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LACP Study Notes

the Standby port. In a aggregation group, the primary port with the smallest port number in the Selected state is the aggregation group's main port, and the other ports in the Selected State are the member ports of the aggregation group.Note:Unlike a manual aggregation group, in a static or dynamic aggregation group, the DOWN port isStandby status.Iii. LACP implementation principle1. Principle of manual AggregationManual Load Balancing Mode Link aggr

Cisco 2960 switch implements LACP link aggregation with Windows Server 2012

Microsoft's Windows Server 2012 has been able to support LACP link aggregation, due to the use of link aggregation can achieve line redundancy and bandwidth increase, here I used a Cisco 2960 to do a test for interested friends reference.Experiment Preparation:Cisco switch 29,601, install server 2012 servers, there are two Gigabit network card, network cable two

Scenario 9-shared uplink set with active/active uplink, 802.3ad (lacp)-Flex-10

Summary: Deploy sus to support multiple VLANs. Uplink enables lacp to aggregate links. Configure VLAN trunk or VLAN tagging in the uplink switch port Requirements: 1 c7000 Two flex-10 or flexfabric modules are installed on the interconnection modules bay1 and bay2. 2 VC-FC (Fiber Channel) modules installed on the interconnection module bay5, bay6 1 bl460 G8 server (LOM supports flex-10 technology, and a 2-port mezzanine HbA card is installed at mezzan

Four modes of LACP and PAGP

Four modes of PAGP Mode Meaning Open (ON) The port does not negotiate, directly form the Ethernet channel, in this mode, the peer must also be on mode, the Ethernet channel to work properly. Off (off) Block ports from forming an Ethernet channel Automatic (Auto) In automatic mode, passive listening, do not initiate negotiation, wait for PAGP to negotiate the request packet, when the request occurs, the Ethernet chan

Switch Channel-group EtherChannel (PAgP, LACP) technical basic configuration

protocol.There are currently two negotiation protocols: PAgP and LACP,PAGP (Port Convergence Protocol Port Aggregation Protocol) is a Cisco private protocol, while LACP (Link Aggregation Control protocol link Aggregation controls PROTOCOL) is an international standard based on IEEE 802.3ad.The pattern of forming EtherChannel: 650) this.width=650; "Src=" Wkiol1sg9bpqauo

Application of Mc-lag and RTG in data center network

interfaces GE-3/0/9 description "to XXX-EX92XX-1_GE-5/0/9"//point to the main core of Group CSet Interfaces Ae4 vlan-taggingSet interfaces ae4 Unit 0 family ethernet-switching Interface-mode TrunkSet interfaces ae4 Unit 0 family ethernet-switching VLAN members 452//Newly added three network segmentsSet interfaces ae4 Unit 0 family ethernet-switching VLAN members 652Set interfaces ae4 Unit 0 family ethernet-switching VLAN Members 752Set interfaces Ae4

Network Management and network configuration (Net-tools family (ifcfg family), Iproute family, NM family)

previous bonding technology; in CentOS7, A network group is implemented by a kernel driver in the kernel and a daemon called TEAMD. The network group can realize the following 5 kinds of working modes, the working mode is also called "The Runner (runner)": Broadcast, Roundrobin, Activebackup, loadbalance, LACP (Link Aggregation Control Protocol).

Get the network card name, network card description, network card MAC address, network card IP, network card type and other information and whether the network cable is plugged into the state

using the API functions provided by the Windows SDK GetAdaptersInfo () can obtain the network card name of all network cards, network card description, network card MAC address, network card IP, network card type and other informa

Operation Record of binding network card under Linux

Company procurement of the server installed dual network card, and bond network card binding settings, Nic binding mode A total of seven kinds (0~6) bond0, Bond1, Bond2, Bond3, Bond4, Bond5, Bond6.First mode: Mod=0 , ie: (BALANCE-RR) Round-robin policy (balanced Whirl cycle strategy )Features: Transmission packet sequence is transmitted sequentially (that is: the 1th packet to go eth0, the next package will

