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Close to perfect disable iOS emoji emoji keyboard

)) {TextField. text = Disable_emoji(TextField. Text) }TextField. selectedtextrange = Texttange }func Disable_emoji (text:string),string {var regex = nsregularexpression(Pattern: "[^\\u0020-\\u007e\\u00a0-\\u00be\\u2e80-\\ua4cf\\ Uf900-\\ufaff\\ufe30-\\ufe4f\\uff00-\\uffef\\u0080-\\u009f\\u2000-\\u201f\r\n] ", Options: Nsregularexpressionoptions. caseinsensitive, Error: nil) var modifiedstring = regex!. stringbyreplacingmatchesinstring(text, Options: nsmatchingoptions(), Ra

Php receives emoji expressions in ios and saves them to the database ????.

Php receives emoji expressions in ios and saves them to the database ????. Php receives emoji expressions in ios and saves them to the database ????. According to the Internet, the database code is changed to utf8mb4. the database version is 5.5.24. asking for advice, urgent, online, etc. Reply to discussion (solutio

The emoji expression problem in IOS is judged _ios

Let's give you a description of the problem. The server side does not support emoji expressions, so the client cannot include emoji expressions when uploading user input. Solution Before the client sends the request, determines whether the user input contains an expression and, if it contains an expression, prompts the user to re-enter it. The key to this process is to determine whether the string contai

Mysql-How to Use PHP to match and replace iOS-standard emoji

I have encountered a problem. To save the emoji expression output from iOS keyboard to MySQL, I know that blob + utf8 can be used. But now my table is too big to change the type. So I want to match the emoji, replace it, and save it. However, the iOS keyboard input emoji tab

Firemonkey can display more emoji characters on the IOS platform

When using Firmonkey to display emoji characters, some emoji do not display color, see:After checking the FMX source code, is because the judgment emoji the character section insufficient causes, after the modification, then may display, see:Modification Method: will FMX. The FontGlyphs.iOS.pas is copied to its own project directory. Find function Tiosfontgly

When php receives emoji expressions from ios and stores them in the database? -Php Tutorial

Php receives emoji expressions in ios and saves them to the database ????. Php receives emoji expressions in ios and saves them to the database ????. According to the Internet, the database code is changed to utf8mb4. the database version is 5.5.24. for advice, urgent, and online php receives

Enable IOS emoji for programming

Emoji is a one-character set developed by Japanese (do not buy Japanese products, support Chinese products, hate Japanese men, haha) and is integrated into IOS. You can activate emoji by programming. First, determine whether emoji is supported: - (BOOL)supportEmoji{BOOL hasEmoji = NO;#define kPreferencesPlistPath @"/p

Emoji Processing of iOS development

Seemingly emoji processing should be with our iOS development has a great relationship, but in fact, for emoji processing as long as the server-side to do it, I said the processing is we put the expression to the server, then what needs to be done on the server side to deal with it?Server if directly stored we pass past the expression will be problematic, because

iOS development--uitextview prohibit emoji input

Uitextview Proxy Method: Judging-(void) textviewdidendediting: (Uitextview *) textview{if ([self stringContainsEmoji:self.feedbackTextView.text]) {Uialertview *alertview = [[Uialertview alloc] initwithtitle:@ "cannot have emoji, please enter Chinese" message:nil delegate:self cancelbuttontitle:@ "OK" otherbuttontitles:nil, nil];[Alertview show];}}#pragma mark determines whether the NSString string contains emoji

MySQL support for iOS emoji emoticons

Reason:The UTF-8 encoding can be two, three, and four bytes. The emoji expression is 4 bytes, while MySQL UTF8 encodes up to 3 bytes, so data cannot be plugged in.Workaround:Convert MySQL encoding from UTF8 to UTF8MB4Steps:1. Modify the MySQL configuration file My.inidefault-character-Set=utf8mb4character-set-SERVER=UTF8MB42. Join[Client]port=3306default-character-Set=Utf8mb4[mysqld] Add character -Set-client-handshake= falsecollation-server= utf8mb4_

Use emoji emoticons in iOS

Can be used in controls such as iOS Uilabel,uitextview,uialertviewUse the following methodNSString *s = [NSString stringwithformat:@ "This was a smiley \ue415%c face", 0xe05a]; NSLog (@ "one----%@", s); Label.text=s; The following are the corresponding emoticons, but the code in the new SDK has changed, please refer to the official Apple document against the Translit/any_softbanksms

