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Linux about Apache set level two domain name binding two level directory method

Background: For some forum sites, some directories need to set up a two-level domain name to visit, this time will be in Apache with a two-level domain name binding level two directory.Method:1. First you need to find the Apache installation path, locate the Apache configura

QQ free Domain name mailbox How to set up? QQ free domain name Mailbox Setup diagram

First, this login email: Click "Settings" after entering, then click "Account" under "Mailbox Settings", see illustration: Roll the scroll bar to the "Domain name mailbox", click "Manage Domain Name mailbox ...", see diagram: Click "Manage domai

About Tomcat virtual host domain name settings-set local host domain name

Http:// 1. Set the Domain Name of the local hostHosts is a system file without an extension. It can be opened using notepad and other tools. Its function is to associate some common website domain names with their corresponding IP addresses to a "Database ", when you e

[Apache] uses serveralias in Apache to set a virtual host to receive multiple domain names and set wildcard domain name resolution.

Serveralias: Server alias. It can be used in Apache to set the domain name received by the VM or to receive the domain name for wildcard resolution. The specific settings are as follows: 1. Set the VM to receive multiple

Bind a domain name in linux, such as modifying the hosts file to bind a domain name IP address in windows.

Linux binds a domain name, such as modifying the hosts file to bind a domain name IP address in windows. Windows linux binds a domain name h

[Linux] install DNS domain name resolution service, linuxdns domain name resolution

[Linux] install DNS domain name resolution service, linuxdns domain name resolution In Linux, DNS is implemented using bind. Hardware and Configuration: Machine IP Address Machine

Tomcat domain name configuration in linux, linuxtomcat Domain Name

Tomcat domain name configuration in linux, linuxtomcat Domain NameI. configuration of multiple domain names1: Change the default port 8080 to port 80, because port 80 is the default webpage port. ConnectionTimeout = "20000" RedirectPort = "8443" URIEncoding = "UTF-8"/>

Linux C network programming: Use domain name to obtain IP address or IP to get the domain name network address conversion to integer host character sequence and network byte order conversion

Get an IP address with a domain name or get a domain name with IP#include #include Convert network address to integer typestruct IN_ADDR IP; ip.s_addr=16885952; printf ("%s\n", Inet_ntoa (IP));Converting an integral type to a network addressLong Local; int port; local=123456; port=1024; printf ("Net:%d\n", htonl (local

Use C to convert domain name to IP (domain name resolution) under Linux

Simply call a function to gethostbyname (),gethostbyname () returns a hostent structure pointer to the host name and address information that corresponds to the given host name. The declaration of the structure is consistent with the GETHOSTADDR (). Here is the function prototype:under Windows platform#include struct hostent far *pascal far gethostbyname (const charFar *

Apache Rewrite set multiple domain 301 to jump to the main domain name method _linux

If the site has more than one domain name, but do not want to disperse the weight, you can open rewrite settings, the number of domain names are 301 to jump to the main domain name, the specific code is as follows: Rewriteengine on Rewritecond%{http_host} ^

How do I set the domain name pointing to an empty Host Name?

How do I set the domain name pointing to an empty Host Name? -- Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. For details, refer to the following section. In this case, I have prepared forums and blogs on

Domain name resolution, subdomain name, cname alias pointing, MX record, wildcard domain name and wildcard resolution, domain name binding, Domain Name Redirection

A recordThe A (Address) record is used to specify the IP address record corresponding to the Host Name (or domain name. You can direct the website server under this domain name to your web server. You can also set a subdomain

TMG 2010 uses a script to import the URL set and the domain name set

As a network manager, I believe there are leaders who ask you to restrict your employees ' access to the Internet, such as restricting access to certain websites. When the number of banned sites is low, adding a URL set or a domain name set is a simple matter, if the number of banned sites up to 1500? If you use the ma

How to set up a DNS domain name server

In a network set up with the TCP/IP protocol family, each node has a unique IP address that is used as their only token. However, it would be unthinkable if the user were to be remembered for such an IP address without a memory rule. People need a string of memory rules to be the name of a unique tag node. However, although the symbol name is very convenient for

How do I set wildcard domain name resolution in an apache Virtual Host ?, Apache Virtual Host

configuration instance How to bind multiple domain names to the same space in apache Apache multi-domain name configuration in the wind2003 Environment Apache wildcard domain name resolution and dns Configuration and wildcard domain

Does your website set 301 redirection for a domain name without WWW?

expression to achieve the corresponding redirection of each path, which is equivalent to replacing the domain name) As for the difference between 301 and 302: After 301, the new website completely inherits the old website, and the ranking of the old website is completely cleared.After the implementation of 302, there is no impact on the old web site, but the new web site will not rank. 302 even if the webs

Set up your own private github+ data center and access via domain name (ADSL dynamic IP support)

installation is complete, you must reload the configuration to accesssudo gitlab-ctl reconfigureNext, you can access the test, the default port is 80, direct browser input IP or domain name, at this time, Gitlab is ready to use. Default User name password (first login will require password change):Username:rootPassword:5ivel!feStart Stop and restart:sudo gitlab-

Discuz Forum How to set level two domain name

discuz! X2.0 and discuz! X1.5 similar, provides a portal, forums, groups, homes, channels, topics, forum sections, forum partitions, personal space, a single group of two-level domain name binding function Here is how to open and bind the portal, Forum, group, home level two domain name 1, backstage "global"-"

How to Set a second-level domain name

In your Management Center-domain name management-DNS resolution Record Management-add an IP address (for example, the second-level domain name is, the host name is ABC, and the corresponding IP address is a space IP address ), then, bind the second-level

Configure the host file to set the local domain name.

During web development, you usually need to access websites in the local environment using http: // localhost or However, if there are more websites on the local machine, you have to perform other operations, such as port settings. The results are hard to remember. I am using a local ubuntu + nginx environment. nginx allows multiple domain names to be set. You only need to point to different sto

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