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Google Docs download-quick batch download of Google Docs documents

Google Docs DownloadIs the Greasemonkey script of Firefox, used to downloadGoogle DocsDocumentation, with DownThemAll extension, batch download can be implemented. Today andGoogle DocsFinished,Google Docs DownloadUnlike GDocBackup, the download format is optional or specified. InstallGoogle Docs DownloadAfter the scriptGoogle DocsAddDownload Your Document

Baidu docs How to use Baidu Docs online processing Tools Tutorial

Baidu docs How to use? Recently, Baidu has belatedly launched a Baidu doc such a project, is generally able to meet the needs of Word users. Green tea Le elder brother share a Baidu docs online processing tools to use the tutorial, hope to help everyone! Although most people are currently working to support the domestic WPS, but still have a lot of friends will be more habitual use of Microsoft's classic O

"Kubernetes" ubuntu14.04 64-bit construction kubernetes process

Background:Kubernetes Introduction: http://kubernetes.io/docs/getting-started-guides/GitHub Address: Https://github.com/kubernetes/kubernetesInstall the documentation on Ubuntu official address: http://kubernetes.io/docs/getting-started-guides/ubuntu/Environment: Master: Ubunut14.04 (NAT) Minion1: Ubun

Spark 2.3.0+kubernetes Application Deployment

command creates a service account called Spark: $ kubectl createserviceaccount Spark Grant Service account role or Clusterrole, a rolebinding or clusterrolebinding is necessary. Create a rolebinding or clusterrolebinding that the user can use Kubectl create rolebinding (or clusterrolebinding) command. For example, the following command creates a editclusterrole in the default namespace and grants it to the Spark service account: $ kubectl createclusterrolebinding spark-role--clusterrole=edit--

Introduction to Kubernetes system architecture

container.4.3. ProxyProxy is designed to address the external network's ability to access the application services provided across the container in the machine cluster, and from 3-3 the proxy service is also running on each minion. Proxy provides TCP/UDP sockets proxy, each creating a service,proxy mainly from ETCD to obtain services and endpoints configuration information, or can also be obtained from file, Then, based on the configuration information, a proxy process is started on Minion and

How to build Kubernetes Platform (build Kubernetes Platform Scenario Reference)

).MetricsHere is official suggested solution as follows. For more informaton, please see Tools for monitoring Compute, Storage, and Network ResourcesGrafana + heapster/prometheus + cadvisor + InfluxDBHeapster As a Metircs aggregator and processorInfluxDB Time Series database for storageGrafana As a dashboarding and alerting solutionCadvisor Have been built in Kubelet, which collects host metrics like CPUs, disk space, and memory utilization, in addition to Container metrics.And also, here's a pr

Kubernetes Landing | Not holding, foreign companies to kubernetes migration practices

Guide:Kubernetes a ride on the dust to open, then the enterprise should start to kubernetes migration? Under what circumstances do you really accept it? Some of the technology frontier companies first-step practice is probably the most persuasive and reference value. This article is a good reference.1Kubernetes now rage, it is part of a massive cloud-native movement. All major cloud providers use it as a solution for deploying cloud-native application

A Google Docs client tool we made by ourselves. welcome to use it.

Our team recently released a Google Docs client:Gdocsdrive. Website:Www.gdocsdrive.comWindows-based desktop software. You can drag and drop files and folders of any type to Google Docs. So that Google Docs can be turned into a realGoogle Drive (gdrive). Currently, there are several client software related to Google docs

Google Docs product manager Jonathan Rochelle

This is a busy time for Google Docs. When Google seeks to reduce its budget, it is inevitable that a free or low-priced product like Google Docs will be at risk. On the one hand, Google constantly launches new features for its own products, such as offline Gmail. On the other hand, other vendors such as Microsoft and Apple have also launched their own online office products. For these reasons, the venturebe

What is Kubernetes?

manage applications. tags empower users to organize their resources on demand, and the annotation feature enables users to add customized information to specific resources to facilitate their workflow implementation and provides a workaround for the management tool's stateful inspection. In addition, the Kubernetes Control Panel is built based on APIs, which are also useful for developers and users, who can write their own controllers, dispatchers, a

