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Pcworld has made a very interesting topic: 30 things you did not expect to accomplish on the internet:

1.Time back: A website (archive.org) that can store historical web pages. You can find some web pages that are stored one day in history. This function is often used and sometimes cannot be searched by google, or google cache does not exist. This is the last move. Of course, this site is mainly used for storage outside China, and Web InfoMall (www.infomall.cn/) can be used in China /).

2.Directly use all functions of Google: All the functions of google come to this site.

3.What are blogger talking about?: This website allows you to customize it at will without having to access complicated blogs. If you want anything, it will match you with anything.

4.Crazy music sharing and file sharing: This site is very generous. You can upload video and other format files with a total capacity of 10 GB and MB of traffic per month. If you want to pay 5 ~ $40, or 1 ~ 60 storage.

5.Check your email anytime, anywhere: Does your ISP provide a web portal for your mailbox? It doesn't matter. Try mail2web.

6.Find Uncle Sam's confidential file: Well, you can view confidential files if you are interested. Here, here, and here.

7.You can also play TV show in real time.: No need to introduce it? If you want to become a star, or this is a shortcut, you don't have to participate in the copy of chicken or female with sour milk.

8.Travel with kayak: More than 100 scenic spots (it seems a little less). You can search for whatever you like, and it is better than google maps. Oh, by the way, kayak is said to be a ship made by a zombie. It's quite romantic.

9.You can talk about things that are hard to tell.: You can send an anonymous email here. If your boss has a sigh of relief or you fall in love with a girl and dare not confess, use this.

10.Very easy blogging: I suspect this is a gun draft, which is unexpected by others? But there are some good things. You can try it yourself.

11.Seek technical support for free: Haha, Microsoft's technical support requires 35 US dollars. You can come here for free!

12.Skills for Mom and Dad: I suspect that this is a pcworld gun. I'm dizzy. It costs you $30/month to ask questions about parenting.

13.Improve your site skills: This is good. Many sites have it. Here, you can get the code for free and add some keyword entries to your site (thanks to coderman ).

14.Become a strong online marketer: Dizzy. It's not about teaching spam. Here.

15.Meeting became easy: I will not introduce anything that requires money. Here.

16.Product comparison: There is nothing strange about it. It is similar to younet.com. You can select a mobile phone.

17.Careful calculation, follow your money: If you are a moonlight clan like me, you can try this. It's probably something that helps you manage your money.

Follow Your Money

If you 've ever wondered where all your money goes, now you can find out. where's George literally tracks your dollars using the serial numbers on each bill. whoever waits es your greenbacks will have to log on to the site for you to track the dough, so you might want to write the URL on your bucks before you fork them over.

Unmask Spoofed Web Sites

That web site may look just like your bank's, but is it really? Find out by downloading corestreet's free spoofstick applet. it displays the real domain of the site in your browser toolbar, regardless of what the address window says -- an invaluable tool for fighting phishers. the toolbar is available for both IE 6.XAnd Firefox 1.X.

Disinfect Your PC

Is your antivirus software on the fritz? Don't despair, just stop by Panda Software's site for a free system scan. you'll have to download an applet, surrender your e-mail address, and use Internet Explorer (the specified requires ActiveX ). panda detects and disinfects most forms of malware, And will alert you to (but won't fix) spyware infestations.

Design Your Own Business Cards

Forget about schlepping down to Kinko's to order business cards. at iPrint you just choose a card template and start filling in text. you can pick fonts, colors, graphics, and paper, preview your work, and place an order with a few clicks. A box of 250 is $18 and up; you can also get matching letterhead, envelopes, labels, coffee mugs, and more.

Become a T-Shirt Titan

Want a quick and easy way to promote your business? Cafepress will put your shortate logo on T-shirts, caps, coffee mugs, mouse pads, and more. you can give the items away to mers MERs or your them directly from a cafepress-powered page on your site. the site handles everything from production to payment, and then gives you a cut of each sale.

Charter Jet, Get Surreal, and more...

Charter a Private Jet

So you struck it rich selling Furbies on EBay and now you want to travel in style. at Charter Auction, you can rent a private jet starting at $2100 an hour. plug in your departure and arrival information, and private jet owners will bid for your business. (You'll have to put $100,000 in an escrow account before you can book a flight .) A typical round trip from New York to San Francisco runs about $30,000. pricey, but a great way to impress prospective clients.

