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Use IMacros to automate everyday work

, the efficiency should be far better than ever.The IMacros described here is a browser add-on that has been proven by countless people as a powerful tool after a long period of development. IMacros as its name, this tool is mainly used by the editor macro (Macros) to manipulate the browser, to achieve the previous need to use the mouse keyboard manual operation.IMacros IntroductionIMacros is primarily used

How to use IMacros to automate day-to-day work

operation. IMacros Introduction IMacros is primarily used to operate web Browser and is supported by major web Browser:ie, Chrome, and Firefox. This article mainly uses FireFox as an example to illustrate.IMacros after years of development. Features more and more advanced. But one thing you may remember first is that the role of the tool is not a almighty-omni

Introduction to Popular Software testing Tools _ Server Other

resolution. The newer version of Firefox requires the support of the Addon Bar plug-in. Fireshot Fireshot Create a complete screenshot of the Web page. Screenshots can be quickly commented on as well as: Upload to Picasa, Flickr, ImageShack ... Save to disk in PNG, GIF, JPEG, PDF, BMP format Copy to Clipboard Print Send using email Open in External editor Spof-o-matc Spof-o-matic is a third-party failed Chrome extension for tes

32 Kinds of Google browser plugins, Programmer's Gospel

can click on select to load Flash, or download flash.26.Built with technology ProfilerBuilt with Technology Profiler This plugin can help you identify which technologies are being used on the current page.27.LastPassLastPass is a free password management extension and form filling extension that makes surfing the internet easier.28.IMacrosIf you like to use a Web browser, but every day repeated access to the same site, so you feel very tired, if you fill out the form, forget the password, then

32 Kinds of Google browser plugins, Programmer's Gospel

flash.Built with technology ProfilerBuilt with Technology Profiler This plugin can help you identify which technologies are being used on the current page.. LastPassLastPass is a free password management extension and form filling extension that makes surfing the internet easier.IMacros.If you like to use a Web browser, but every day repeated access to the same site, so you feel very tired, if you fill out the form, forget the password, then IMacros

GCC compilation command-minor C language (14)

(){ fprintf(stdout, "no header file\n"); return 0;} Use GCC no_header.c-O no_header to compile: As you can see, an error occurred while compiling. Use GCC no_header.c-O no_header-include/usr/include/stdio. h to compile: Run OK: Similarly, you can use-dxxx or-dxxx = YYY or-uxxx or-UNDEF to define the macro to get the cancellation macro (xxx indicates the macro name, YYY indicates the macro-defined string ). Q: What if I want to apply a macro to another file? A: You can use the-

Firefox 4 extensions essential to 25 developers

to enable and disable HTML5 support from Firefox 4. Download 13. Total validator Brand new HTML5 and xhtml5 verification plug-ins. Used to check whether your webpage complies with W3C specifications. Download 14. eagle2 Is a javascript console used to display JS errors and CSS errors. Download 15. screenshot pimp Web plug-in Download 16. imacros for Firefox Imacros is used to quickly enter the form dat

Gcc User Manual (1)

-name = program Optimization Option) -Fcaller-saves-fcse-follow-jumps-fcse-skip-blocks-fdelayed-branch-fe Lide-constructors-fexpensive-optimizations-ffast-math-ffloat-store-f Force-addr-fforce-mem-finline-functions-fkeep-inline-functions-fmemo Ize-lookups-fno-default-inline-fno-defer-pop-fno-function-cse-fno-in Line-fno-peephole-fomit-frame-pointer-frerun-cse-after-loop-fschedul E-insns-fschedule-insns2-fstrength-reduce-fthread-jumps-funroll-all- Loops-funroll-loops-O-O2-O3 Preprocessor Optio

Use variables in imacros

In this tutorial, we will learn how to use variables in imacros.There are two types of variables in imacros: built-in variables and User-Defined variables. Built-in variables:Built-in variables are used to define macro behaviors of certain performance, such as macro supervalues:Set! Timeout 33The preceding statement indicates that the page timeout time is set to 33 S.There are three special built-in variables ,! Var1 ,! Var2 and! Var3. These variabl