How to submit translation contributions to Microsoft Docs and the localization community

Docs (docs.microsoft.com), a new version of Microsoft's documentation site, has re-planned the document structure of each technology stack to look better than MSDN. Although Docs is available in a variety of languages, most are machine translation, and some Chinese documents are largely unreadable. So Microsoft encourages community participants to submit localized content. For Microsoft MVP, participating i

[Kubernetes] Kubernetes's Network model

The Kubernetes network model is made up of four parts from inside to outside: The network where the pod interior container resides The network where the pod resides Network for communication between pod and service Network of communication between outside and service It is recommended that you understand the network model of Docker before reading this article. Refer to the author's first two articles [

Android Development Help Docs doc Open slow solve _python article

;import Java.io.filereader;import Java.io.filewriter;import Java.io.ioexception;public class Formatdoc {public static int j=1; /** * @param args */public static void main (string[] args) {File file = new file ("d:/android/a Ndroid-sdk-windows/docs/"); Searchdirectory (file, 0); System.out.println ("over"); } public static void Searchdirectory (File f, int depth) {if (!f.isdirectory ()) {String fileName = f . GetName ();

Syncovery:google Docs protocol completely replaced with Google drive

Google Docs protocol completely replaced with Google DriveIn May, the older Google Docs API is shut down by Google, and it can no longer be used.It has been completely replaced and the newer Google drive protocol.To handle the situation, the new versions 7.17 and 7.20 beta of syncovery has been releaed.The Google Drive protocol can now fulfill all tasks, the obsolete Google

Call the Django admin documentation docs!

. admindocs' After completing the above, we can access some very useful docs after logging on to the admin background. Note the following issues: 1, need the support of docutils this module. Is: http://docutils.sf.net/ 2. be sure to note (R' ^ admin/doc/', include ('django. contrib. admindocs. URLs '), place the location (or order), note that you must place(R '^ admin/(. *)', admin. Site. root). Put the code above the line below, it will cause a 404 e

Some updates to the Google Docs drawing tool

By collecting user feedback, Google has improved the drawing. The following are some major changes: Shape selectionPress and hold the ALT (MAC option) Key and drag the mouse to select multiple graphic objects in the target area.Press shift to select a graph and add it to the currently selected graph object. PolygonAfter a polygon is completed, you can continue to draw the next polygon without selecting "polygon mode" again ". Run the ESC key to exit the polygon mode ".You can use ESC to ex

Microsoft provides real-time editing capabilities similar to Google Docs for Office Web applications

Microsoft's Office Web apps today is finally supporting real-time editing, a feature similar to Google Docs, which allows multiple members of the team to edit documents online at the same time, and now supports Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Although the office Web apps has been able to support editing and sharing of files since it was online, the essential collaboration capabilities of the team have been missing, as early as June this year, Microsoft p

Spring REST Docs 1.1.2 Released, bug fixes

Spring Rest Docs 1.1.2 is released, and spring rest docs helps you manage RESTful service documents, use Asciidoctor to write documents (Tengyun technology ty300.com), and use Spring MVC Test. Automatically generated Fragment.This version is mainly to fix some bugs (diligent beginner tutorial qkxue.net), please refer to the Release notes: Http://spring.io/blog/2016/08/31/spring-rest-

Use Google Docs to monitor whether the website is online

There are many tools and services for monitoring servers and VPS. For example, open-source tools include Nagios, Cacti, Zabbix, Zenoss, Ganglia ,... If you do not want to host these monitoring software, you can consider outsourcing to third-party services, such as Pingdom, ServerDensity, ScoutApp, and PagerDuty. If you don't have many requirements, just want to monitor the website, rather than the performance metrics of the entire server, you can consider some free monitoring services, such as m

Firefox + gmail + Google Docs cross-platform collaborative Office

Let 1000 people from all over the world work together to write a novel or paper? M $ office? No. Can openoffice? No.Google DocsYes! Now you only need a gmail mailbox and a Firefox browser to run the office locally, common features such as m $ office, openoffice, abiword, and gnumeric, as well as collaborative office functions that cannot be implemented by local office. You can also use a mailbox that is not at the end of @ gmail.com, such as a mm@qq.com; mm@163.com, but must be registered on the

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