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In-site optimization Tutorial II: URL and site map optimization

In front of the "Site optimization series of tutorials: navigation and structure optimization," said today the second lesson, "station optimization series two: URL and site map optimization." Site optimization in the most direct impact is the site

How to use Google to increase the amount of traffic on your site

google| Access Google periodically publishes new services that have been designed to help Web site administrators handle excess data on site access or help them catch more network jams. One of Google's recent offerings is to make it possible for web

Xu Zi rain: SEO Diagnostic Report site code, URL and link structure analysis

Hello everyone, I am the Phantom of the Rain. In front of you to talk about the SEO diagnosis of the three aspects of the false son rain: SEO diagnostic Report site positioning analysis, "Xu Zi rain: SEO diagnostic report of the SITE keyword

Html__post and get Difference "URL"

The difference between get and post:There are 5 differences between get and post methods in form submission.1.get is the data that is fetched from the server, and post is the data sent to the server.2.get is to add the parameter data queue to the

Details see truth: URL Normalization to enhance the weight of the site

Site to do SEO need to pay attention to the details have a lot of, such as we often mention the content of the link, h tag reasonable use, keyword location, navigation system, directory, etc., these details if the setting of inappropriate not only

Yii Framework official guide series 43-topics: URL (creation, routing, beautification and customization)

The complete URL management of Web applications includes two aspects. First, when a user requests a specified URL, the application needs to parse it into understandable parameters. Second, the application needs to provide a method to create a URL

. NET and JS get current URL various properties

Turn around.Assuming the current page full address is: Http://"/HTTP" is the protocol name"" is the domain name"80" is the port number"AAA" is the station name."Bbb.aspx" is the page name (file

Yii URL Helper

URL Helper Class? Get a generic URL Remember URLs Check relative URLs The URL helper class provides a series of static methods to help manage URLs.Get a generic URL?There are two ways to get generic URLs: The home URL of the

Yii Framework Official Guide Series 43--topic: URL (Create, route, beautify, and customize)

The full URL management of a Web application consists of two facets. First, when the user requests the URL of the contract, the application needs to parse it into an understandable parameter. Second, application requirements provide a way to create

Establish site navigation hierarchy in 2.0| site The site navigation provider in the site navigation 2.0 exposes navigation information for pages in the application, allowing you to define the structure of the site individually, regardless of the actual physical

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