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ZYNQ 7000 Platform UDP packet (1-byte or 2-byte) checksum checksum error 0xFFFF solution (linux+vxworks6.9 platform)

In the Xilinx ZYNQ 7000 platform, using UDP to send 1 bytes or 2 bytes of data, checksum is the error value of 0xFFFF, the receiver can not normally receive the data sent by the ZYNQ7000 platform, I have found the solution to the problem, have the problem of friends can through the mailbox [ Email protected] Contact me , please describe your environment in detai

2016/1/17 Note 1, object-oriented programming OOP 2, class

the ④ method are local variablesThere are four manifestations of the ⑤ method, which are embodied in the same day work.The first form has no return value and the parameter parameter is equivalent to the vectorThe second form has a return value of no parametersThe third form has a return value with parametersFourth form no return value no parameter⑥return returns a keyword with a return value3, definition: Define class keyword is class name {class Body}4, Construction Method: ① method Name and c

2016/1/17 Rectangular Area 1, construction method initialize length and width, 2, define member method to find rectangular area

1 Public classSquare {2 intChang;3 intKuan;4 intMianji;5 String colour;6 //constructor Method One parameter7Square (intCintk) {8chang=C;9kuan=K;Ten } One Square (String se) { AColour=se; - } - //construction Method Two no parameter default is None the Square () { - - } - + //No return value no parameter - /*void Juxing () { + Mianji=chang*kuan; A }*/ at - //two no return values have parameters - /*v

Question 17: How many three numbers can be composed of 1, 2, 3, and 4 distinct numbers without repeated numbers? What is it?

/*************************************** ************************* *** Auther: liuyongahui* ***** Date:* ** Language: C**************************************** ***********************//*Question 17: How many three numbers can be composed of 1, 2, 3, and 4 distinct numbers without repeated numbers? What is it? */ # Include Int main (){Int I;Int j;Int k;Int l = 0;

The method of construction: 1, 2, 3 chapters read the review

between regression testing and unit testing?Chapter IIIThis chapter is mainly from the measurement and development of personal ability and the professional development of software engineering, the understanding of general software design thought and the engineering idea, the promotion of professional skills and the actual results achieved. Become a software engineer, first of all to learn and accumulate software development-related knowledge, continuous learning, and constantly accumulate, impr

Sprint 3 Review and summary and team contribution points and Sprint 1, 2, 3 general overview

Team situation:Team Name: Heaven fireTeam Blog Address: GitHub Address: Https:// members:Member Study number (group leader): 201406114207 name: Gan Jiaping Personal blog address: github Address: Https:// ApingMember Study number: 201406114238 name: Zho Yujing Personal blog address: github Address:

Python Basics review-1-2 data types-STR, list, tuple, dict

the value corresponding to the key, does not exist when the output can be specified, default is emptyD.get (K[,d]), D[k] if k in D, else D. D defaults to None. Has_key () to see if key existsD.has_key (k)-True if D has a key k, else False Iitems () converted to a list of (key, value)D.items (), List of D ' s (key, value) pairs, as 2-tuples Copy () copyingD.copy (), a shallow copy of D Clear () Empty dictionaryD.clear (), None. Remove all item

C # Review notes (3)--c#2: Solving the c#1 problem (delegate entering the fast track)

captured instead of its value when the delegate instance is created. The lifetime of the captured variable is extended, at least as long as the delegate that captures it. Multiple delegates can capture the same variable ... ...... But inside the loop, the same variable declaration actually refers to a different "instance" of the variable. The variables created in the declaration of the For Loop are valid only during the duration of the loop-not instantiated at each iteration of

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