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How to learn PHP well, now learn a good blind, do not know what to learn, how to learn?

Reply content:Basic syntax Coding techniques, coding specifications Various functions Various PHP modules Learn a CMS or two-time development Learn about Pdo,ado, data-driven layers, and learn MySQL on the go Error mechanism Object oriented Use a framework to help develop Magic method Design Patterns Reflection Write all kinds of tools, drivers. Write a small fra

Learn Python find it difficult to learn a programming language, what are the methods or techniques to learn programming?

reading is not enough, actual combat is the most important, so-called learning, such as in the "Python core programming 2" after class exercises/learning some small script/etc., here are several sites for the Python script instance study: (1). Code share list--Python (2). Python Code Library (3). https:// searchcode.com/ (4). GitHub best choice, more search some related projects, look at someone else's code, copy the wheel!! 4. Advanced entryThe Python advanced section of learning can ref

C ++ experts learn advice and learn with an open mind ~~ [Reprinted], advice and learn modestly

C ++ experts learn advice and learn with an open mind ~~ [Reprinted], advice and learn modestly 1. Take C ++ as a new language learning (it has nothing to do with C! True .); 2. Read Thinking In C ++ instead of C ++. 3. read "The C ++ Programming Language" and "Inside The C ++ Object Model". Do not read them because they are difficult and we are beginners; 4. Do

How can we learn php well and learn it blindly? how can we learn it?

Php Chinese network (www.php.cn) provides the most comprehensive basic tutorial on programming technology, introducing HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Java, Ruby, C, PHP, basic knowledge of MySQL and other programming languages. At the same time, this site also provides a large number of online instances, through which you can better learn programming... Reply content: Basic syntax Coding skills and coding specifications Various functions Various PHP m

How can we learn php well and learn it blindly? How can we learn it?

0 reply content: basic syntax Coding skills and coding specifications Various functions Various PHP modules Learning a cms or secondary development Learn about PDO, ADO, data driver layer, and mysql Error Reporting Mechanism Object-oriented Use a framework to help developers Magic Design Mode Reflection Write tools and drivers. Write a small framework by yourself (to be honest, you don't have so much energy to write it. You need to understand a lot of

PHP Learning Notes (i) Simple learn php,php Learn notes Learn _php Tutorials

PHP Learning Notes (a) easy to learn php,php learn notes Target planning: With the first lesson, we can learn about the PHP environment. 1. Understanding of the environment: 2. Access method: 3. Modify the code and view it. 4. Use of variables 5. Code indentation to have a hierarchical relationship, and the best between the code to keep blank lines 6. Variable N

What do you want to learn from C + +? What can I do when I finish C + +? Did you learn to be a food eater?

ObjectiveCommon problemsSchool curriculum design is not perfect, involving a wide range of what is not in-depth.Teachers lack practical work experience, for example, I often see teachers often teach students to do math problems such as small programs, but in the actual work, we do not play this.In my opinion, to learn a programming language, there is no need to limit the classroom, on the one hand is slow, on the other hand, if you want to

Learn the basics of Python's pytest framework and learn to prepare for it

Test practitioners Learn what Python should know:The first is the variables and data types, followed by a list, a dictionary, and some Json processing, and then the loop judgment and the functions or classes. The Focus:1. Cycle judgment and the dictionary this is the point.2. Functions and classes, classes of learning this piece takes more time to learn its integration, encapsulation, polymorphism, and so o

Is Linux difficult to learn? Learn Linux for Beginners

Learn Linux is it difficult to develop? linux Beginners are often asked questions, in fact, Linux and Windows are all part of the operating system, For most people, the Windows operating system is very familiar with, and the Linux operating system has not been used, so it is difficult to find, in fact, You can use the Linux operating system as easily as Windows, as long as you master its command and some system rules ! want to

Learn Java to do projects need to learn some skills _java

Java is used to do the project! Java's main area of application is enterprise-level project development! To engage in enterprise-level project development, you need to master the following points: 1, master the basic steps of project development 2, with a strong object-oriented analysis and design skills 3, master use case driven, architecture as the core of the mainstream development method No one wants to be satisfied with their own life to master a number of code implementation skills, ot