Shop for the Best Advertising Venue

Advertising on the Web doesn' t have to be complicated. adbrite makes buying banner ads as easy as shopping at Amazon.com. just pick a site where you want your ad to appear, and add it to your shopping cart. prices range from 1 cent per click to $6000 for a week-long text ad campaign, depending on the site you're targeting. you can also have ad space on your site to others; Adbrite takes 25 percent of the cut.

Hire a Nag

There was something I wanted to tell you... now, what was it again? Oh, yeah -- it was about RemindMe.com. this nifty service pops up a window on your computer for those crucial events (birthdays, anniversaries, tee times) when relying on a personal organizer just isn't enough. the stand-alone package costs $25, but a free (ad-supported) e-mail version shocould be available by the time you read this.

Become a Blog Snob

It doesn't matter how brilliant your blog is if your mom is your only reader. get the word out with Pheedo's Blogsnob. simply add a small piece of JavaScript code to your blog template and create a pithy, one-sentence ad that will appear on other blogs in Pheedo's network. the service works with blogs created in Blogger and TypePad (but not LiveJournal ).

Get Surreal

Is your web site a tad, well, dull? Ravenblack's random surrealism generator will spark it right up. just copy the site's free HTML code to your home page template. each time your page loads, it will display a different Dali-esque comment ("a saucepan a day keeps the banana away "). words to live.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Your small business cocould be the next Amazon.com -- if you don't get lost in the business jungle first. let startupnation be your guide. budding entrepreneurs can find reams of free advice, success stories, online seminars, and more from radio hosts and small-business consultants rich and Jeff Sloan. you can also buy business plan software, obtain insurance, and hire a branding consultant.

Make High School Cool

Do your teens need to take courses that their local school doesn't offer? Enroll them at either the Virtual High School or the Florida Virtual School. your child can take a single course or a series of them pair ss a wide range of topics. these fully accredited learning institutions educate thousands of students nationwide, but in order for your children to get class credit on their transcripts, they will need to sign up through their high school.

Clean Out Your Garage (and Fill It Back Up)

Got boxes of old LPs or baseball cards you don't know what to do? Swap 'em for something you like better at SwapThing. you can swap items such as music, art, trading cards, and old schoolbooks, or offer them for sale. you can list items for free; the site charges each party a buck for every item swapped or sold. it's easier and cheaper than auctioning them on EBay.

Hire a Virtual Office Manager

Running a small business means having to know a little bit about everything. Need to whip up a marketing plan or write a human resources manual? SmartOnline provides the know-how and the tools. you can purchase a passel of bread-and-butter business services for $30 a month or order them à la carte. the site also offers a handful of free tools, such as an online calendar, address book, and currency converter.

Download Tunes While You Drive

You're in your car and a great song comes on the radio, but by the time you get home you 've got totally forgotten the band's name. with Music On Command you can buy the tune instantly. just dial a toll-free number and punch in the station's call letters; the site sends an e-mail or SMS with a link to a store where you can download the song. at press time the service was still in beta testing, and songs were available through Buy.com for $1 apiece. the service covers more than 1200 radio stations in North America; support for Sirius and XM satellite radio is in the works.

Publish Your Masterpiece

So you're 've completed your 1000-page opus but can't find a publisher? Do it yourself on lulu.com. unlike most self-publishing sites, Lulu charges no up-front fees and requires no minimum orders. just upload a word processing document and follow a wizard to choose the book's size, format, cover art, and price or commission. lulu takes 20 percent of the cover price. you can export your book via Lulu, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, or your own web site. if you order copies for yourself, you pay only binding and printing costs -- around $8.50 for a standard 200-page paperback.

Find Out How Much Time You Have Left

We all have to go sometime -- and the deathclock purports to tell you precisely when. just plug in your birth date, gender, height, and weight; the site predicts the day of your demise based on average life expectancy, and even displays a ticker that counts down to the big day in seconds.

Desktop Info: Webify Your Desktop

Why venture out on the Net when it can come to you? You can festoon your desktop with "widgets" that pull information from your favorite Web sites.

The best-known widget program is Pixoria's Konfabulator ($25 ).[Editor's note: Yahoo bought konfabulator in July 2005 and now offers it for free. download a copy here.]It comes with more than a dozen prefab widgets, which run the gamut from practical (clocks, stock tickers, battery and Wi-Fi monitors) to whimsical (a "werewolf" widget that displays the phases of the moon ). but the real widget wonderland is Pixoria's site, where users contribute their own creations for free. here you'll find traffic and surf cams, train schedules, radio and RSS tuners, meters that display the locations of the cheapest gas in your area, an English-to-Swedish translator, a haiku generator, a Shakespearean Insult Kit, and the unblinking red eye of the HAL 9000 computer from2001: A Space Odyssey,Complete with sound bites. And all that is just for starters.

