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Windows 8.1 automatic reconnection of VPN disconnection (used when VPN is used on campus and internet), 8.1vpn

Windows 8.1 automatic reconnection of VPN disconnection (used when VPN is used on campus and internet), 8.1vpn First, right-click my computer, Open Computer Management, select "Task Scheduler", and then click "Create task" Show as shown in, (the bold font must be filled in accurately)Fill in basic information in the "regular" columnName:

Fast Cloud VPS Host Configuration Free VPN server method (Windows/linux) _ Server Other

Recently found that a lot of friends in the search for free VPN account, through the free VPN proxy IP, using VPN technology to turn the wall to find what they want, pond, as a retreat and networking, today's Fast Cloud VPS Small series, to share, Use the relevant free VPN agent software and fast Cloud VPS How to confi

Configure a VPN Server for Windows host access in Ubuntu

VPN (VirtualPrivateNetwork) is a virtual network established on the basis of the existing network, mainly used to help two networks communicate through the VPN tunnel. the advantage of VPN is that after the computer A1 in Network A is connected to the computer in Network B through A tunnel, A1 will be able to use the network environment of network B.

To set Windows 2008 firewall to control VPN connection permissions

In order to reduce network costs as much as possible, while not affecting the needs of mobile office, a unit decided to install a VPN server in the local area network file server, so that the unit can trust employees anywhere through the VPN network connection, access to the unit file server important data content, And this access way security can also be guaranteed, is to kill both birds! Recently, the uni

How to erect a VPN server under Windows Server 2008 R2 Server _win Server

need to specify the user group authorized for VPN dial-in. I've added the administrators and users groups here. It's best to create a new group specifically for VPN access, but here's a quick way to use ready-made user groups.Next IP filter, the default is good.Next specifies the encryption setting, with the default.The next step is to specify a realm name, regardless of the default. It's done here. 4. Es

Windows Server 2003 implements host VPN

, and easy to scale Disadvantage: Large delay Devices that can implement a VPN: Firewall (preferred) Routers (Weak protection) Host OS (Windows----Routing and Remote Access Linux----IPSec, ISA) Here we use the host of Windows Server 2003 to implement this VPN network interconnect. This experimental environment is

Modify the Windows rras vpn pptp service default port number through the Registry

Http:// 976Modify the Windows rras vpn pptp service default port number through the Registry The default port number used by the first-layer tunnel protocol PPtp of VPN (Virtual Private Network) is TCP 1723, which is a standard, that is to say, whether it is the VPN service provided by Mi

Windows VPN server graphics and text tutorial

Of course, the use of VPN is much more than this, such as game agent and so on. Here's a detailed tutorial on erecting a VPN under windows. Hope to be helpful to the friend you need. The first is preparation: Windows has its own firewall (Windows Firewall/internet Connectio

Windows 2003 VPN Server Introduction

and decrypted. It is self-evident that this approach can securely transmit private data on an unsecured internet to enable internet-based networking operations. The effect of VPN technology is similar to the traditional DDN line networking, the network topology is shown in the following figure. Note: The VPN service is built into the Win2K operating system, and this article is based on the configuration

How to Implement VPN dual-line access using the Windows soft route Function

Many people may not have a special understanding of the soft route function, so I studied the questions about how to implement VPN dual-line access in the soft route function. I would like to share it with you here and hope it will be useful to you. As we all know, two-line routing can be implemented using hardware routers and software routers (ROS in Linux and Policy Routing Technology in Windows), while h

Peanut shells and Windows 2003 single card using peanut shell to achieve VPN graphics and text tutorial 1th/3 Page _ Server

preparations before a VPN remote connection.The first to obtain the VPN server access to the Internet public IP address, if it is assigned static IP, it is simple, if it is dynamic IP, it must be remotely available at any time to obtain this IP address, such as Figure 1, This machine's public network IP is actually ADSL cat access to the Internet, ISP to the automatic allocation, and is general

Automatic VPN connection creation under Windows 7

After Windows XP VPN is automatically created and configured to connect, we also need to make an introduction to VPN Autoconfiguration under Windows 7, since many organizations are actually already starting to use a large volume of Windows 7. And many users are moving toward

To modify the VPN account password under Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 RTM has been released ahead of time to subscribers to Microsoft Msdn/technet, with a broader range of changes and improvements. A tip to share with you today is how to modify the VPN account password under Windows 8.1. Because Microsoft has designed a new start and interface for the system since Windows 8,

Windows VPN server configuration graphics and text tutorial Super detail version _win server

Of course, the use of VPN is much more than this, such as game agent and so on. Here's a detailed tutorial on erecting a VPN under windows. Hope to be helpful to the friend you need. The first is preparation: Windows has its own firewall (Windows Firewall/internet Connecti

How to set up VPN network connections under Windows 2008

Many mobile office people often travel outside, in this case, if you need to frequently access the important content in the local area network, how to do? Perhaps some people will not hesitate to say that through the remote dial-up Access connection can easily achieve the purpose of arbitrary access to the unit LAN; However, traditional remote dial-up access operations, whether in terms of security or economic aspects are not effectively guaranteed, but also more cumbersome to operate. In view o

Windows VPN Server Configuration graphic tutorial ultra-detailed version

Of course, VPN is far more useful than this, such as game agents. The following describes how to set up a VPN under Windows. Hope to help you. Preparations: windows firewall (windows firewall/internet connection sharing (ICS) must be stopped (or port 1723 is allowed); remot

Windows azure features updated: Software VPN, Ruby SDK, and improved development experience

Windows azure released three major updates in one breath over the past two weeks, including dozens of feature points, mainly focusing on the improvement of development tools and virtual networks: Webmatrix 3 release: Azure SDK 2.0 for. net release:

Install Cisco VPN Client 5.0.x in Windows 7

If you need to work at home, you must connect the VPN to the company's network. Yesterday, we finally installed Windows 7 on the company's machine (Lenovo ThinkPad t61). VPN is also essential. So I found the Cisco VPN Client on the Internet to prepare for installation. When the problem arises, the system p

Solution to Windows VPs VPN installation failure 800 Error

Sometimes we use a Microsoft VPN on xen windows VPs, but the Windows VPs fails to install the VPN configuration by 800. Is there a solution? After trying to fail all day, we got the help of "Sun zhi_yan", a netizen and customer. It took several hours to find a solution, as follows, you need to create DWORD in HKEY_LOCA

Implementing a batch script for automatic configuration of VPN connections under Windows XP

After completing the TMG_VPN configuration a few days ago, I was wondering if I could simplify the user's operation? It's best to use scripting to get users to do no configuration, just click to complete the configuration of all VPN, after a period of writing and modification, this evening finally completed the Windows XP VPN automatic configuration of the script

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