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IBM DB2 Administration Server Remote Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

Release date:Updated on: Affected Systems:IBM DB2 Administration Server 9.xDescription:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bugtraq id: 46052 IBM DB2 is a large-scale commercial relational database system for e-commerce, commercial information, content management, customer relationship management, and other applications, it can run on AIX, HP-UX,

WIN2012R2 Hyper-V Beginner Tutorial 10-Non-shared storage live migration with remote administration tools

=" 0 "alt=" wps3D04.tmp "src=" Http:// "width=" 574 "height=" 454 "/>18, the front we talked about is the operation of the graphical interface, in fact, for Windows I prefer the GUI operation, but in order to improve operational efficiency, PowerShell CLI is a good thing, let's use the command line migration to try:MOVE-VM testserver01.testad.local-computername win2012r2-test03-destinationhost TestServer02.testad.localThis article f

webmin| Linux Administrator Remote Administration tool

Introduced:Webmin is a web-based interface for system administration for Unix. Using any modern web browser, you can setup the user accounts, Apache, DNS, file sharing and much more. Webmin removes the need to manually edit Unix configuration files like/etc/passwd, and lets you manage a system F Rom the console or remotely. See Thestandard Modules page for a list of all the functions built into WebminWebmin allows you to manage your hosts remotely usi

Linux common system administration commands (top, free, kill, DF)

processes so that they can serve the user well.The Linux operating system consists of three different types of processes, each of which has its own characteristics and attributes. An interactive process is a process that is initiated by a shell. The interactive process can be run either in the foreground or in the background. The batch process and terminal are not linked, and are a sequence of processes. A process that is started when the

Linux notes (13)-System administration

(1) Process management1. Determine the server health status2. View the processA. Viewing all processes in the system: PSExample: PS aux (using BSD OS command format)A show all foreground processesX Show all background processesU shows which user generatedPs-le (using the Linux Standard command format)-L display more detailed information-E Show All processesResult descriptionVSZ: Occupies virtual memory size

Linux File System administration Commands (second edition)

Linux File System administration commandsCommon Commands1. DF command to view the usage of the partitionCommon options-H More Humane-m displays partition usage in megabytesDisplay information:Mounted on: Mount pointFilesystem: The specific hardware name that corresponds to2, du command to view the file/directory size, by default in K unitsCommon options:-H "Humanity"Du-h/home/xiaofang-S "Statistic statistic

Linux user creation, administration, rights assignment

, no permission is- The fourth character represents the owner execution permission, if the permission is x, no permission is- Fifth character represents the owner of the same group of user Read permission, if the permission is R, No permission is- The sixth character is the owner of the same group of user write permissions, if the permission is W, no permission is- The seventh character indicates that the owner is the same as the group user execution permissions, if the permission is x, no permi

Linux System administration commands

also useful when creating a RAM disk.Module classLsmodDegree of importance: MediumLists all installed kernel modules.InsmodDegree of importance: MediumForce the installation of a kernel module (instead of using modprobe if possible) must be called as root.RmmodDegree of importance: MediumForces the uninstallation of a kernel module. Must be called as root.ModprobeDegree of importance: MediumThe module loader, in general, is automatically called in the startup script. Must be called as root.Depm

Linux network-based batch installation tutorial, DHCP server + TFTP server + FTP Server + Kickstart file,

Linux network-based batch installation tutorial, DHCP server + TFTP server + FTP Server + Kickstart file, Preparation: DHCP server TFTP Server FTP

Linux ntp time server configuration tutorial, ntp server configuration

Linux ntp time server configuration tutorial, ntp server configuration Network Time Protocol (NTP) is also a new test requirement for RHCE. During study, I also reviewed how to set the Linux Time. Now I will share it with you. It is not difficult to set up the NTP

Linux LVS (Linux virtual Server) V1.26 Load Balancer Detailed configuration tutorial

bindings on the RS side, do not set 0 even if the VIP bindings are stoppedif [${#VIP [@]}-le 1];thenecho "0" >/proc/sys/net/ipv4/config/lo/arp_ignoreecho "0" >/proc/sys/net/ipv4/config/lo/arp_announceecho "0" >/proc/sys/net/ipv4/config/all/arp_ignoreecho "0" >/proc/sys/net/ipv4/config/all/arp_announceFi Inspection of the service provided by the RS node itself Auxiliary exclusion Tool Tcpdump Ping Load balancing and reverse proxy clusters 2.4.4 LVS make Error[[email protected] i

Hengyang high-Protection server renting a DNS server in Linux environment tutorial

Hengyang High-protection server rental A tutorial on setting up a DNS server under LinuxDNS is the abbreviation for the domain Name System, the computer and Network Service naming system for the organization domain hierarchy. When a user enters a DNS name in the application, the DNS service can resolve the name to the IP address information associated with this n

Tutorial on installing redis database on Linux server, linuxredis

Tutorial on installing redis database on Linux server, linuxredis Previously, Alan told you about jdk installation. In this article, we will talk about the installation of redis non-relational databases on Linux servers. Redis Introduction REmote DIctionary Server (Redis)

Linux Server Installation JDK running environment tutorial, linuxjdk

Linux Server Installation JDK running environment tutorial, linuxjdk Alan may be on a business trip to Shanghai in a few days. What should I do on a business trip? Of course, the deployment project is launched! Therefore, you must learn to install and deploy the project running environment on the Linux service! Today,

Linux Server installation JDK running Environment tutorial

exit exit Edit mode return command mode input: Wq Save and exit vimRefresh the. bashrc fileNote: We are now configuring this environment variable belongs to the current user, if you want to configure the global is to use the following way, of course, there are other ways, here no longer elaborated, the thing is dead, people are aliveThe final step: Let's test if the JDK runtime is successfully installed, either through the Java-version command or by entering the Java command directly, you can t

Install the Memcache server in Linux _ PHP Tutorial

Install the Memcache server in Linux. In linux, memcache server installation server is mainly to install memcache server, the latest version is memcached-1.3.0. Download: install the memcache

Walkthrough of Creating a Dialog box in a Linux interactive shell script Tutorial _linux Server

;3) Exitstatus=$?if[$exitstatus =0]; Then Echo "The chosen distro is:"$DISTROSElse Echo "You chose Cancel."fiCreate a Table dialog boxThe Radiolist dialog box is useful when you want to let the user select a list of multiple options in the Checklist dialog box, allowing only one to select.Grammar:Whiptail–title "" –checklist "" [] ...Instance:#!/bin/Bashdistros=$ (Whiptail--title"Test Checklist Dialog"--Checklist"Choose preferred Linux distros"

Linux CentOS7: LVS + Keepalived Server Load balancer installation and configuration tutorial, centos7keepalived

Linux CentOS7: LVS + Keepalived Server Load balancer installation and configuration tutorial, centos7keepalived I. LVS (Linux Virtual Server) LVS is short for Linux Virtual Server. It

Linux under Memcache server-side installation _php Tutorial

Linux under Memcache server-side installation Server side is mainly installed Memcache server side, the current version is memcached-1.3.0. Download: In addition, Memcache used the libevent this library for socket processing, so you also need to install the lat

Linux Tutorial: how to install Ubuntu Desktop through a proxy server

. Go to the Network menu. Manually configure the proxy server. Next, open a terminal. Run the following command to switch to the root user: $ sudosu Finally, enter the following command under the root user. # ubiquity gtk_ui Then, the GUI-based Ubuntu installer will be started. Continue to install the remaining parts. Recommended reading: Ubuntu 14.04Download, install, configure related knowledge

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