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[Oracle Logfile recovery] archived and non-current Redo LogFile is damaged

Background: Now, I want to practice Incremental backup of rman. The original test database is in non-archive mode. After the shutdown instance is shut down, the open instance cannot start. Sys @ Oracle10> alter database open;Alter database open*ERROR at line 1:ORA-00313: open failed for members of log group 1 of thread 1ORA-00312: online log 1 thread 1: '/u01/app/oracle/oradata/oracle10/redo01.log' Here, we can see that the log file in log group 1 is damaged. View v $ log view Sys @ ORACLE10> se

PHP design mode JS Implementation Viewer Mode C Viewer mode Android Viewer mode iOS Viewer module

Observer Mode Observer Achieving the goal: transform the Select box to change the content area and ad areaGeneral Ideas1: Judging the selected value2: Order down, modify the content area according to the value3: Edit the ad area again. if'男'{ 内容区背景变灰 广告区内容变成男人话题}elseif'女'){ 内容区背景变粉 广告区内容变成女人话题} So what are the questions:1: Let you choose to cause 3 changes in the area, whether to modify the If/elseif section2: If you choose female style, but do not change the powder, now popular purple

Oracle increases logfile Size

Label:Sometimes because the logfile is too small, resulting in log switching frequently, causing the log file switch ... Wait for the event, this time need to increase the size of the logfile. To increase the size of the logfile: One: View initialization parameters Sql> Show Parameter Db_create_ name type VALUE--------------------------------------------------

Using current logfile will be discarded in Data guard of oracle 12c

Recovery process started (mydb)Thu June 09 12:16:19 2016Started Logmerger processThu June 09 12:16:19 2016The Managed Standby Recovery starting real time apply Thu June 09 12:17:06 2016Only allocated 127 recovery slaves (requested 128)Thu June 09 12:17:06 2016Parallel Media Recovery started with 127 slavesThu June 09 12:17:12 2016Waiting for all non-current orls to is archived ...Thu June 09 12:17:12 2016Wed APR 27 14:56:52 2016Mrp0:background Media Recovery process shutdown (mydb)Wed APR 27 14

Oracle Online Redo LogFile Configuration __oracle

For more information, see Oracle Official Documentation:Managing the Online Redo LogAdvice: Perform a database full backup prior to the following operations control file backupQuery logfile Related information:Query log file location and statusSql> select * from V$logfile;group# STATUS TYPE Member---------- ------- ------- --------------------------------------------------3 Online/u01/app/oracle/oradata/kni

Maximum Analysis of ORACLE Redo logfile files

During the Asktom and Eygle Shanghai discussion at ORACLE, eygle proposed: "What is the maximum size of ORACLE Redo logfile ". This issue is rarely noticed. Because redo logfile is used cyclically, there is no need to configure a large number of logs. You only need to have the appropriate number of log groups and the size of log files. Due to rowid restrictions, ORACLE uses 22 Bits of ROWID to represent the

Oracle using the Undo and redo Logfile size Advisors

Oracle tips by Burleson Consulting This is an excerpt from "Oracle 10g new features for Administrators" by Ahmed Baraka. Undo Advisor The undo advisor helps you perform the following tasks: O set the Undo retention period O set the size of the Undo tablespace To access the Undo advisor in the Database Control: Follow the links: Database Control home page,Administration,Undo ManagementButton,Undo AdvisorButton in the right corner. Redo Logfile s

V $ log V $ logfile in Oracle RAC Environment

Generally, in the Oracle RAC environment, V $ view can query information about the instance you are connected to, while GV $ view contains information about all instances. However, in the RAC environment, when we query the V $ log view, it is common sense that the V $ log view should see the information of the log group that you connect to the instance. However, V $ log is an exception. That is to say, in the V $ log view, not only the redo log group contained in your instance is displayed, redo

Alter system archive log current/all/switch logfile

Alter system archive log current/all/switch logfile Alter system switch logfile;Force log switching is performed on the current instance in a single instance database or RAC to archive the current redo log. If automatic archiving is not enabled before Oracle9i, the current redo log file will not be archived. Alter system archive log current;Switch all instances in the database (only archive the current lo

What are the values of V $ logfile. Status and V $ log. Status?

