initialization from incompatible pointer type

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Warning: initialization from incompatible pointer type Analysis

In the character driver, this line of code reports a warning: Warning: initialization from incompatible pointer type Static ssize_t s3c2440_key_read (struct file * filp, char _ User * Buf, ssize_t count, loff_t * PPOs ); The reason for the

C-Language pointer traps

C-Language pointer traps Category: C/cpp Transferred from:"C language Strange Bizarre, trap heavy, but has achieved great success!" The father of the--c

C + + smart pointer __c++

C + + smart pointers Memory management is a common source of errors and bugs in C + +. In most cases, these bugs come from the use of dynamically allocated memory and pointers: when dynamically allocated memory is released multiple times, memory

Help me solve the problem of make in ppp.2.4.4 software? Thank you.

Help me solve the problem of make in ppp.2.4.4 software? Thank you-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information. For more information, see below. Debian :~ Ppp-2.4.4 # make Cd chat; make all Make [1]: Entering directory

Pascal type, variables, and constants

The original PASCAL Language was built on some simple concepts that are now widely used inProgramming Language. The most important concept is the data type. The data type determines the valid values of the variable and the operations that can be

"Trap" when using pointers"

"C language is strange and strange, with many traps, but it has achieved great success !" -- Dennis M. Ritchie, father of C language. This statement by Master Ritchie reflects the flexibility and wide application of the C language, but also reveals

Excerpt from basic section C of Linux C Programming one-stop learning

1. Table 2.1. c Standard Escape Character \ 'single quote or apostrophe) \ "Double quotation marks "\? Question mark? (Question mark) \ backslash \ (backslash) \ A bell (alert or bell) \ B backspace \ f form feed) \ n line feed \ r carriage return \

Assignment of const char *, char *, const char **, and char **

Constraints for assigning values according to ansi c: 1. Both operands are pointers to compatible types with or without delimiters. 2. the type pointed to by the Left pointer must have all the qualifiers of the type pointed to by the right

A summary of the contents of the C language about arrays and pointers

Basic concepts of arrayswhat is an array: An array is:An array is a collection of elements of the same typetype specifier array name [constant expression];where the type descriptor is either a basic data type or a construction data type. The array

Expert C Programming Study Notes

The following code is compiled in vs2005, I. P19 Pass the char ** type to the const char **   1 Foo (const char ** p ){} 2 3 void main (INT argc, char ** argv) 4 { 5 Foo (arvg ); 6} If this code is compiled, the compiler sends a warning

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