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Run the Jenkins service using the Jenkins docker Image

Requirement Use docker technology to manage Jenkins servers. This avoids repeated installation for multiple deployments and facilitates migration to new servers. Jenkins docker Image Https:// Official

Cloud computing Docker full project Combat (maven+jenkins, log management elk, wordpress blog image)

development, testing, and operational dimensions. Good at using Docker to build the entire DevOps Automation platform. Love the research Dockerfile, and the technology around Docker, CoreOS in-depth study.Getting started with DockerDocker introduction to Docker's advantages and what can be solved by Docker component compositionDockerfileDockerfile Concept docker

Resolves Jenkins problems that cannot be pushed to a private registry after creating Docker image

Recently began to use Docker, the common command to touch once, want to put the image of the build process on the Jenkins. The specific process will not say, very simple, only need a few commands on it. An exception can be reported when pushing to a private registry: Docker push

Jenkins k8s dynamically increases/decreases jenkins-salve and creates and deploys a jenkins-master image,

Jenkins k8s dynamically increases/decreases jenkins-salve and creates and deploys a jenkins-master image, In this tutorial, k8s is installed by default.1. Create a jenkins-master 1. Pull the jenkins

Android continuous integration with Jenkins and Docker

possible.ProvisionMy goal is to build a CI server that can run Android. For money-saving purposes, I use the local vagrant to start an Ubuntu virtual machine instead of a real server. The general idea is: Launch the Ubuntu virtual machine and install Docker on Ubuntu; Install the official Jenkins Docker image

Run Docker practices in Jenkins (Docker)

Follow the practice of running Docker ( in Jenkins (Docker).With this article, you can quickly learn how to load Docker sock in a container (here is the Jenkins container) to create its "brother" container, which some call Dood (

Android continuous integration with Jenkins and Docker, jenkinsdocker

Android continuous integration with Jenkins and Docker, jenkinsdockerAbout Docker What Docker, why do we need to toss Docker, instead of directly installing the various environments required to run appilication on the server? This problem is similar to the reason why a virtu

A docker-based Jenkins pipeline workflow.

terms of continuous integration, we choose Jenkins. Jenkins is an open source software, with a number of excellent plug-ins, relying on these plugins, we can complete a number of cycles, tedious, complex tasks. For example, the ongoing release we share today, although Jenkins solves our tedious and complex cyclical operations, does not address our need to build

Docker combined with Jenkins, gitlab implementation. Continuous integration practice of Netcore

The goal of this paper is to implement ASP NET core-based practicesOperating Environment Cent OS 7 VS Code . NET Core Cmder Run Docker, set up the Docker image Accelerator, or the internal download image will be slow. To learn how to get started with

Use of Docker-related Jenkins plug-ins

Use of Docker-related Jenkins plug-insJenkins plug-ins related to Docker use Jenkins plug-ins related to Docker Search for Docker-related plug-ins on the Jenkins Plugin page, which incl

Docker+jenkins+golang Continuous Integration Practice [reprint Self's blog]

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Blog Address: Cause Because production needs have recently re-toss Jenkins and Docker. The main purpose is to automatically compile, package, and deploy some Golang httpserver. So decided to use Jenkins to do this continuous integration carrier, choose

. netcore MVC Docker Environment Jenkins One-click Deployment (DEVOPS)

ObjectiveDevOps articles are very early to share, squeeze a little time to build some of the previous time to improve the development of the efficiency of things to share with you.This article describes a. Netcore MVC Web project, starting from project push to GitHub Automatically pull the replacement code from GitHub Compile, build, publish Stop the Docker container and remove the Docker

Build Springboot services based on K8s, Docker, and Jenkins

: springcloudtest spec: containers: - name: springclouttest image: springcloudtest:201805272108 ports: - containerPort: 9091 protocol: TCP$ vi springcloudtest.patch{"spec":{"template":{"spec":{"containers":[{"name":"springclouttest","image":"springcloudtest:201805052039"}]}}}}Build Jenkins Task: Springclouttest构建完成后,kub

Docker: Alpinelinux Install Jenkins

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. The text of this text connection is: not allowed to reprint without the Bo master.Bo main address is: Http:// 1, installing Jenkins Jenkins is a powerful tool for continuous construction. It's a very handy tool.The simplest way to install it i

Backup and reuse of Jenkins Docker containers

Jenkins configuration file Backup:Docker CP Focused_bhaskara:/var/jekins_home./jenkins_homeWhere Focused_bhaskara is the name of the currently running Jenkins container and is available through Docker PS viewing names.Docker create-v/var/jenkins_home--name JENKINS-DVMake the data volume container and run:1. Jenkins_hom

Simple project Deployment for Jenkins+docker

How to use Docker to implement the release of new projects, typically in two ways, take a web container as an example:1: Customize a generic web container image, in logical volume-V mode, associate the WebApp directory to the host, and each time a new version is released, you only need to update the project package for the associated directory on the host (for example, the war package), and then restart the

Use Jenkins from scratch to build a Docker container (Ubuntu 14.04)

/bin/docker run-p the: the-D Apache4. After the configuration is complete, save5. Configure Jenkins UsersIt cannot be built at this time because the Jenkins trigger script is not the root user, so Jenkins is required to be exempt from the user and the user is added to the Docker

Jenkins Docker-plugin and Kubernetes-plugin plug-in practical case

How to use Jenkins docker-plugin:Node {stage (' Clone Code ') {dir (' baas-ops ') {git credentialsid: ' Umarkci ', URL: ' [Emailprotected]******.com:umark/baas-ops.git '}} stage (' Unit testing ') { Docker.image (' BusyBox '). Inside {sh ' echo "Unit testing step!!!" ' }} stage (' Build ') {docker.image (' BusyBox '). Inside {sh ' echo Build Step!!! ' }} stage ('

Jenkins builds Docker images to upload to harbor and publishes to Kubernetes

Wrote an article about Jenkins integrated Docker very early, using the cloudbees Docker Build and Publish plugin plugin. This article is done directly with the shell script, mainly this time there is a need to detect whether the harbor warehouse is already existing to build the image, if it exists to abandon the build,

Docker and Jenkins Learning

/:/root/.m2/repository-v/opt/maven/settings.xml:/ Root/.m2/settings.xml-w/usr/src/workspace maven mvn clean package-u-dmaven.test.skip=true "}} Stage (' Remove old container ') {steps{Sh ' cid=$ (docker PS | grep$JOB _name | awk \ ' {print $1}\ ')If ["$CID"! = ""];thenDocker Rm-f $CIDFi ""}} Stage (' rebuild image ') {Steps {Sh ' cid=$ (Docker

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