1. V $ logfile. StatusHttp://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/B19306_01/server.102/b14237/dynviews_1152.htm#sthref3730)Type: varchar2 (7)Status of the log member:1. Invalid-file is inaccessible (File inaccessible)2. stale-file's contents are incomplete (indicating that the file content is incomplete, for example, adding a log file Member)If the redo log file group member has never been used,Either due to a new redo log file group or a retries red member,Th

Linux mount HDD Error: $LogFile indicates unclean shutdown (0, 0)

The last time it was mounted properly, the partition on which NTFS is mounted today is out of date, with the following error message and prompt:$LogFile indicates unclean shutdown (0, 0)Mount is denied because NTFS was marked to beinchUse . Choose One Action:choice1: If you have Windows ThenDisconnect the external devices byclicking on the'Safely Remove Hardware'IconinchThe Windowstaskbar Thenshutdown Windows cleanly. Choice2: If you don'T has Windows

Current online redo logfile loss Handling Method

Yesterday, we performed a recovery drill after the RM-RF operation, without any backup. Today, before performing destructive operations, we made an RMAN full backup, and then deleted all database files online, including control files, data files, online log files, and archive files. Let's see how to restore the database. Because the current redo logfile is lost, data will be lost in this test, so it can be used as a case of Incomplete recovery. -- Lo

Current online redo logfile loss Handling Method

Current online redo logfile loss Handling Method We have previously performed a recovery drill after the rm-rf operation, and there is no backup. Today, before performing destructive operations, we made an rman full backup, and then deleted all database files online, including control files, data files, online log files, and archive files. Let's see how to restore the database. Because the current redo logfile

InnoDB: Error: logfile./ib_logfile0isofdiff_MySQL

Mysql is starting InnoDB: Error: logfile. ib_logfile0isofdifferentsize05242880bytes problem bitsCN.com if your configuration file uses something like a my-innodb-heavy-4G.cnf as the configuration file. Mysql can be started normally, but innodb tables cannot be used. The following output is displayed in the error log: InnoDB: Error: log file./ib_logfile0 is of different size 0 5242880 bytes Now we need to back up the original innodb ib_logfile

The difference between alter system switch logfile and alter system archive log current

ALTER system switch logfile is a force log switch that does not necessarily archive the current redo log file (if an automatic archive is turned on, the redo log before archiving, if the automatic archive is not open, do not archive the current redo log.) )Alter system archive Log current is the archive of the present redo log files, regardless of whether the automatic archive has been filed.The main difference is:ALTER SYSTEM Switch

How to query the usage rate of redo logfile

How to query the usage rate of redo logfile The use of redo logfile cannot be queried through the v$ view, but we can get it through the underlying view. First, I'll introduce you to the views and fields you refer to. x$kccle----[K]ernel [C]ache [C]ontrolfile management [l]ogfil[e] Record This view records the use of logfile which LESIZ------

MySQL 5.7 CLUSTER NDB 7.5 Create disk table undo LogFile Group tablespace Memory table modified to disk table

--MySQL 5.7 CLUSTER NDB 7.5--Create the undo logfile GroupCreate logfile Group lg_1ADD undofile ' Undo_1.log 'Initial_size 1024MUndo_buffer_size 8MENGINE Ndbcluster;--Increase logfileALTER LogFile Group lg_1ADD undofile ' Undo_2.log 'Initial_size 1024MENGINE Ndbcluster;--Create TablespaceCREATE tablespace Ts1ADD datafile ' Data_1.dat 'Use

Troubleshooting of corrupted logfile files (ORA-00327)

, and the system is still running normally. 31 3 575 2 536,870,912 YES ACTIVE 32 3 576 2 536,870,912 NOCURRENT GROUP # status type member is _ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 31 stale online + DATA/tyolap/onlinelog/redo31a NO ONLINE + DATA/tyolap/onlinelog/redo31b NO 32 invalid online + DATA/tyolap/onlinelog/redo32a NO ONLINE + DATA/tyolap/onlinelog/redo32b NO STATUS VARCHAR2 (7) Status of the log member: INVALID-File is inaccess

Location of physical files (v$logfile,v$datafile,v$controlfile,v$arcguved_log,v$parameter, password files, alarm files) of the physical structure of the Oracle database

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- /u01/app/oracle/oradata/gaga01/control01.ctl /u01/app/oracle/fast_recovery_area/gaga01/control02.ctl viewing log files sql> Select member from v$logfile; MEMBER -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- /u01/app/oracle/oradata/gaga01/redo03.log /u01/app/oracle/oradata/gaga01/redo02.log /u01/app/oracle/oradata/gaga01/redo01.log

Troubleshooting of corrupted logfile files (ORA-00327)

Logfile file corruption issue handling (ORA-00327), view the specific content of the error, should be the redo file + DATAtyolaponlinelogredo31a corrupt. Logfile file corruption issue handling (ORA-00327), view error details, should be the redo file + DATA/tyolap/onlinelog/redo31a corrupt. 1, database log error ORA-00327, pay attention to the garbled here Check the error details. The redo file + DATA/t

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