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"Golang" Go microservices Framework && web Framework Learning Materials

Resources:Quickly create a restful style API project and API document Automation with Beego: http://www.cnblogs.com/huligong1234/p/4707282.htmlGo Language Building RESTful Web services: https://www.oschina.net/translate/hardcore-google-communicating-goSecure RESTful JSON API with JWT authentication in Golang (US): http://www.tuicool.com/articles/ZnMZF3Polaris: A restful web framework that is implemented wit

MicroServices under Golang-Part 10th-Summary

be intimidated by the fact that many people say no, it's not hard to use microservices right now. But then again, if you are more satisfied with the existing procedures, do not have to adopt a new method of feeling a great pressure. The basic principle is: if you can still use, do not modify it! # # What's next? First of all, I want to tidy up the feedback information that has not been processed, to improve some of the previous articles, I will not f

MicroServices under Golang-part 6th-WEB Clients

order to test the user interface interface, we need to run the Vessel services, there is no change to the code, directly run ' make build do run '. # # User interface can now create a user interface using the new RPC node that we just created. This article uses React, but you can use the rest of the architecture if you like. The requests are all the same. This article uses the React-create-app Library from Facebook: ' $ react-create-app shippy-ui ' after the installation of ' $ NPM install-g R

MicroServices under Golang-Part 5th-event broker for Go Micro

= Reqif Err: = srv. Publisher.publish (CTX, req); Err! = Nil {return Err}return nil} ' Now our mail service is like this: ' ' go//shippy-email-serviceconst topic = ' user.created ' type Subscriber Struct{}func (sub *subscriber) Process (CTX context. Context, user *PB. User) Error {log. Println ("Picked up a new message") log. PRINTLN ("Sending email to:", user. NAME) return Nil}func main () {... micro. Registersubscriber (topic, srv. Server (), new (subscriber)) ...} "Now we use our underlying

MicroServices under Golang-part 8th-Kubernetes and container engines

://ewanvalentine.io/microservices-in-golang-part-8/ Author: Ewan Valentine Translator: arisaries proofreading: polaris1119 This article by GCTT original compilation, go language Chinese network honor launches This article was originally translated by GCTT and the Go Language Chinese network. Also want to join the ranks of translators, for open source to do some of their own contribution? Welcome to join Gct

Building microservices using Golang and MongoDB

Building microservices using Golang and MongoDBImage Converted to version based on Umermansoor GitHub Python version of micro-service GolangA total of 4 micro-services Movie Service: Is the basic information about the film, title, rating, etc. Showtimes Service: Information about the time of the movie release Booking Service: Information about subscriptions to movies User Service: Information

MicroServices in Golang-part 4th-Certification with JWT

value and you'll use it right away! Now we update our CONSIGNMENT-CLI to generate a token string, passed to Consignment-service: "' go//shippy-consignment-cli/cli.go...func Main () {cmd. Init ()//Create new greeter Clientclient: = PB. Newshippingserviceclient ("Go.micro.srv.consignment", microclient. defaultclient)//Contact the server and print out its response.file: = Defaultfilenamevar token stringlog. PrIntln (OS. Args) If Len (OS. Args) Via:https://ewanvalentine.io/

Microsoft Service Fabric for the microservices framework

and containers. Developers and administrators do not need to address complex infrastructure issues, just focus on implementing demanding, mission-critical workloads-those that are scalable, reliable, and manageable.This section introduces the basic concepts of azure service fabric and the working mechanisms of related components, including micro Service, node type, node, and so on. Although the name is Azure Service fabric but it can be applied to more platforms than the Azure platform itself,

Java microservices Framework at a glance

these standalone applications can be created using a different encoding or programming language. A large and complex application can consist of several simple and independent programs that can be executed on their own. These smaller programs are combined to provide all the capabilities of a large single program.MicroServices Capture your business scenario and answer the question "What do you want to try to solve?" The MicroServices development team h

Introduction to MicroServices Framework-springcloud

The previous article talked about the microservices infrastructure, and Netflix's many open source components together provide the complete distributed microservices infrastructure environment, whileSpring Cloud is a further encapsulation of Netflix's many open source components, and it also achieves a good integration with the cloud platform and the spring Boot development framework.Spring Cloud is a relat

