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Changes to the logo displayed in Linux kernel boot

1. Configuring the KernelEnable the kernel to load the logo at boot time, in the source code of the main directory make MenuconfigDevice Drivers--->Graphics Support--->Select and enter the Bootup logo--Choose the standard 224-color Linux logo[*]

Master Design (Logo Studio) v3.1.0.0 Retail Download _ Common Tools

Logo Studio is a full-featured design tool for customizing logos for a variety of users. You can import your own graphics or start with a draft. The software includes a sphere, symbols, sounds, shapes, images, markers, basic elements, motion,

Master of design (Logo Design Studio) v3.1.0.0 retail Version Download

Logo Design Studio is a full-featured design tool used to customize logos for a variety of users. you can import your own images or start with a draft. the software contains a sphere, symbol, sound, shape, image, Tag, basic element, motion, art and

A summary of implicit writing technique

A summary of AppLeU0 in the occult writing technique2015/02/10 10:140x00 Preface I have not seen the drops on the implicit writing of the summary, I have been more interested in the steganography, the feeling of the hidden writing technique is

PHP Graphics Image Manipulation

About GD LibraryGD refers to the graphic device,php of the GD library is used to process graphics extension library, through the GD Library provides a series of APIs, you can process the image or directly generate new images.In addition to the text

The CSS specification of NetEase NEC Project

CSS Specification-classification method Classification and reference order of CSS files Usually, a project we only reference a CSS, but for larger projects, we need to classify CSS files. According to the nature and purpose of CSS, we divide the CSS

Experience summary of Bootstrap development framework based on metronic (4) extraction and utilization of--bootstrap icon

1. Menu display and various bootstrap iconsAs we can see, for the Beautiful menu, each menu item (here is divided into three level menu) has an icon, although the size is different, we use the bootstrap icon, are from the Bootstrap icon library

Web Front end Development Specification manual

I. Normative purposes1.1 Overview ......................................................................................................................... ............ 1II. Specification of documents2.1 File Naming conventions ......................

Activiti Workflow Engine database table structure

Copyright Notice: This article for Bo Master original article, without Bo Master permission not reproduced. Do not allow copy, to pursue legal responsibility, welcome to join our Learning Promotion Group 466355109, can communicate with each

Implementation of IIS image anti-leech Based on ISAPI rewrite Software

The following operations may be objectionable to users. If a visitor wants to save an image on your page, what is the user experience. Implementation steps:1. Download the free version of the ISAPI rewrite software provided by the famous

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