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Subnetting with CIDR (slash plus number representation vs. IP) (improved)

mask calculation. Network ID Results We all know that the network ID part is unchanged, the host ID portion becomes 0, then in the calculation of the network ID, first look at how many bits in the subnet mask to represent the network, corresponding to the IP address conversion to binary only the previous few, such as 19, the network ID altogether 19 bits, then the network ID the first two bytes is 192.168.x.0 to change the third byte

IP address partitioning type and subnetting

In the actual network environment, depending on the size of the network, the number of hosts in the network is different, the IP address is divided into A,b,c 3 for different sizes of the network, and the IP address is a 32-bit dotted decimal notation, only the IP address can not determine which network it belongs to, in the

"IP layer Packet Forwarding process" in the case of subnetting, packet forwarding algorithm.

First, a sample from a Shehiren teacher's book is referenced:Host H1 the process of sending packets to H2:First, with the subnet mask in the subnet: and target host H2 IP address: and get network number: Obviously this does not match the network number of Subnet 1: datagram is then forwarded by the default route R1 Subnet 1. At this point, R1 will look for its own routing table. Think of the ho

[Translation] IP subnet division recommended read [translation] IP subnet division

[Translation] IP subnet division Original article title: IP subnetting made easy Address: http://articles.techrepublic.com.com/5100-10878_11-6089187.html IP network engineers need to have a solid understanding of how IP subnet division works. however, this topic is often ig

"TCP/IP Detailed Volume 1: Protocol"--3rd IP: Internet Protocol (reprint)

size of the routing table is reduced, but the subnet is opaque to the routers inside the subnet.5. Subnet maskThe partial configuration of any host at boot time is the specified host IP address. In addition to this, you need to know how many bits are used for the subnet number and how many bits are used for the host number. This is determined by the subnet mask during the boot process. The subnet mask is a value with a value of 1, where a bit with a

TCP/IP Learning Note (iii)--IP,ARP,RARP

Wlan0; course, there is not necessarily a connection, the other side does not necessarily open telnet, but can still trigger ARP request, Tcpdump returned as follows:Listening on Wlan0, Link-type EN10MB (Ethernet), capture size262144bytes the: One:37.230876 9C:4E: $: C6:e8: the(Oui Unknown) > Broadcast, EtherType ARP (0x0806), length the: Request Who-has172.28.185.136Tell172.28.185.203, length - the: One:37.278147Ac -:3D:B2:C0:B4 (Oui Unknown) >9C:4E: $: C6:e8:

Ip address, subnet mask, and address classification, ip subnet mask

masks, and address classifications can be divided and addressed together. The absence of any of the three elements will lead to logical vulnerabilities. The last problem: Similarly, in a LAN, theoretically we also need to split subnets of varying sizes, which also need to classify IP addresses, for example, is divided into ~ and ~, etc. Ask the network administrator about the feasibil

[Translation] IP subnet division

Original article title: IP subnetting made easy Address: http://articles.techrepublic.com.com/5100-10878_11-6089187.html IP network engineers need to have a solid understanding of how IP subnet division works. however, this topic is often ignored by instructors and the students are very confused and nervous about it.

The acquisition of dynamic IP address of Linux system and configuration of static IP address

obtain IP in this case, the dynamic use of DHCP to obtain the IP to change to static is used static with IP Subnet mask gateway DNS after editing is complete, use ESC key to exit edit the above for static IP address configuration method. 3 . Enter then enter Wq or, after pressing the ESC key, enter Wq4. Restart the

PHP obtains the detailed IP address based on the Sina IP address library.

PHP obtains the detailed IP address based on the Sina IP address library. This example describes how PHP obtains the detailed IP address based on the Sina IP address library. We will share this with you for your reference. The details are as follows: Get IP Address class us

TCP/IP Basics

This article is a computer class of high-quality pre-sale recommendation >>>>"TCP/IP Fundamentals"Editor's recommendationThis book is an educational training and certification exam material for network engineers, as well as a textbook or reference book for courses related to undergraduate and higher vocational colleges, and is also available to network technicians and managers as well as network enthusiasts.Content IntroductionThis book is the 4th Boo

How to plan and design IP addresses (ii)

the SubnetID field to x=4,2 4 times=16, which is larger than the maximum number of subnets that may be used 10, meets the requirements.2) Select the length value y of the HostID field, and ask for the Y-order of the Nhost≤2。 For example, if the number of subnet hosts is nhost to 12, select the length value of the HostID field to y=4,2 4 times=16, which is larger than the maximum number of possible hosts 12, meets the requirements.Note: A value of 0 for the HostID field indicates that the Netid,

IP Subnet Partitioning

, the network number is not many. Previously learned IP address can provide Class A network 126, Class B network about 1600, C class network about 2 million, so with the rapid development of the Internet, access to the Internet more and more sites, resulting in fewer IP address resources, In order to make better use of the existing IP address resources and reduce

[Ccna]-04-ip address and subnet mask in detail (mainly introduced IPv4)

IntroductionThis article describes what the IP address and its function and IP address composition, IP address classification, IP subnet partition, subnet mask, public address, private address,VLSM (variable eldest son netmask), CIDR (Non-class inter-domain routing) and other CCNA basics.Article Directory0x1. What is a

Linux Programming Learning notes----TCP/IP protocol cluster based on socket network programming

network number is set to 1, and the location of the corresponding host number is set to 0. That is, the network address can be computed by the IP address and subnet mask.Another important function of the subnet mask is subnetting ..... Don't dwell on it.IP Address TranslationThe syntax for the inet_addr () function is as follows:#include This function uses string as the input parameter and converts the dot

Cisco/linux/windows IP Routing Detailed

addresses in an organization , you can also pull out part of it to be used as a subnet network number, which is called a subnet partition based on a classified IP address. So an organization can carry multiple sub bodies of the same size, attention is the same size! But this is only the first step in fission ... 1.1.1. Question: Why do subnets have to be the same size? Subnet partition scale must be the same as the implication is that the subnet ma

IP addressing and sub-network partitioning

: C: Address: IP address, used in an IP network, the only identification of a device, the IP address consists of 32-bit 2 binary number, this 32-bit binary number can be divided into the network and the host two parts of the subnet mask. These 32-bit binary numbers are divided into 4 bytes (one byte equals 8 bits)10.1. 23.

Discusses the relationship between IP address and subnet mask and the meaning of Gateway and DNS

You must know something about the IP address, right? We know that the TCP/IP protocol that is widely used in the Internet is to differentiate between different hosts by using IPs. If you've ever had a TCP/IP protocol set up, then you're bound to encounter the term subnet mask (Subnet mask), so do you know what a subnet mask is? What role does it have?We know that

Summary of IP addresses and subnet masks

guarantee the uniqueness of the host address, but brings two burdens: first, huge network address management overhead; second, the gateway path is expanding rapidly. The second is particularly prominent. The expansion of the path finding table not only reduces the efficiency of the gateway path finding (or even overflows the path finding table, resulting in a path finding fault ), more importantly, it will increase the overhead for refreshing internal and external paths, thus increasing the net

IP Address of computer network

in the IP address, so the network address of the IP address can be obtained after both "and" operations. The default subnet mask for Class A, Class B, and Class C addresses is fixed: Example, the known IP address is, and the subnet mask is Try to find the network address. It should be noted that after the network is cr

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