Jimu: Introduction to. Net Core Distributed microservices Framework

First, prefaceIn recent years, has been dipping in the. NET Platform for enterprise application development (8 years), the use of the. NET Framework is not many (the number of unclear, impressive with the ASP. MVC,WPF, many others are based on the Microsoft Development Framework to do some encapsulation and form a new framework, Most of them have not had a good n

Based on the. NET Core MicroServices framework-talk about service-tolerant degradation of surging

error rate to achieve how many turn on fuse protection default value: Breakesleepwindowinmilliseconds How many seconds after the fuse to try to request Default value: 60000 Breakerforceclosed Whether to force the fuse off at least how many requests fail within 10 seconds, the fuse is functioning default value: Maxconcurrentrequests Maximum number of concurrent

Go build a microservices framework based on GRPC-service registration and discovery

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Overview GRPC is the Google Open source RPC framework, based on HTTP2 implementation, and supports cross-language, now basically covers the mainstream language. The implementation of cross-language is mainly due to the protobuf, by writing the proto file, and using the Protobuf tool to generate the corresponding language class library. For a new language like go, the ec

Spring-boot-based Rest microservices framework

At the weekend at home research Spring-boot, referring to some of the open source projects on GitHub, a rest microservices framework, take it to the people, for the people, on GitHub open source, the address is as follows:Https://github.com/yjmyzz/spring-boot-rest-frameworkThe main features are as follows:-----------------Data accessDAO uses MyBatis 3.3.0 + tk.mybatis generic Mapper3.1.3 to support transact

Spring-boot-based Rest microservices framework

At the weekend at home research Spring-boot, referring to some of the open source projects on GitHub, a rest microservices framework, take it to the people, for the people, on GitHub open source, the address is as follows:Https://github.com/yjmyzz/spring-boot-rest-frameworkThe main features are as follows:-----------------Data accessDAO uses MyBatis 3.3.0 + tk.mybatis generic Mapper3.1.3 to support transact

The creation of the. NET Core Community Fourth Millennium Project: the MicroServices framework surging

All prizes in this article will be donated to NCC (NCC's funds are currently administered by the Master of Bamboo), please specify the donation to NCC. The donation will be made public by the adult who is pouring bamboo. Referring to. NET microservices, there are always traces of surging in the series of impressions that emerge in our minds. There is no doubt that although we have not yet incorporated it into the technical selection of the produc

(6) ASP. NET core microservices micro-service----AOP Framework

under the Invoke method in the Interceptor:Implementation objects that are actually dynamically created by the person subclass.Implementationmethod is the say method of the person sub-classThe parameter value of the Parameters method.Proxy==implementation: Under current scenarioProxymethod==implementationmethod: Under current scenarioReturnValue return valueServicemethod is the say method for personNote: This article is the second edition of the. NET Core M

Based on the. NET Core MicroServices Framework-an analysis of how to use surging

1 , prefaceSurging by everyone so much attention, I am very surprised, such as a colleague in the company sharing the surging, as well as in the blog with other RPC framework, micro-service to do the comparison, and so on, these actions have made me feel very stressed, after all, as a personal open-source project, It is not possible to compare with the mature open source community projects, but also wait until there are many like-minded friends to joi

. Net Core Distributed microservices Framework-Jimu Add Swagger support

Series Articles Introduction to. Net Core Distributed micro-service framework-Jimu . Net Core Distributed microservices Framework-Jimu Add Swagger support First, prefaceRecently available to optimize the Jimu (a distributed micro-service framework based on. Net Core), considering the current developme

"Recommended" microservices large distributed Enterprise Framework Dubbo + SPRINGMVC + mybatis + ehcache + redis Jeesz distributed architecture

: Quartz 1.8.5Persistence Layer Framework: MyBatis 3.2Log management: slf4j 1.7, log4jTool classes: Apache Commons, Jackson 2.2, Xstream 1.4, dozer 5.3, POI2. Front-endJS Frame: JQuery 1.9.CSS Framework: Bootstrap 4 MetronicClient-side validation: JQuery Validation Plugin.Rich Text: CkecitorFile Management: CkfinderDynamic tab: JerichotabData table: Jqgriddialog box: JQuery jboxTree structure controls: JQue

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