Learn CSS Tutorials: learn CSS page layouts

Article Introduction: you may know what the selector is, what is called the attribute, what is the value, maybe you have a little bit of one or two on the CSS layout, but that's not enough. If you want to learn HTML and CSS from the beginning, I suggest you take a serious look at this tutorial. Otherwise, in the work, you still fall into the mire of confusion struggling. This article introduces the CSS basics that are now

[Four days Learn Ajax] Learn the first day of Ajax tutorials

ajax| Tutorial Ajax is made up of HTML, JavaScript™ technology, DHTML, and DOM, an excellent way to translate clumsy WEB interfaces into interactive Ajax applications. The author of this article is an Ajax expert who demonstrates how these technologies work together-from a general overview to a detailed discussion-to make efficient WEB development a reality. He also uncovered the mysteries of Ajax's core concepts, including XMLHttpRequest objects. Five years ago, if you didn't know XML, you wer

[Four days learn Ajax] Learn Ajax tutorials fourth day, using DOM for WEB response

some of the DOM related links in resources). But more importantly, the DOM defines the object's type and properties, allowing the browser to represent markup. (The next article in this series will specifically describe the specification for using DOM in JavaScript and Ajax code.) ) Document objects First, you need to access the object model itself. This is very easy; To use the built-in document variable in any JavaScript code running on a Web page, you can write the following code: var dom

When you learn a compilation, you can use an disassembly tool like Ida to help you learn, and then dynamically debug with GdB or Ida to track the execution of each instruction. It's not hard.

"]" between the value of the left operand, here is put Eax+2*eax into eax.and the sixth Line Assembly is actually the meaning of the value pointed to by the pointer, that is, Intel compiled:MOV Eax,[edx+4*eax]It means taking the value of the memory address edx+4*eax and putting it in the eax. As for what this value is, we do not know, so the book also only wrote a m[...].If you turn the mov of the last instruction into a lea:Lea Eax,[edx+4*eax]It means to put the value of Edx+4*eax in the EAX.W

Python first stage Learn how to learn python well

, every day to find some of their own websites, such as stocks, funds, jokes, news categories can be. In addition, the individual think that MySQL technology in the market demand is still very objective, so every day can also do MySQL operation, especially when the SQL statement we have to remember, because the SQL statement applies to a variety of databases.The above-mentioned personal summary of their first stage, including their own problems and their own way to solve the problem, I hope to

The little knowledge you have to learn before you learn the shell

of substitution and append, and then there are two symbols that are here 2> and 2>> indicate error redirection and error append redirect respectively , when we run a command error, the error message will be output to the current screen, if you want to redirect to a text, you need to use 2> or 2>>[] brackets, the middle is a combination of characters, representing any of the intermediate characters, ls-d Test[1-3]When using ";", Command2 will be executed regardless of whether Command1 is execute

Learn from the learning of Linux (10)--Know and learn bash

In a Linux environment, if you don't know bash, then you don't have to learn anything else. The core of Linux was the kernel, and our users had to interact with the kernel through something to manipulate Linux. This thing is the shell. The shell is actually a user interface, here we mainly describe the most commonly used bash shell. He is the Linux preset shell.1. First introduce several instructions:History: Command modification ability to list the u

[Learn notes]** write pure HTML JSP applications-Learn to use

completely solves this problem, can let you write "pure HTML" JSP page number---the benefit of this naturally self-evident: higher maintainability, higher component reuse efficiency, Easier to maintain HTML page ' ' Little brother, just began to learn jstl, think this dongdong really very good! Want to let more beginners know this, and can apply to the actual web development. Now, let's start writing our first tag!. * * Below is a JSP file with a s

A graduate's heartfelt words: How to spend college life-to learn younger brother Learn Sister _ notebook

A graduate's heartfelt words: How to spend college life-to learn younger brother October 17th, 2015 One, you love and hate, graduation day will disappear. I remember the days when I graduated from college I listened to the "Phoenix Flowers Open the intersection", heard "time of the river into the current, and finally we separate away." I can't stop the tears, once I can easily say, no longer see the people. When the graduation, but in his notebook to

Learn PHP Talk about how beginners learn PHP Silent Classic version

Talk about how beginners learn php ^_^ Author: silently The article at the beginning of the list of so many contact, it will inevitably make you feel a bit of ad's meaning, but can not be questioned, there is really so little performance to ^_^, although sometimes too meticulous will be said mother, but fortunately this meticulous for programming, or pretty good! From silently to others ask how to learn PHP

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