Display and disappear of qq network status bar of a mobile phone; display when there is no network; automatically disappear when there is a network; click the network bar to set the network, qq

Display and disappear of qq network status bar of a mobile phone; display when there is no network; automatically disappear when there is a network; click the network bar to set the network, qq Follow finddreams, share and make progress together:Http://

The distinction between wired network card and wireless network card, physical network card and virtual network card

Gets the network card MAC address, physical address of the current active stateWMIC commands:win32_networkadapter and Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration. Where the cmd command line executes:1. Wmic Path win32_networkadapter get Guid,macaddress,netenabled,physicaladapter, IndexNote:GUID: Connection unique identifier;MACAddress: Network card address;Netenabled: Whether the adapter is enabled, True is enable

Blockchain Academy (Lesson three): Ethereum production network/test network/private network +geth build private network combat

To understand Ethereum Privatenetwork first to understand the two official Ethereum network, now Ethereum officially provides two kinds of network: Production Environment Network Test network Testnet The following is a brief explanation of the two types of networks. Ethereum Production

XenServer Network stack Open vswitch mode

In the previous article, we introduced the XenServer Bridge network stack pattern, and now in this document we will cover another open-source network stack pattern supported by XenServer: Open vswitch. XenServer now the version of the deployment is installed by default in open Vswitch mode, if we do not need to do LACP or bind more

Network Team, Network Team

Network Team, Network Team Network Group team: Aggregates multiple network cards for fault tolerance and throughput improvement. 1. Create a network group Interface Nmcli connection add type team con-name TEAMname ifname INTname [config JSON] TEAMname indicates the connectio

How to Master Windows Server 2012 network card Aggregation (NIC teaming)

, and load equalization can be achieved only when connected to the same switch. Switch dependency mode This mode requires the switch to participate in network aggregation, and requires all network aggregation group cards to be connected to the same physical switch or to be implemented as a single physical switch in cascaded multiple-switch mode; Depending on the mode supported by the switch, there are two

Network Programming (1) -- easy understanding of network resource positioning and Network Programming Network Resources

Network Programming (1) -- easy understanding of network resource positioning and Network Programming Network Resources It sounds very difficult to learn network programming at the beginning. At that time, if you followed the correct method and understood more, it would be e

Notebook wireless network Win10 system, desktop Wood has a wireless network card, through a network connection two computers, so that the desktop network.

The first step is to connect the laptop and the desktop with a network cable, open the WIN10 change adapter option as followsThe second step is to set up IPV4 addresses for notebooks and desktops to be automatically acquired, and my notebook is connected via "Ethernet" and desktop, which is actually a local connection.Third, right-click Wi-Fi, tap properties, select the Sharing tab, and tick allow other network

Culture network, our culture network, Wuhan culture network, and Hubei culture network

Introduction to our culture network channel framework This world is a field of practice designed to purify the human mind. It is also the purpose of life to improve human nature through practice and create a more perfect personality. If you recognize the purpose of your life, there will not be so many self-brewed tragedies. People need an attitude to live. A positive and optimistic attitude, guided by this attitude, to understand the true meaning of

One Network Card connects two network segments (public network and virtual network)

My personal data is stored in MySQL in the virtual machine. It is maintained using PHP. Therefore, to control the BSD system in the virtual machine or access the PHP webpage, you must establish a network connection with the virtual machine. This is not a problem, but it is also difficult to connect to the Internet. because the Internet is sometimes not fixed, sometimes it can be obtained through DHCP, and sometimes it can only be set statically. som

"No network provider accepts the specified network path" or "No network provider accepted the given network path specified

The reasons are as follows:1. The Service has stopped: Generally there are three services: workstation, server, and Computer Browser. Check whether the service is stopped and set it to automatic and then start. 2. the workstation and server services cannot be system. Find the same system as your system, enter the system32/drivers folder, and find the rdbss. sys and mrxsmb. sys files. Copy to the corresponding location of your system. Start the Workstation Service. 3. Uninstall the NIC and rein

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