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Excellent scammers and excellent Lecturers

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Why can a female scammers always trick the male webmasters?

People who do not have the right way to survive will want to live in the wrong way, because the way to money is fast, to achieve the goal is fast, there is no need to invest even if the investment returns a lot. Female scammers can always trick male webmasters, because they are good at disguise and disguise is almost seamless. What is the link? What's more about link sales? Turn on the camera to confuse all the male webmasters. Are you lucky today? Fe

Logic Analysis and reasoning (scammers shopping problems)

Original question: The cunning swindlers went to the mall to shop and bought 9 yuan worth of money with a nominal value of 100 yuan. The salesman asked him for 91 yuan. At this time, he also said that he had a change, I paid the salesman 9 yuan and paid back my 100 yuan. How much did he cheat the store? Problem Analysis: First of all, when the scammers took out 100 salespersons and asked him for 91 yuan, the transaction was over. At this time, ev

Can I tease a scammers with the "payer pays the service fee?

Zheng @ playfun RT 20091019 On the wengrui push list, we can see such tricks to tease scammers: RT @ huanghuangyy Resending @ wk373: a bank employee also receives a text message "Please remit the money to * account", and then deducts 2 yuan from the payer's account every time according to the 1 cent remittance, continuously remit more than 1 RMB. At this time, I finally received a message from the recipient: Don't remit the money again. I have already

Record a confrontation with scammers. It has nothing to do with technology.

After a while, I first recorded my thoughts: First of all, I admit that deception is also a profession. In addition, scammers are very dedicated. People who are cheated are often angry, in this way, you will lose your mind, your mind, and your mind. You will not be able to do your own things calmly. In addition, you will not be cheated if you don't want to be cheap, this law is still useful in today's society, but it is not absolute, because now

[RK_2014_0919] Linux Kernel Hacking, hacking

[RK_2014_0919] Linux Kernel Hacking, hackingKernelBuild Guide to building the Linux kernel.Where do I find the kernel? The latest source code for the Linux kernel is kept on kernel.org. you can either download the full source code as a tar ball (not recommended and will take forever to download), or you can check out the code from the read-only git repositories.What tools do I need? To build the Linux kernel from source, you need several tools: git, m

Rogue and scammers)

angle, but most of the visible angles in the middle have very little difference. Compared with the obvious difference in the display graph, you can ignore it. If you are able to splash like my seals, your face will pass over: Didn't you say your cell phone is the best? Where can I prove that your hammer is the best in the eastern hemisphere? Where do you know that you cannot help us with the wall! Afterwards, @ Wang freely zealer and @ zealer apart from providing a hammer drop and discharge tes

Characteristics of network scammers. You must reprint it.

1. Commitment: first, give you a bright future description. It is generally verbal. Draw a pie for you. 2. blur the power and responsibility of the term: you will not tell you about any possible problems in the next step, so that you are not sure whether there is a problem. 3. Work: any attempt to sign an agreement or (no agreement or special job type) without a deposit is a typical characteristic of scammers. 4. Contract: seriously unfair or direc

How to Make scammers cry

1. after receiving a text message from a scammers asking you to remit money, do not delete it. Check the bank number of the scammers. log on to the online business office of the bank and enter the account number and password of the scammers, as long as the error occurs three times, the transaction cannot be made (frozen) within 24 hours)2. First, find the city wh

Use people's weak security awareness to manually fix operating systems that cannot be started for MSN scammers and kill tools

On the 10th, MSN scammers swept across China, followed by rising11's exclusive killing tool, which swept the Chinese mainland: N-plus computers could not be started. I didn't care, because I have never been infected with viruses for seven or eight years. This morning, a buddy's machine couldn't get up. The symptoms are the same as those of the killer tool. So I even tried it. In less than half an hour, I finally got OK. First, we are very lucky that t

Star Castle kids puzzles scammers

arrival. "What do you bet on ?" Duan Rui is still a face of contempt, although it is already certain that Xing Nan's strength is far better than him. Although this bet has no obvious harm to xingnan, Princess yundun and Mr. Duan are still connected. "I think this kind of girl is too high and self-righteous. If I want to conquer them, I will be able to show them my abilities, destroy their pride, and then they will be ready." The three Emperors smiled and said, "In fact, the biggest purpose of t

Be careful ~~ Tenpay intentionally left a bug and left a backdoor for the scammers.

