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WordPress 3.0 top 10 highlights CMS features further enhanced

It is estimated that WordPress 3.0 will meet you in the next two months. What new functions may be available in the new Wordpress version? Let's take a look: 1. user name and password The new version will surprise users at the beginning! At

CentOS Series compile and install php7+nginx1.12 and build your WordPress blog

Script-style installation, quick and easy. Copy to write software enlarged font, here the font is too small.Installs the nginx+php to see individual needs the database to build the position.Database installation complete database creation and

Blog setting and Optimization for online blog marketing

Blog setting and Optimization for online blog marketing   This article is excerpted from the book "password of network marketing practice-strategies, skills, and cases" Whether you are using a third-party blog platform or your own domain name, you

Install and configure WordPress

I have finally set up in Ubuntu over a weekend. Here I will share some immature experiences.Preparations Install the following software before installing WordPress: 1. apache2. Needless to say, there is no HTTP server without

Implementation example of comments submission using AJAX technology in WordPress, wordpressajax

Implementation example of comments submission using AJAX technology in WordPress, wordpressajax I have been interested in the Ajax Interaction Research of WordPress and have been very concerned about this technology. When talking about WordPress

Install the WordPress program on Centos7

Install the WordPress program on Centos7 After the LAMP environment is set up in Centos7, various services can be installed. The author takes the most popular open-source blog system WordPress as an example to test and test the platform we have set

How does the WordPress theme framework work?

: This article describes how the WordPress theme framework works. if you are interested in the PHP Tutorial, refer to it. The topic framework is incredibly powerful! For non-technical WordPress users, the theme framework makes it possible to build a

Add CSS3 reader wall to your WordPress blog

Add CSS3 to your WordPress blog, that is, the most active readers of your article are displayed on a separate page, first look at the effect:1. Copy the page.php of the theme, Save as readerwall.php, and add the code at the top of it

Kill Google fonts, WordPress speed Skyrocket, googlewordpress_php tutorial

Kill Google fonts, WordPress speed spikes, googlewordpress July 7, 2014 23:40:31 Because Google is a wall, WordPress references Google fonts will always load for a long time, seriously affecting the speed of opening. Install wordpress plugin

WordPress plugin--coolcode use method and download _javascript skills

This plugin was originally modified from WordPress Code highlight Plug-ins. But the Coolcode plugin has modified a lot of content based on it. Functional characteristics How to use Update history Effect instance

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