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Elementary stream, packetized elementary stream, transport stream, and Program Stream

Elementary stream In the MPEG-2, bit streams that contain encoded images, sounds, or data are called the basic stream ES (elementary stream ), it only contains one type of data (audio, video, or subtitle). What we call "audio", "video", or "bit

Java Learning Note IO stream

I. Input/output stream 1. Stream: Different types of input, output source data streams: input or output data All of the interfaces and classes of the Java data stream are defined in the package, so you should add them at the

Input and output stream and file stream operation notes in C + +

1, the flow of controlIomanip This header file should be included when using formatted I/O.Stdiostream for mixing C and C + + I/o mechanisms, for example to convert C programs to C + + programs2. Class inheritance RelationshipiOS is an abstract base

The effect of the UNIX stream mode and the PK of the socket

The hierarchical Driver Design has many applications on windows, but it actually started from Unix. As early as the time when Unix was a future dispute, there was no TCP/IP at that time, someone proposed "pushing a stream into another stream" for

PHP stream Streams, wrapper concept and usage examples, streamswrapper

PHP stream Streams, wrapper concept and usage examples, streamswrapper This article describes the concepts and usage of PHP stream Streams and wrapper. We will share this with you for your reference. The details are as follows: The concept of stream

Input/output stream details

Because the program often has a lot of input and output operations on files, it often forms the main part of the program, so the C language provides a lot of input and output functions, they are used for two types of file input and output systems:

Java IO Stream

A description of the object-oriented approach. For polymorphism, you can use subclasses to instantiate the parent class, which is very important for object-oriented, but some of the unique methods in subclasses are out of use, and this can be done

[C #] Learn from the story: stream (II)

  From: Textreader and streamreader Why do you want to introduce textreader? First, let's understand what textreader is. If we start with the literal meaning, we will suddenly realize

C/C ++ input/output stream Summary

C/C ++Input and output stream Summary  When I wrote my c ++ internship assignment two days ago, I suddenly found that I/O was so strange that I/O files were not opened for a long time. Today, I finally decided to find a book, sort it out and share

Input/Output stream Summary (reprint)

C + + supports two I/O, the first of which is inherited from the C language, and is an object-oriented I/O system defined by C + +.1, int getchar (void), return an integer value, or specify the value as a char variable, because the character is

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