how to hire writers for blog

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How can a personal blog realize its business value?

When talking about blogs, there are always so many topics, and talking about the commercial value of blogs is even more fascinating. It is true that most of the original blogs are self-entertaining. However, with the development of blogs, the

How to write a good blog article

English original link: Chinese Translation Link: Very good experience, very sympathetic! Chris Garrett wrote ten popular articles based on his experience, and you can also see

Seven suggestions for computer students by Joel Spolsky

By Joel Spolsky[Editor's note] As Joel Spolsky's dual identity (former computer director of Yale University, CEO of today's Fog Creek Software Company), he listened to his suggestion, it is of great benefit to countless computer students in Chinese

Suggestions for future programmers

Advice to students of computer scienceAbout a year or two ago, I was shouting that a Windows graphical interface client with a good user experience (rich Windows GUI clients) would be the future trend. Although I said so, but occasionally there are

The importance of copywriting in web design

Designers often forget to focus on the design structure as much as writing copywriting to highlight the copy on the page. Today we will discuss why copywriting is so important, who should learn to master it, and how to do content-centric design.

30 things you don't know can be done through the Internet

Wonderful Life Pcworld has made a very interesting topic: 30 things you did not expect to accomplish on the internet: 1.Time back: A website ( that can store historical web pages. You can find some web pages that are stored one day in

Why are mean people doomed to failure?

Recently I was very surprised to find that the most successful people I know, the number of mean people is so small. Although there are exceptions, they are very few.Being mean is not uncommon. In fact, one of the things that the Internet has shown

2015 vertical rolling idea where the road

With a single page of the Web site from the untested improvisation into a popular trend, the concept of vertical rolling has become the focus of attention. At the same time, designers are also making strides in innovation, and strive to make this

One-day learning of open-source Linux software and related organizations

Open-source software and its features open-source code software (OSS) referred to as open-source software refers to open-source software. You can modify, use, copy, and distribute the source code of the software. Features of open-source software:

A web designer's way to start a business

1999, I made the first profitable website in my life, this site is for import and export business to make a flat file database, after I got 900 dollars income, I was in the heart of the joy of making money filled ... After that, I made a website for

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