To add a new widget to your desktop, right-click the Konfabulator icon in your system tray and selectOpen widget. To download more items from the site, selectGet more Widgets. To view all your widgets at once, selectKonspose. It doesn' t get much simpler.

Stardock's random topx 3 ($15) features 23 widgets, including a language translator and an applet that can fetch the lyrics of arbitrary song you might have a hankering to hear. the Standard ($25) and Professional ($70) versions come with tools that let you build your own widgets or overhaul your entire Windows desktop. another place to find free stand-alone widgets, from clocks and calendars to abstract art generators, is at the Freeware Guide.

Web APIs: Make the Big Sites Work for You

Amazon and Google are more than just Web sites -- they're gigantic collections of useful data. the application programming interfaces (APIs) that access that data have enabled developers to build other amazing sites, and you can too if you're willing to hack a little code.

Amazon.com has more than 80,000 developers who use its API to build online shopping mils, as well as sites like Live Plasma, where you can search on a musician and view a groovy map showing related artists.

"We invite developers to be creative and innovative," says Amazon Web services evangelist Jeff Barr, "to take our data and do fun things with it ."

It's not just Amazon. dreamworks animator Paul Rademacher has combined data from Google Maps and Craigslist to create an interactive map that lets you find housing in markets into ss the country. flickrPaper employs Flickr's API to let users build desktop wallpaper from Flickr's shared photo collection. first Floor Software used a Yahoo API to create an image search engine that displays results as a slide show. the Send to Smug Mug plug-in enables users of Smugmug.com to send pics directly to the digital photography site by right-clicking an image inside Windows Explorer. and that's just a tiny sample of what's available.

To take advantage of a site's API, you need some knowledge of common Web programming tools. google's downloadable API kit contains a manual on how to use it, along with sample Java and. net code. flickr provides a wealth of APIs, as well as code samples. you'll find documentation and more for Amazon's APIs here; Yahoo's is here.

Even if you're not a code jockey, you can add Google or Amazon to your site. simply copy a dozen lines of HTML code to add a Google search box to your home page. selling Amazon products on your site for up to a 10 percent commission is nearly as easy. you'll have to sign up for the Amazon Associates program and copy some code to your home page. then just wait for the money to roll in.

Be Your Own Shock Jock

You don't need a mellifluous voice or wild hair to become a cybermedia star. All you require are some podcasting tools.

To start, you need audio software, such as Audacity or IPodcast Producer ($150), that records MP3 files. (You can also use Windows Sound Recorder to record. wav files, and then convert them to MP3s using a program like Musicmatch Jukebox .) once you 've recorded your file, you'll have to enclose it in an RSS feed, and upload it to your blog or Web site.

But for my money, the easiest route to podcasting is Audioblog.com ($5 a month or $50 a year ). here you'll find everything you need in one easy bloglike interface. for example, to record a podcast, you just log in and clickAudioTab, and thenRecord new audio post. ClickAllowTo let the site access your microphone or camera, followedBeginAnd thenRecord. When you're done, clickStopAnd enter a title and description for your recording; then clickSave. On the next page, clickPublish audio, And then select the blog or RSS feed you want to publish it to. It's that simple.

In fact, you don't even need a computer to begin your podcasting career. you can dial a number, record entries via phone, and then automatically post them to your blog. and if you want the world to see as well as hear you, Audioblog can do the same thing for video files captured via Webcam. stardom is just a click away.

Make $ From Your Site

Just because you missed the dot-com boom doesn't mean the gravy train has passed you by completely. here are a handful of ways you can make your Web site pay for itself and maybe bring in a little bit of extra cash as well.

  • Text ads:Programs like Google AdSense let you carry text ads relevant to your site's content. Every time a visitor views or clicks an ad, you'll earn a few pennies.

  • Affiliate programs:Publish online merchants depend on networks of affiliate sites to move product. Affiliate aggregators like LinkShare or Commission Junction let you pick from hundreds of affiliate advertisers, some offering commissions as high as 40 percent.

  • Subscriptions:Is your web content worth paying? You coshould charge users for access. But be aware that subscrimanagement services like visiongate or membergate can cost from a few hundred to several thousand dollars a month, depending on the number of subscribers.

  • Self-publishing:Aaron gleeman, editor in chief of the hardball times baseball site, used a more traditional method of generating income from his Hoby. he published a couple of books, includingThe Hardball Times Baseball Annual,Through Lulu press. The royalties allow him to pay his writers a small stipend and to make a comfortable if not cushy living.
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