IOS Emoji Emoticons/decode

The expression encoding and decoding problem that was encountered while doing the barrageEmoticons are generally encoded using Unicode encoding, followed by the encoded format \ud83d\ude18\ud83d\ude18world\u4e16\u754chaha\ud83d\ude17 //CodingNSString *unistr =[NSString Stringwithutf8string:[_barragetext.text utf8string]; NSData*unidata =[Unistr datausingencoding:nsnonlossyasciistringencoding]; NSString*goodstr =[[NSString alloc] Initwithdata:unidata encoding:nsutf8stringencoding]; NSLog (@

"iOS Development-49" plugin-plugin for this document gaze Vvdocumenter installation and use

The file gaze is/** */. Shortcut keys///.However, this requires a plugin to be installed. Vvdocumenter.Download Link: Https:// Installation methodIt's inside. The simplest thing to do is to open the Vvdocumenter-xcode.xcodeproj file after downloading. Then Cmd+r execute it. Then cmd+q completely out of Xcode. Turn on Xcode again to use.(2) UsageEnter three consecutive///////////For the document gaze, when enteri

[Go] An iOS package size slimming scheme based on the clang plugin

citation analysis in Linkmap. Besides, is there any other path?As we all know, there is a call relationship between code. Assuming that the main portal for iOS is-[uiapplication main], the source code of all developers (including the third party libraries) can be divided into two categories: there is a call path, so that the code can be finally called by the main portal (called such code as the final call); there is no call path. So that the code can

iOS uses object-c custom Cordova plugin (-)

Output is added successfullyWait a few minutes Compiling iOS projects sudo ionic build iOS or sudo Cordova build iOS If ' * * BUILD succeeded ' succeeds, you can see the file ' platform ' add an iOS platform folder.Use the official Apple development tool ' Xcode ' to open if you do not have

Li Hongqiang iOS Developer's Essential Xcode plugin

iOS to develop the great God essential Xcode pluginwrite in front工欲善其事, its prerequisite, iOS development not only to learn the basic operation of Xcode, but also to learn some of the use of Xcode skills, such as mastering the commonly used shortcut keys, and there is today to speak of the Xcode plugin, Here I will introduce several development of the more common

Personal iOS third-party library and Xcode plugin introduction

several times coradata) interfaces are easy to use (using data in the form of objects is similar to Aws/leancloud's ideas) and also cross-platform (Ios/android can be used Oc/swift/java all support)If you're used to using modal like mantle, Realm-json can be a favor.The quality of the incubation project as a ycombinator is guaranteed, at least I'm trying to make a big surprise. Whether it is the design of the API or the definition of the data object,

IOS Xcode Utility Plugin

Xcode 5 compatible plug-in, adding fuzzy matching to improve the auto-completion of the Xcode code, developers do not have to follow the principle of a scratch, as long as the method to remember a keyword can be matched, a good increase in productivity. Note: This plugin is only tested on Xcode 5, and there is no compatibility between Tests and other plugins (except ksimagenamed). Project address: Https:// Ann

Common iOS third-party libraries and Xcode plugin Introduction

design of the API or the definition of the data object, even the database version upgrade is very convenient)Xcode PluginAlcatrazSimilar to Cocoapod Alcatraz is Xcode's plug-in manager that allows you to easily manage Xcode plugins (not only managing plugins but managing themes, etc.)FuzzyautocompleteIf only let me choose a plug-in left that must be fuzzyautocomplete strong fuzzy match input so you can write code no longer have to mind to remember the name of the long object or function name is

PhoneGap iOS plugin development and unlimited background operation solution

];//__block UIBackgroundTaskIdentifier bgtask;//Bgtask=[app beginbackgroundtaskwithexpirationhandler:^{//Dispatch_async (Dispatch_get_main_queue (), ^{ if (bgtask!=uibackgroundtaskinvalid) {//bgtask=uibackgroundtaskinvalid;//}// });//}];////Dispatch_async (Dispatch_get_global_queue (dispatch_queue_priority_default, 0), ^{//dispatch_ Async (Dispatch_get_main_queue (), ^{//if (bgtask!=uibackgroundtaskinvalid) {//BGTASK=UIBACKGROUNDTA skinvalid;//}//});///[[UIApplication sharedapplication] s

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