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H3C Switch Configuration detailed

H3C Switch Configuration detailedA. User configuration:[H3c]super password h3c set user Rating password[H3c]undo Super Password delete user Rating password[H3c]localuser bigheap 123456 1 Web Management user settings, 1 (default) f

Common H3C Switch configuration commands

by creating different user-groups. A port can belong to multiple user-groups. ports that do not belong to the same user-group cannot communicate with each other, up to 50 user-groups are supported. [H3C] user-group 20: create user-group 20. By default, only user-group 1 exists. [H3C-UserGroup20] port Ethernet 0/4 to Ethernet 0/7 add port 4 to port 7 to VLAN20, initially in user-group 1 [

H3C s5024p switch h3c ar28-31 router command

h3c s5024p Switch h3c ar28-31 Router CommandsSwitch command switches for each view:Note that the command executes in the corresponding view Type the QUIT command under User view to disconnect from the switch. Type the QUIT command in other views to return to the previous view, type the return command, or use t

H3C Switch Common command rollup

h3c Switch Common commands 1. View the port status under Linux root@root:~# netstat-an|grep-e "6002|6003" 2.h3c Switch Displays current configuration [H3c]display current-configuration 3.h3c s

H3C S5120 Switch Common configuration

1. Configure Telnet# Enter system view. # Enter the VTY0 user interface view. [H3C] user-interface vty 0# Password Authentication is set up for users who log into the switch through the VTY0 port. [h3c-ui-vty0] authentication-mode password# Set the user's authentication password to password mode, password is 123456. [h3c

The H3C Huawei switch limits the speed of local area network and easily limits Local Area Network upload and download.

The IP address of a CEN user is and is connected to the Internet through a Switch. Switch is the carrier device. Enterprise Network users only rent 1 Mbps upstream bandwidth and 2 Mbps downstream bandwidth.Figure 1 General CAR configuration networking Configuration ideasTraffic Monitoring is implemented through QoS command lines. In this case, the user uses a fixed IP address, so the user traff

H3C switch SSH configuration full raiders---Reprint

using ssh+ Password Authentication (basic SSH configuration method)Note: When a user logs on to a switch using SSH, the switch authenticates the user who is logged on by using a passwordgenerate RSA and DSA key pair [H3c]public-key Local create RSA [H3c]public-key Local Create DSA Set the authentication mode on the use

Python interacts with the H3C 5024E switch to obtain the switch configuration information

Python interacts with the H3C 5024E switch to obtain the switch configuration information# Coding: utf8import re, sysimport pexpect # enable/disable debug modeDEBUG = False def telnet_login (ip, pwd, cmd, ps): child = pexpect. spawn ('telnet % s' % ip) # Whether to enable DEBUG mode. The default value is False. if DEBUG is enabled after DEBUG = True is set above:

Configuration instance of H3C switch

This example includes setting up the security Policy edition to control the Web logged-on user through the source IP address. Hosted in the IDC Room network equipment, for the formation of server clusters, the construction of E-commerce system architecture. One of the network hardware devices is the switch. The current level of operation is a network-management switch. As for the brand, the mainstream is

Hua San (H3C) switch operation commands detailed VLAN switch

Programmers are lazy, you know. Ten years of life and death two boundless, write procedures, to the dawn. Thousand lines of code, where the bug is hidden. Even if the line and how, toward the change, Xi heartbroken. Lead a new idea every day, change every day, daily busy. Care without words, only tears thousand lines. Every night the lights are dim, the night is hard to sleep, and overtime. Gossip less, directly on the code: Hua San switch operation

H3C switch settings local user and Telnet telnet configuration v7 version

H3C switch settings local user and Telnet telnet configuration v7 versionI. Configuring the remote user password is consistent with the local user[h3c]telnet server en//Turn on Telnet service[H3c]local-user admin//Add local userNew Local user added.[H3c-luser-manage-admin]pa

H3C Switch configuration cross-switch VLAN Communication

1. Networking requirements: 1. switchA and SwitchB use trunk for interconnection. Mutual access is allowed between PCs with the same VLAN. Mutual access is prohibited between PCs with different VLANs. PC1 and PC2 are located in different VLANs. You can set the IP address of VLAN Interface 10 of the SwitchB layer-3 Switch to, when the IP address of VLAN 20 is, mutual access between VLANs can be achieved.Www.2cto.com 2 netwo

Deployment of MRTG monitoring H3C switch port traffic tutorial

Recently, the bandwidth in the IDC is always full. To measure the daily traffic and increase the bandwidth, the switch is the S5000 series of H3C, I thought of using a relatively mature MRTG to measure the traffic of the monitoring switch port. Next I will record the implementation steps for future use.Required devices:One management ip address of the

H3C router (switch) DHCP Configuration

H3C router (vswitch) DHCP configuration uses the H3C switch or vro to act as the classic configuration of the DHCP server (excluding Relay) [H3C] dhcp enable // enable dhcp www.2cto.com [H3C] dhcp server ip-pool 88 // create a dhcp address pool, address pool name: 88 [

China Three route switch-h3c configure comsole and telnet login password _v1

Permission to reprint, but must indicate the publication and the original link, otherwise to investigate its legal responsibility, thank you for your cooperation!China Three route switch-h3c configure comsole and telnet login password _v1"Set Console interface password"Step one, enter the console interface configuration.[H3c]user-interface Console 0Step two, set

The H3C switch port security mode that you need to know most

What you need to know most about the H3C switch port security mode is that we often use a network technology application for network management and network device configuration. Many readers often encounter such application requirements. In fact, the most direct and simple method for user network access control is to configure port-based security mode, not only for Cisco switches, the

H3C Huawei switch usage overview of port and VLAN technologies (1)

How to Use H3C Huawei switches: about port and VLAN technology, this article describes QoS, VLAN technology, and switch port speed limit, port configuration, etc, the author gives a comprehensive introduction to all the relevant knowledge about how to use H3C Huawei switches. H3C Huawei

Configure an H3C switch instance

Configure the H3C switch instance and set the Security Policy version.1. You can log on through the WEB and set security policies. Use the source IP address to control WEB login users.2. Use SSH + password authentication (Basic SSH configuration method ). H3C switch SSH Configuration Guide. [Telnet at the same time]3.

H3C switch naming rules: interface naming and performance naming rules

H3C switch naming rules: interface naming and performance naming rules. Now, all households have their own computers and understand the H3C switch naming rules, make more reasonable settings for the vswitch to bring you a perfect network experience. Each network device supplier's products have their own naming rules. D

Network experts teach you how to configure the H3C speed limit of a Huawei switch (1)

Network experts teach you how to configure the H3C speed limit of a Huawei switch. The following describes the H3C speed limit of a Huawei switch: data configuration steps, SwitchA configurations, and S3528, S3552 Series Switch Port Speed Limit configuration procedures. The

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