Firefox Browser batch plugin IMacros

Http:// sectionvar code = "Code:";var jslf = "\ n";Code + = "URL GOTO =" + jslf;Code + = "URL GOTO =";Iimdisplay ("IIM script starts running!"); Display status textIimplay (code); Run the scriptVariable 1:IMacros can record your actions on a Web page, and then simulate your actions to automatically repeat the execution. The advanced

Imacros for Firefox-fl traffic, automatic registration, automatic download, and automatic upload tool plug-in on any webpage

Imacros is a Firefox-based plug-in that can help you automatically fill in forms, automatically submit, automatically upload and download Imacros is a task that helps you automate repetitive tasks. Imacros can automatically execute Firefox whatever you do. Web applications that can be used by network designers for functional testing and regression testing. The

GCC Chinese manual (I)

) -A-d Letters-Fpretend-float-g Level-Gcoff-gxcoff +-gdwarf +-gstabs +-ggdb-p-PG-save-temps-print-file-name = Library-Print-libgcc-file-name-print-prog-name = Program Optimization Option) -Fcaller-saves-fcse-Follow-Jumps-fcse-Skip-blocks-fdelayed-branch-felide-constructors-fexpensive-optimizations-ffast-math-ffloat-store-Fforce-ADDR -Fforce-Mem-Finline-functions-fkeep-inline-functions-fmemoize-lookups-fno-default-in

Features provided by Chrome

chrome://chrome-urls/List of Chrome URLs Chrome://accessibility Chrome://appcache-internals Chrome://apps Chrome://blob-internals Chrom

GCC compilation option research (2)

VII. Preprocessing options(1)-include file: Before processing a regular input file, the file is compiled. For example: Ctest. c A. When g ++ ctest. C is used, an error is returned: Ctest. C: In function 'int main ()':Ctest. C: 13: Error: 'comp 'has not been declared in this scope B. Use G ++-include ctest. CC ctest. C to compile and run C. Add # include "ctest. cc" to ctest. C": D. Use G ++ ctest. C to compile and run the program successfully. Use G ++-include ctest. CC ctest. C to report "Dupl

GCC Preprocessor options

' -Include'And' -Imacros'Options are processed in writing order. -Imacros File Before processing a regular input file, you must first process the file FileBut the output result is ignored. The file is discarded. FileThe output content ,'

What you don't know about chrome URLs

Xee: I use a seven-stars browser, because I see a lot of browsers, their versions are stagnant; 360 The heavy users of the security browser will certainly not be unfamiliar with se:last (last page not closed), even if you have not seen this, but also must be familiar with the blank page About:blank. These URLs are the addresses that the browser has developed with special features. Let's meet some of the special URLs that Chrome offers in the 360 secur

Chrome Operation Skills

Chrome URLs In the chrome address bar, enterChrome: // chrome-URLsList of chrome URLs Chrome: // appcache-Internals Chrome: // blob-Internals Chrome: // bookmarks

Chrome internal protocol list

In fact, as long as you enter chrome: // chrome-URLs/, all internal protocols will be displayed. These internal protocols are equivalent to many utility tools, all presented in HTML format, which is a constant trend of chrome, make the entire interface HTML as much as possible. For example, the most important setting part at the beginning is the common window int

Chrome's Stealth mode

First of all, let's say how to enable stealth mode.1. Keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl + Shift + N.2. In the taskbar under Windows7, right-click on the "Chrome" icon and a drop-down menu will appear, click "New Stealth Window".3. You can also go to the Incognito window (e.g.) by clicking on the "Right click link" drop-down menu and selecting "Open Link in Incognito window" in a page that you are viewing.To put it simply, the advantage of Chrome's stealth mode

Introduction to gcc

Document directory -M -MM -S -E -C -Include file -Dmacro is equivalent to # define macro in C. -Dmacro = defn is equivalent to # define macro = defn in C. -Umacro is equivalent to # undef macro in C. -Undef undefines any non-standard macros -X language filename -X none filename -Pipe -Ansi -Fno-asm: This option is part of the feature that implements the ansi option. It prohibits the use of asm, inline, and typeof as keywords. -Fcond-mismatch: the second and third parameter type

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