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LLsMP one-click installation package and related tutorials Linux + LiteSpeed + MySQL + PHP

As the name suggests, LLsMP is a Web environment for Linux + LiteSpeed + MySQL + PHP. I believe that you may be more familiar with LNMP. You may be familiar with LNMP. After all, you are new to LLsMP, so it is not convenient to talk about it. But

LLSMP (Litespeed) manually upgrade the PHP version and configure the complete tutorial

In many Linux vps/server one-click installation Environment Package, LLSMP user volume is actually more, because less resources, by saving resources, small memory VPS host use, The default PHP version is 5.2 or choose to install the 5.3 version,

LLsMP one-click installation package (LiteSpeed + Mysql + PHP)

LLsMP is short for Linux + Litespeed + MySQL + PHP, which means to configure one-click installation packages for Litespeed web server, MySQL Data Server, and PHP on Linux. You only need to execute a few simple commands. The one-click installation

Litespeed Server appears 403 Permission denied error resolution

Recently, a customer said that his ecshop foreign trade shop in the background to update some databases when there are 403 errors: 403 Permission DeniedYou don't have permission for this request/admin/article.php The WEB server is Litespeed The

Ror deployment scheme in-depth analysis (reproduced from javaeye)

Ror deployment scheme in-depth analysis Blog type: Ruby The deployment solutions of lighttpdrailsngloud Application Server rubyror are varied, including Apache/FastCGI, nginx/mongrel, Lighttpd/FastCGI, and haproxy/mongrel, various deployment

Linux Lightweight Web Server 1th/2 page _linux

A dedicated HTTP application that complements Apache and other market-leading products

Linux lightweight Web Server Page 1/2

Specialized HTTP applications supplemented by Apache and other market-leading products

Recommended for all lightweight Web servers [Professional]

From: I am working on Web servers recently. refer to these exquisiteCode   Although lightweight Web servers share many similarities, they are different. Most lightweight Web servers are

Ruby on Rails website deployment-frontend and backend Selection

Ror deployment methods are divided into front-end and back-end architectures: I. Front-end The frontend is used to process static resources, distribute dynamic requests to the backend, and sometimes provide some additional functions, such as

Brief Introduction to Application Operation Management in Linux Apache

Linux Apache has been developing for a long time and many users are familiar with Linux Apache. Here I will share my personal understanding and discuss with you that tux is a type of GPLGNU General Public License) A licensed kernel-based Web server.

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