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How to Apply for PDUS on the PMI website

How to Apply for PDUS on the PMI website 1. log on to the PMI Website:; 2. Click professional development and career, and click certification; 3. Click the triangle on the left of "continuing certification requirement". Click "Claim/view PDU" when the option appears.Online; 4. The title "continuing certification requirements online PDU resources" appears.In the left-side navigation pane. The password is your pinyin name, with a tot

PMP certification knowledge popularization: How long does it take to learn PMP?

collected:The following are the discounts for registered members of the PMP certification exams. Are PMI members willing to renew in the next year on a voluntary basis? (the fee for registered PMI members is not provided by the us pmi, if the company reimburses trainees, please pay attention to or consult us) Annual Fee of PMI members First exam Retake PMI Member $139 2100rmb 1250rmb Non-PMI Member 0 R

SDU and PDUs

SDU to the end user at the receiving end.PDU Encapsulation/unpacking: In the sender, the user submitted SDU Plus Protocol control information PCI, encapsulated into a PDU, in the receiver, said the received PDU solution encapsulation, remove the PCI, revert to SDU sent to the receiver users.SDU Segment/assembly: If the bandwidth of the lower channel does not meet the needs of the delivery SDU, it is necessary to divide a SDU into multiple segments, which are encapsulated into a PDU to be sent o

Some easy-to-overlook areas in PMP--PMP

Identify stakeholders: This process is continuous and identifies stakeholders throughout the life cycle of the project.organizational process assets and business environment factors: These two things in the process of input seems to often see, but sometimes do not see, do not tangle, do not waste brain cells to recite which has, which did not, in fact, these two in all the process should be considered. Even if it is not explicitly included in the input. (This is in the fifth edition Pmbok chapte

PMP Examination Form and question Distribution

, you will have a chance to pass the test between and! China is currently a written test. PMP only has a written examination and does not require an interview or a thesis. Currently, there is only a question-and-answer method in the Chinese mainland. There is only one type of question. There are a total of 200 multiple-choice questions, and the answer stem and options are both in Chinese and English. Exam time: 4 hours Total questions: 200 quest

PMP Format Details _ Application Skills

PMP format: The famous Jonny Design PMP format, so that you can use small p to enjoy high-quality audio and video; But as the version of the advance, there are PMP1.0, PMP2.0, PMP-AVC, these nouns and concepts may be confusing to everyone, now, I based on my research and understanding to explain the meaning of these nouns. "

PMP passed and only

In more than a year, I added the PMP exam three times, and both of them failed until the third time. How to deal with failures? This is a challenge that everyone will face. If we can use the correct attitude to deal with temporary failures, the final success will not be far away. I hope to share with you how I transformed from an exam loser to a qualified PMP. In this process of transformation, it is full o

PMP format details

PMP format details: the famous jonny has designed PMP format so that you can use small P to enjoy high-quality audio and video; But with the version advances, the appearance of PMP1.0, PMP2.0, PMP-AVC, these terms and concepts may make everyone very confused, now, I will explain the meaning of these terms based on my research and understanding.

PMP passed and only

Label: style blog http io color ar sp div onIn more than a year, I added the PMP exam three times, and both of them failed until the third time. How to deal with failures? This is a challenge that everyone will face. If we can use the correct attitude to deal with temporary failures, the final success will not be far away. I hope to share with you how I transformed from an exam loser to a qualified PMP. In

PMP: "flattering", changing life! (1)

PMP: "flattering", changing life :) PMP? What is the abbreviation of coops !? Of course not, full name is project management professional (detailed content can refer to the "zengjibing article", is a project management certification examination, 2008 ranking it hot certification 4th. But why is it called the "flattering" test? It is said tha

PMP training materials recommended, choose the most suitable for you

June 2016 PMP Exam registration has come to an end, followed by a tense study, training process. So, in the course of learning, what are the PMP training materials? The following is a tour of the Nozomi PMP Academy.PMP Training Official Textbook--pmbok Guide IntroductionThe official PMP training material is the project

Hot recruitment in pre-exam training course for PMP certification in September 2014 and October

Organizer Project Manager alliance, 11-year PMP training experience, leading organization of PMP training in China The PMP certification training service, founded in 2003, is currently the most well-known PMP organization in the PMP training field in China. Honorary Project

How to be organized luck--PMP exam preparation experience

National Day holiday is basically calm and anxious to spend, after all, the legend of the results of the announcement cycle is coming, there will be some nervous, someone is ambitious. And I should belong to the middle of the kind, because it is not particularly confident, but according to their own assessment should be no problem. But the results did not look forward to, but got a PMI e-mail to inform October 8 will start publishing results. Can only be helpless to wait.Wake up on the morning o

How to install the MySQL monitor plugin PMP on Zabbix

PMP, full name is Percona monitoring Plugins, is a plugin written by Percona company for MySQL monitoring. Support Nagios,cacti. Starting with PMP 1.1, Zabbix is supported.Below, see how to install the PMP on the Zabbix.Configuring the Zabbix AgentDownload PMP:

PMP Certificate Gold content is basically equivalent to a master

Now many people on the internet are asking, since the PMP certification is initiated by the United States Project Management Association , It is high in China's gold? Does the HR department or the leader have a high degree of recognition for it? Do you have any substantial help in your work? is it worthwhile to spend a month or two on your exams? since 1984 PMP for the United States to cultivate a larg

About the project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam 5P personal experience

Write some personal experience, for reference.7 month , anxiously waiting for one months after the results of the release, after the anxiety is because after the exam almost no confidence can pass, not to mention 5P, so this achievement is completely unexpected to me. Therefore, I and the same group of students to exchange the words of experience is: The exam is abnormal, the test is not confident, so still want to lay the foundation, the knowledge point as far as possible to grasp the firm, and

My experience on PMP

I have heard of PMP for a long time, but it is useless to hear from my friends. The main business of the current company is outsourcing, and customers often need the resume of the project team in the early stages of the project. To enhance competitiveness, the company will sign up with two other colleagues for the PMP exam in July. We registered for inspirational (Shenzhen) training in July. We attended pre

Authoritative release: project management certification (PMP) exam schedule for 2015

The PMP certification examination time of the 2015 Project Management Association was issued by the consortium of international project managers. Co-creation International-the project management Alliance is one of the earliest professional institutions in China (founded in 2001) to provide project management services. It is the global rep of the American Project Management Association) authorized training partners with the National Bureau of foreig

Pt-pmp, mysqlptpmp

Pt-pmp, mysqlptpmp Pt-pmp has two functions: Obtain the stack information of a process, and summarize the stack information. The stack information of a process is obtained using gdb. Therefore, the performance of the mysql server may be affected during the process. In official words: This will freeze the program for some period of time, ranging from a second or so to much longer on very busy systems with a

51cto PMP Certified Micro position 4 Intensive class experience

I am from 51cto PMP certification micro-position 4 intensive Class (1809) Xie An, first said say and 51cto how to make a bond. 12 University electronic Information engineering after graduating as a two-year communication soldier, 14 out of social work is the first job of the game server operation, internship because the company has requirements for Linux server, not Ah, the university has not learned, how to do, after their own internet search found 5

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