This is the case: a few months ago, tenpay had been able to pay off the mortgage through a credit card, but it stopped in February 1, and there was no notification on the page. If this is the case, apply for a refund, Failed. As a result, the swindlers use caifu to forcibly prevent consumers from performing the refund operation. Suddenly, tenpay passed back on the Internet.Http://t.cn/zOVabDwThe consumer is eager to get a refund to cheat money. A few days ago, I called tenpay customer ser

Recently received scammers and phone numbers.

Scammers SMS: From: More than 8613703612714 Hello UnionPay Customer:You will pay RMB × by swiping your card at the X-Mart mall on the x-month × day. This fee will be deducted from your card on the settlement day. If you have any questions, contact us at 68229346 (× UnionPay ). At the beginning, I was wondering why there was such a text message, but then I immediately responded and returned a sentence that the boy could not understand (haha ......

Thanks to the posts posted by the new fan brother, I have been able to identify QQ scammers.

I saw a post just two weeks ago, saying that a Big Brother's sister-in-law sent a QQ message to him and asked him to buy some cards for the westward journey. The eldest brother bought four tickets. When he was about to charge for her account, he called the phone and asked, and then his uncle said that QQ was Stolen. Just now, my cousin's QQ also asked me to buy a big phone card and I was so scolded that I ran away from the scammers.In this case, everyone is also careful with this

Hubei Yi Association Cloud guerrilla scammers scam bus auction

?And they are husband and wife, but, but there is no real one time to walk the real couple's instrument!After listening to the late Qing Dynasty gps positioning shoes, heart a big stone immediately unloading down, so she relieved!!Again is a good place, if with a person who is extremely unwilling to see in one place, also lost the taste.But he really thinks this woman is very good, can say such a word of person, is not to go there.But cut the scene.The late count nodded: "Here fresh and elegant,

Come in! How to become a computer scammers

different, so-you were fooled again. Currently, the way computers process information is quite limited, but in reality it seems omnipotent. In the minds of the masses, computers work magically in an incredible way and can be similar to human abilities to a certain extent. However, in the eyes of computer scientists or engineers, even larger or smaller computers are running based on the five structures of von norann. For some of the new concepts that have been hyped up, this group of people is

Ajax hacking (Monyer)

Author: the light of dreams After I published the "Ajax hacking" in the tenth issue, the following questions about XSS are raised by some netizens. Why is XSS used in Ajax hacking? What is the difference between XSS and traditional XSS? What are their respective advantages and disadvantages? Are the XSS vulnerabilities of large websites vulnerable? Let's take a detailed analysis. Ajax

Download Hacking Team Database from torrent using magnet link

Src:http://www.blackmoreops.com/2015/07/15/download-hacking-team-database/?utm_source=tuicoolRecently controversial Italian security company Hacking Team, have been hacked and more than 400GB made it's a-to-world Wid E Web. Hacking Team is known for selling spyware to governments all around the world.Hacking Team is a milan-based information technology company th

Hacking Java Applications using Noop

Introduction: We are all aware of tools like Burp, Paros, WebInspect, etc... For intercepting web-based traffic and also for automating the security testing process. however, the same is not true for thick client applications. we do not have automated tools available for automating the security testing of thick client applications. In my previous article on "Application Security Testing of Thick Client Applications", I mentioned a few tools that can be used for penetration testing of a thick cli

[Technology & Google] Implementation and Application of Google Hacking

Post an old article! Implementation and Application of Google Hacking Google Hacking is actually nothing new. I saw some related introductions on some foreign sites in the early years. However, since Google Hacking did not pay attention to this technology at the time, I think that at most it is only used to find unrenamed MDB or webshells left by others, and the

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