation project of MS.Follow-up: third-party control upgrade, We will upgrade the client installed by the customer by overwriting. C: John. Test the upgrade.Program.Y: After overwriting, the program reports an error and cannot run. C: where is the problem.Y: there may be no new control in GAC. C: install the new control to GAC.Y: gacu

Use the resource manager to open the batch processing of the GAC folder

When developing controls on the. NET platform, you often need to decompile Microsoft class libraries in GAC. However, copying files in GAC is inconvenient. To improve work efficiency, we specially wrote a batch processing file to use the resource manager to open the file in GAC and view it directly. Share it here for users who need it. NOTE: For the Vista system,

GAC (Global Assembly Cache)

Coofucoo. Again became a test... Computer-wide code caching, which stores specially installed assemblies that are shared by many applications on the computer. Applications deployed in the Global Assembly Cache must have a strong nameGAC stands for global assembly.Cache. Its function is to store public assemblies that are used by many programs, such as system. Data and system. Windows. forms.And so on. In this way, many programs can obtain the Assembly from the

GAC-Global Assembly Cache and Sn. exe tool

The BizTalk project has been in operation for more than half a year, and each project uses the GAC and Sn tools. At that time, the "master" just gave a rough talk about their role, that is, the DLL should be shared, if anyone can access the service quickly, add the DLL signature and install it to the global cache, while the Sn. EXE is a tool for generating key files. today, I just want to find something online.ArticleImprove and summarize the relevant

Shared Assemblies GAC

Original title:Original address: Assemblies GACI've said so much about the details and rules of the CLR loading assemblies, in fact, similar to mscorlib.dll, System.dll such an FCL class library has been cited so frequently, it is already a necessary part of our. NET programming, every project will be referenced, in order to no longer every use of a copy, so there is a location on the computer dedicated to store these we will use the assembly, c

Add DLL to GAC (Global Assembly Cache)

How can I load a DLL to GAC? Oracle was a problem. dataaccess. DLL problem. 10 Gb is installed on the sub-host, but later we know the oracle. dataaccess. dll contains a new method oraclebulkcopy, similar. net is used for SQL Server sqlbulkcopy. At that time, I wanted to use the DLL directly, but I wrote an example.ProgramAn error occurs during running, that is, the DLL must be registered in GAC. That is dep

C # uses code to determine and register assemblies to the GAC

varDllName ="EasyHook.dll"; varDllPath =Path.Combine (AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory, dllName); if(System.Runtime.InteropServices.RuntimeEnvironment.FromGlobalAccessCache (Assembly.LoadFrom (DllPath))) NewSystem.EnterpriseServices.Internal.Publish (). Gacremove (DllPath); Thread.Sleep ( -); NewSystem.EnterpriseServices.Internal.Publish (). Gacinstall (DllPath); Thread.Sleep ( -); if(System.Runtime.InteropServices.RuntimeEnvironment.FromGlobalAccessCache (Assembly.Loa

New GAC of. Net 4.0

Because. Net 4.0 and. NET 2.0 use different CLR, there are two GAC in windows. The GAC of CLR 2.0 is still in C: \ WINDOWS \ Assembly \, while the GAC of CLR 4.0 is in c: \ WINDOWS \ Microsoft. NET \ assembly. Open GAC of CRL 4.0 and you will see three folders: gac32, gac64, and gac_msil. As the name suggests, gac32

Wix Installation option-register the assembly to the design-time environment of GAC and

TheProgramThe location of the set is different from the runtime location of the Assembly, especially in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) Assembly, which needs to be handled when the winodws installer is created through Wix. The position of the Assembly displayed in the Add reference window during vs design is from registry SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \. netframework \ assemblyfolders-put it under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE for all users, or put it under HKEY_CURREN

Copy DLL from GAC.

These days I am working on some basic research on Microsoft Office HTML viewer. the Microsoft Office HTML viewer is a HTML viewer for displaying office documents in an HTML format. if you don't know what can the Microsoft Office HTML viewer do for you, click here for details on Microsoft. I want to a user of our application can view a document from a document library without having an application capable of displaying the requested document installed on the client computer. you know, Microsoft W

GAC and sidebyside

GAC solves the problem of how DOTNET Assembly shares Assembly. For example, DOTNET framework must be deployed to GAC. Note: DOTNET Assembly locate rule first looks for GAC, and then finds the directory tree where the current app is located (CLR will firstly search in GAC for assembly loading and then get into app spec

Understanding the GAC: Starting with the question "Microsoft.SqlServer.SqlClrProvider.dll not found"

Understanding the GAC: Starting with the question "Microsoft.SqlServer.SqlClrProvider.dll not found"Sinomfirst, look at the truth, as follows: First, the problem descriptionI used MICROSOFT.SQLSERVER.SMO to develop a database management tool to manage SQL Server based on customized requirements. The above error is prompted after deployment to the client. And this file on my computer using a full search, in any case also cannot search. second, the tra

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