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Database message service based on Oracle Log Analysis Technology

1 Overview 1.1 proposal of questions Currently, many applications store data in the database and read and process data from the database. In business processing, applications are often divided into two types: Data consumer applications ("Producers"

Archive log in Oracle (Archive log) ____oracle

Archive Logs in Oracle (Archive log) article Category: Database In Oracle, data is typically stored in data files, but one of the biggest differences between databases and Oracle is that databases can recover when data is wrong. This is also the

Oracle monolithic architecture-memory structure, physical structure, logical structure, process

Oracle's architecture is broadly divided into two parts: Instance (instance) and database. Instance (example) : The SGA is mainly included in Oracle Instance and some processes (for example: Pmon, Smon, Dbwn, LGWR, CKPT, etc.). If a user's

Oracle Online redo log files (online redo log file)

Oracle Online redo log files (online redo log fileAlmost all of the internal changes that occur in Oracle are recorded in the online redo log file, and Oracle uses these redo log groups to recover the database, so they are very important.The main

Detailed description of various technical features of Oracle 9i

Before we introduce oracle9i, we'll introduce some information about Oracle, and let your friends know more about Oracle. In 1977, Larry Airison and Bob Miner and Ed Oates created a software development lab (Software Development Laboratories). The

Oracle archive log deletion

We all know that the controlfile records information about each archivelog. Of course, after deleting these physical files in the OS The archivelog information is still recorded in the controlfile. the logs are displayed visually in the Oracle OEM

Oracle Product Services and Technology level presentation, Oracle Services

Oracle Oracle Product Services and Technology level introduction Many friends ask the genuine Oracle database products and pirated products are mainly different, in fact, from the product technology itself, the difference is not small, can

In-depth analysis of Oracle Database Log Files

As an Oracle DBA, we sometimes need to track the accidental deletion of data or malicious user operations. In this case, we not only need to find the database account that executes these operations, you also need to know which client (IP address,

Oracle Architecture Analysis

  I. Oracle case 1. Oracle instancesSystem global area (SGA) and background process are used as database instances. 2. Oracle DatabaseA collection of physical files (data files, control files, online logs, parameter files, etc) 3. system global area

Oracle Redo Log Management and in-depth analysis _ Beyond OCP proficient in Oracle Video course training 14

Oracle Video Tutorial Goals       oracle video tutorial, wind Brother this set of Oracle Tutorial Training learning Oracle Database Redo log file function and concept resolution, redo log routine maintenance and optimization optimization, Redo log

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