iis 8 smtp relay

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Simulate the SMTP Relay service to build the most powerful and fastest virtual SMTP in history

Open relay are generally not open on many servers However, some servers support open. But the above services are based on the hardware environment! I think the people think, I thought of a way to use virtual relay! Intercepts the string that the user will send at the end of the @, spelling it into a mailserver, The mailserver that the sender is sending is the mailserver I intercepted. In this way, Mailsmtps

Configure an SMTP relay server with an Office 365 account

==================================================================To send mail by setting up an SMTP relay serverStep 1: Install IIS and the SMTP service in Windows ServerWindows Server 2012 or R21) in Server Management (Server Manager), select Add Role (add Roles)2) on the Before you begin page, make sure that the tar

Configuring the remote domain for the SMTP mail relay server in WIN 2003

Profile This article describes how to configure a remote domain for the Internet Information Services (IIS) Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) mail relay server. IIS in Windows Server 2003 includes a full-featured SMTP virtual server that you can use to deliver messages on

Set SMTP mail sending server for Sharepoint (use relay server)

SharePoint often requires email notifications. If the enterprise does not have an Exchange mailbox, you can deploy a simple email SMTP service on the moss server. The configuration method is as follows: 1. Use "Add/Delete" to add an IIS component, SMTP component. 2. Right-click "my computer"-"manage"-expand the tree structure of all

Configure the SMTP server in IIS

Even though Serv-U was used as an FTP server, it seems that no one was passing files at the time, so I didn't care about it. Later, I accidentally opened the "System Log" and found many error logs that could not be sent by emails. Open the mailroot directory and find that nearly 10000 emails are accumulated under the queue, and the number of emails increases and decreases. So I realized that some outsiders sent spam on the SMTP server under my

Solution to prompt "Mailbox unavailable" when sending an email via the local iis smtp Server

Solution to prompt "Mailbox unavailable" when sending an email via the local iis smtp Server The error message is as follows:Email is unavailable. Server Response: 5.7.1 unable to relay for *** @ gmail.com The solution is as follows:In IIS, right-click "Default SMTP virtua

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